How Can I Earn Extra Money in the UK?

There are a number of different options out there to earn extra money online, but what I don’t want to do is give you the usual answers that you already expect and, quite frankly don’t want to hear.  There are obviously the options of a part-time retail job or even completing surveys, but these do not really earn you a lot of money or even fit in with your current job and family life. What I have come up with is a couple of options where you can work from home or your laptop on and earn money and possibly lead to some decent earning potential for you too.

Watch Outs When Searching Online

Before I get into these suggestions, I want to call out something that you will always find when you start looking for ways toAvoiding Affiliate Marketing Scams earn money online.  The sheer number of scams out there.  They promise that you will earn thousands overnight, without having to put in any work – you just need to hand over some credit card details.

Think about it, you are looking for ways to earn extra money because of your financial situation.  These fake programs are promoting on the sole premise that you need more money, and their program will (not) give you that.  Be very mindful making decisions when you have a need for something.  It can often lead to us making poor decisions.

I made such a decision a few years ago and got hooked by a program stating that I could be a binary options millionaire with this program working on auto-pilot.  Needless to say, I am still waiting…

The reasons I say this is, you will be hoping to find a way of earning extra money online which doesn’t require much time and effort – but these products that promise quick earnings are not real.  The only way you can earn money online is with some time and effort.  But the advantages are you can do that work and effort from anywhere.  I started putting aside an hour each evening after my son had gone to bed, Then I tried to incorporate more time as I got more accomplished at it.  The more I spent, the easier it was to a point where I was earning money online without having to get a part-time job or complete surveys where you didn’t really earn much from.

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Back on point, I have 2 options that would earn you money online and either option is good depending on it being right for you.

Freelancing – Using Your Skills for Generating Money

There are websites out there, such as Fiverr where you can offer your services and earn money from those services.  You might think at this point, you have nothing to offer.  But in my opinion, that isn’t the case.  Website owners are constantly looking at ways of outsourcing work.  You could be great at graphic design, or simply like writing and can writing effective copy.  You might be quite happy, taking on the role of social media manager for their business.  If you are any good at accounting, this is another way of earning money online.

There are a multitude of opportunities out there for you to explore and quite frankly, earn money from.

It is also a quicker route to earning money online, as you can sign up with a site like Fiverr today and start offering your services and getting hired.  To fully see the opportunities, I recommend you read my Fiverr Review.  You will get a full insight into the benefits, but also the concerns with taking the freelancing route.

Freelancing gives you the freedom to work as and when you need, it also means you are not tied down to any one business.  But that can also be a drawback, as it is not always regular work.

But I know of many freelancers who are earning decent money from it.  It works for them, and those that do not want to venture down my other suggestion.

Build Your Own Online Business with Affiliate Marketing

I live in the UK, and around 3 years ago, I didn’t even have a clue of what Affiliate Marketing was and how I could earn money from home with it.  After looking back, I wish I could have started with it sooner.  This may not sound like everyone’s cup of tea… and it isn’t.  But for the right type of person, this can actually be more than just some extra money on the side – but could lead to a very lucrative business model that means it is your only income.

Let’s start with explaining what Affiliate Marketing is…

What Exactly is Affiliate Marketing?

To show you how genuine this business model is, let’s start with a brand you would know that has used Affiliate Marketing since its inception.  Amazon.  Many of us use Amazon, but when they first started out, they were just selling books.

They didn’t have a large marketing campaign budget, so they gave a reward to someone if they introduced a buyer to a book.  A percentage of the sale went to whomever referred them.  That is basically how affiliate marketing started and how it still works today. But now Amazon has a huge marketplace to utilise that same model they started with.

Let’s use an example.  An Affiliate Marketer has a blog on Coffee.  A lot of people are constantly looking for the best coffee machines, how to use these machines and want help with the best coffee beans around.  They build a website that shows them as an authority in coffee.  They also include reviews on these coffee machines, and accessories, beans etc.

Coffee Machines Example - Affiliate Marketing

We land on that website looking for the best coffee machine to use at home, I like the look of his review and decide to click on his link to the marketplace (in this example, Amazon). I know and trust amazon and decide to buy that coffee machine for £100.  That website owner has just earned 4% commission on that sale.  four quid.

How Does Affiliate Marketing Really Work?

Might not sound like much, but if that website gets thousands of visitors a day to their website and 100 people decide to buy that same coffee machine, like I did.  Then that becomes £400. a thousand buyers and that is £4,000.

That is how simple the premise of Affiliate Marketing is.  Any niche, anything that you have an interest in can become a lucrative affiliate marketing business model.

How Affiliate Marketing Can Earn You Extra Money

The reason I say it can earn you extra money is down to the timescales it has to become a full-time income.  It requires a lot of time and effort to build an online business that can fully support a family without a normal job.  Some niches are more competitive, and it can take longer, and there is also a lot to learn.

But for the right people, it can be the start of something absolutely awesome.  Many new affiliate marketers actually utilise the freelancing option whilst building up their business to the point where they are earning enough to give up the day job and be able to spend more time on their online business.  Scaling it to the point where it can truly be something great.

The Advantages of Starting an Affiliate Marketing Business

There are a number of benefits to starting this type of business, the main one being you can do it from anywhere (as long as you have Wifi).

But what you also soon realise is that you can choose a niche where you have an interest in it.  There is no point chasing a subject, just because it looks profitable as you have to invest a lot of time into that niche and if you know nothing about it or don’t really like it – it will tell in both your content and the fact you will find it hard to stay motivated working on it.

Gem, my wife is really crafty and has launched her own wedding stationary business.  But by utilising affiliate marketing and drop shipping into our business model, we have made a business that is sustainable and earns a decent profit margin each year and because she loves it, we will continue to grow it past year one.

We love helping other people, so we launched this website to help others find their own financial freedom.

There is a common theme when it comes to successful affiliate marketers – they want to help people, rather than sell to people.

Choosing a Niche that you love or have a passion around makes this a business you want to work on.  If you create an article that starts converting well, that article could remain profitable for years to come.  Affiliate Marketing is considered a passive income stream, you need to do all the hard work at the beginning, but when it starts turning a profit it can carry on for years to come.

What Do I Need to Know Before I Consider Affiliate Marketing?

There are obviously things you need to consider before getting started.  Affiliate Marketing has helped many people leave their day job behind and some are earning a lot of money from it.  But then there are others that walk away saying it doesn’t work.  Why?

Well, the main reason is they had unrealistic expectations.  These scammy products lead us to a false belief that we can earn money overnight using the internet.  To an extent you can.

If you complete a survey on Swagbucks or Prolific Surveys, after a couple of surveys you will have earned £5.

But they promise you thousands of pounds with little effort…

When I first started affiliate marketing, I had a full-time job with a six-year-old vying for my attention too. So, finding time to put effort into my online business was hard.  I was trying to learn everything I needed to learn and put it into practice.

But I kept in mind, that I was building this business to spend more time with my family, but I was realistic that this would not happen even within a couple of weeks.

I see many get started and work hard for a few weeks, then wonder why it isn’t working.  Well, let’s think about a normal business.  They would not expect to earn a profit in their first year and have a lot of costs that an online business would not need to deal with.

A brand-new online business needs to build trust with any reader coming to that site and build trust with the search engines so that your website appears high enough in the rankings to be found by someone.

That point is typically in the third month. Yet, people are giving up after a month.  I saw my first sale after six months.  Before that you need support to keep motivated and I found the best support to get, which I will share with you in a moment.  It is hard to know if it is working until you achieve your first sale.

There is a definite mindset you need to achieve success online with affiliate marketing and if you have it, you can earn a lot more money than any other source of income you can find.  I had considered getting a part-time job or even binary option trading.  But when I factor in the time needed and the skill required – Affiliate Marketing works best for me.  If you want to earn money online without taking risks this could be a good choice.

How Do I Get Started with Affiliate Marketing?

Like I said, Affiliate Marketing is not for everyone.  It takes a lot of time and effort and I mean a lot.  There is also factors that you need to learn like:

  • Website Development
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Content Creation
  • Online Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing

To just name a few.  When I first came across the idea of Affiliate Marketing, it sounded like a great idea.  But I didn’t have a clue about any of that.  But I found a great training platform that offered the kind of support I had never seen before in my research.

That platform is called Wealthy Affiliate.  Offering training for any skill level, it can help the right person start an affiliate marketing business, learn the skills required to get it ranked well in Google and once it has started earning you money – scale it to the point where you can leave the day job behind.

If you want to learn more about everything that Wealthy Affiliate has to offer, I highly suggest you read my full Wealthy Affiliate Review.

I will always recommend to anyone they do their research, before signing up with anyone.  I have checked out a number of free training courses for affiliate marketing and even other platforms that are out there.

But you can tell the difference straightaway – most of the free ones have out of date information.  The others promise a free trial, but you have to enter your credit card details.

A free starter membership with Wealthy Affiliate is free, with no catch.  With access to 2 classrooms and 2 free websites.  You can get started with affiliate marketing in a stress-free environment.  There is no cost to that starter membership, and you can remain a free member for as long as you like.

Free Starter Membership - Wealthy Affiliate

But the most important factor of Wealthy Affiliate, aside from awesome training is the fact that you get access to affiliate marketing experts.  Anytime you get stuck or need help, you just reach out to either me or the community to get help.


When you first started your search, you were probably looking for a normal way of earning extra money and these options will never go away.  A part time retail job, distributing parcels for amazon, telemarketing, completing surveys.  They all have the same premise, some of them you can do from home.  But if I am honest, they all require a lot of your time for not a great return.

Freelancing, Affiliate Marketing or utilising both does give you a kind of freedom.  But it also gives you an awesome route to making them your only source of income.  It will require a lot of work in the beginning.  But as your business starts to grow and you start turning a healthy profit, you can start to use other freelancers to do some of the work in your business and that gives you back all the time you invested in the first place.  That can be time to enjoy your hobbies, interests.  Take time with the family.  Work from anywhere with no boss to answer to.

That was my first goal with my online business.  We are well into our plan with Gem’s wedding stationary business, affiliate marketing playing its part well there, and that is why I wanted to launch this.  Share what I had learned with others to help those who want to also share the same goals.

One of the points I covered earlier was the fact that not many people in the UK, have actually heard of affiliate marketing.  I know I certainly hadn’t.  But when you have immersed yourself for a couple of years in it, it shows what a simple premise it is.  But that it still requires the same mindset as building a career.  Start out small and work your way up.  I know we all have financial goals with anything we do but keeping the non-financial goals in mind have a bigger stance on whether you are going to make this work.

If you feel like these options are not for you, then I wish you luck in whichever direction you choose.  But if you feel like you have what it takes to make this work, then I will actually help you whenever you need help to achieve your goals.  If you want to explore Freelancing, then I suggest you read this awesome guide.  If you want to get started with your very own affiliate marketing business, I recommend a free starter membership with Wealthy Affiliate.

Thanks for checking out my guide, if you have any questions or want to know a little more please write them in the comments below and I will get back to your as soon as I can.

16 thoughts on “How Can I Earn Extra Money in the UK?”

  1. The most important piece of your article, to me, was when you mention the importance of perseverance and realising WHY you want to launch a venture into affiliate marketing. 

    Like you, I desire to build income streams that allow me to spend more time with the family that I eventually plan to bring into this world. 

    Developing a reliable, sustainable, location-independent income doesn’t happen overnight, and it requires continued investments in your education, as well as good old-fashioned trial and error. 

    I personally navigated the online writing space (writing 100% for other people’s websites) for almost four years before finding Wealthy Affiliate and learning how to launch my own ventures in my unique passion areas. 

    It sometimes takes time, and there will be peaks and valleys in the journey, but keeping the ultimate goal in mind is essential to continued dedication!

    • Hey Tucker,

      thanks for checking out my post and leaving some valuable thoughts on the subject.  Writing for other people is something that some are quite content at.  People feel they need a special something to venture into their own online business.  But in reality, it just takes those key elements – perseverance and having a purpose with it.

      Whichever direction people take, as long as it is the right direction for them – that is often the difference between success and failure.

      Thanks for adding some value to our post.

      John & Gem

  2. I started my quest to making money online last year with an advertising platform where you get paid for watching ads,  it ended in shambles because the payout was fake and I didnt get a dime from all my effort. Fast forward to 2018 , Everything changed when I came across wealthy affiliate and became a premium member a month after, since then it has been an awesome learning experience with the online community.

    I recommend it to anyone interested in making money online through blogging and affiliate marketing.

    • Hey Zuchii,

      thanks for checking out my post.  Sounds like you got a bad deal from that advertising platform?  Watching ads, doesn’t end up paying either in the time you spend doing it or the amount you are supposed to earn!!

      Many people are benefitted from genuine training platforms like Wealthy Affiliate into earning money online legitimately.  Glad you are one of them.



  3. Great article John. As someone who is already working on affiliate marketing as another source of income, I can vouch for everything said here. It is especially good that you point out this is not a get rich quick scheme. I’m finding it hard work and find myself putting a lot of time into it. Of course, that is my choice. You only have to put into it the amount of time you wish but I realised quickly that the more time invested now, the better my return would be down the road. 

    I’m also a Wealthy Affiliate member and I can tell you that the educational material available and support provided by the community there is unlike anything I’ve ever seen. You’ve provided a very accurate description of affiliate marketing. 

    One thing I had not considered before reading this is doing some freelance work on Fiverr or similar site to bring in a little money while I’m working on getting the affiliate marketing up to speed. Thanks for that suggestion. 

    • Hey David,

      thanks for checking out my post and offering some valuable input.  It does take time, I wouldn’t be honest if we didn’t raise it.

      But freelancing does give us an opportunity to earn something alongside our business until it does take off.

      Your hard work will pay off in the long run David, and there is always a little extra offering your services from what you have learned from WA.



  4. Hi John,

    It was a thorough update on affiliate marketing but the best part was on a caution to watch out while searching online. It is really the essential key if you are particularly new to the subject as first impression is not always the true impression. A lot of research is required before one really wishes to put his hard earned money in rolling machine. 

    And your suggestions on freelancing work and affiliate marketing are really exciting. I would really love to learn more on these topics. Thanks for the in-depth information. 

    Can you please suggest if I should go for affiliate marketing in my regional language or stick with English language to earn as early as possible.


    Gaurav Gaur

    • Hey Gaurav,

      thanks for checking out my post.  You ask an interesting question.  It would depend on your target audience.  The majority of the internet traffic works in English, so this presents the biggest opportunity for affiliate marketing.

      But there are specific niches that would require you work in that language.  For me, I would target english in the first instance for the majority of niches and then once you are established, you could always create a website dedicated to that language.

      hope that helps?



  5. Its great to see how you are promoting different options to making money.  I like Fiverr but honestly cant find the time with everything else in my life.

    Its really nice to see Wealthy Affiliate as part of your portfolio.  As a member I would never go to anything else.  this is my second time with them.  It sucks that a long time ago i quit.  However it was my fault for not doing the training and using the tools properly.

    Thank you for all this great info.


    • Hey Dale,

      thanks for checking out my post.  Everyone is different and are after different routes.  Investing in anything requires the need to do it properly, first time round.  With regards WA, investing the time to follow the training correctly will work out massively in the long run.

      Not everyone’s first niche will work out, I know… my first website wasn’t that great.  But I learned so much from it, that it got easier from that point on.

      Hope it works out for you this time.  Good Luck


  6. I have been doing some research and have been debating getting started in affiliate marketing for pet care. But my concern is that most pet care related items tend to fall on the cheap side of things at only a few quid. Will I still be able to make any money with affiliate marketing for items of that value? Or should I consider something else instead?

    • Hey Craig,

      I wouldn’t worry too much about the unit price.  It is the volume of sales that can generate you the earnings you desire. Scaling up to the point where you are getting thousands of visitors to your website every day, is where you could earn from other routes than just affiliate marketing such as digital ads.

      But, if I go further and think about the pet care route – I know loads of people who spend a lot of money on their pets – Pet care could include all the different services that are available now. So you could also include affiliate links for these and earn a higher return per sale and go from there.

      Pet owners spend a lot on their pets every year, meaning that the market is vast and you could have a chunk of it.  You only need to get started and get out there and become an authority site and then the volume of traffic will turn into a decent income stream.

      People often choose something because it has a high price, meaning that the commission will be higher.  But if they haven’t got a clue about that specific market, and it shows in their articles.  They won’t make a sale.  I would rather have more sales of a lower item than the odd sale from a bigger commission item.

      What I would do, is investigate the pet care route thoroughly.  What services are out there, which have affiliate programs. (use google – product name + affiliate program) and see what you dig up.  Doing your research thoroughly before going into a niche is all part of the deal.

      Hope that helps, if you have any other questions please get in touch with us Craig.



  7. Hey there John,

    affiliate marketing is truly an amazing way to ditch a regular 9 to 5 job (if You don’t like it of course, haha!) and start turning Your passion and creativity into something significant, meaningful and big, such as, for example online business in our case here and also be fully independent. 

    WA is hands down the best place to learn affiliate marketing and everything that surrounds it. The amount of very informative & helpful lessons here on WA is just insane! And they do phenomenal job at covering each aspect of online business and how to build it from ground up in a very detailed & user-friendly way. 

    But the thing which blew me out of the water the most about the WA was of course that lovely community which is always there to help You and guide You at any moment. 

    I’ve never seen such support form any community in my life, it’s just mind-blowing to be honest. 

    All in all, thanks for such detailed and informative article, there is a lot of useful & valuable information presented here. Keep up the great work 😉

    • Hey Evald,

      thanks for checking out my post.  For the right individual affiliate marketing can be a real deal changer when it comes to earning money online.

      But without the kind of support that Wealthy Affiliate offers, many might not reach that potential.  I like your point about the community, I think it is the best thing about the platform.  Getting instant responses to help is a massive thing for someone just starting out and not too sure of the direction to take.



  8. Hi John & Gemma. This is a really cool post, with cool pics.  I like it a lot.  And I enjoy your writing style, it is easy and fun to read.  

    I especially enjoyed your explanation on what exactly Affiliate Marketing is.  So simple and understandable.  And it makes perfect sense.  You are so convincing, if I was not already a member of Wealthy Affiliate, you would convince me on the spot with this great post.  Good job. 

    I want to add.  I browsed your site and I read your other stuff and I love it all.  Good luck and great success to you.  

    • Hey Marlene,

      thanks for checking out my post and leaving some positive feedback.  Gem and I are always looking at ways of helping people out.  WA talks for itself with its platform, helping many people realise their online potential.

      thanks again

      John & Gem


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