How to Sell My Art Online – The Right Way!

Hi, we are John & Gemma

We am going to be totally honest with you… We don’t know a lot about creating or selling Art.

But, what we do know is how to Sell Stuff Online. I have been doing it for a few years now and have been helping people create and grow their own businesses online.

So, I do know a few things that will totally help you and benefit you sell your art online.

Art is Such an Easy Sell Online…

It is a lot easier to target and reach the right audience online for selling your artwork rather than have an expensive art studio.  Let’s be honest, most visitors to an art studio are not in a buying frame of mind.  They just want to browse.  It is a lot more difficult to close a deal in the offline art world.

Art Gallery - Harder to Sell

What if you could cut out the middle man (art studio) and connect straight to an ENGAGED audience that already has their credit card out, are looking to buy and are ready to invest in your art?

That is the beauty of having an online business, it presents you with an opportunity to do just that and I can help you get started and more importantly, show you how!

OK, you might ask “Guys, how are you going to do all this?”

You have come to this page for one reason – to achieve the right exposure to your artwork and you want to earn money from it, right?

We cannot sell your art for you, but what I can do is offer you 3 simple steps to achieve this exposure and offer some insights into how YOU can sell your own art online!

3 Simple Steps to Sell Your Art Online

These are 3 simple steps that can create your own online art studio with a platform to sell your own art!

Step One: Give Your Artwork a Home (It starts with a website)

The first step is the fact that you will need your own website and blog.  This will become a canvas for not only your artwork, but also allow you to engage with any potential customer.  An interactive studio with a reach across the world.

You can engage people in your art, showcase your art, talk about your art and the overall art industry in general.

Doing all this will lead you to becoming an authority online, which will lead to greater sales.

You can also obviously sell your art through that website!

Nowadays, you can actually get a website for free through services such as SiteRubix.  You could actually have your very own website up and running in a matter of minutes and start doing the work to sell your art.

Design Your Own Website - SiteRubix

Have you got an idea already for your initial website???

You can get started with your website NOW and get it up and running for free.  It will be a fully functional website. But the bonus is that it gives you access to Wealthy Affiliate.  A community that will train you and help you get your art business up and running and targeting success.

Use the tool below, and you will be able to start on your website straightaway.  Type in a domain name to see if it is available

Or you can go directly to the SiteRubix website and start building your awesome art website.

Step Two: Get Your Art Exposure (Getting Traffic to Your Website)

Even if you have the best art in the world, without anyone seeing it how can you hope to sell it?

The most important factor to an online business is getting the traffic you need to make sales.  That is why it is really important you learn how to get traffic to your website in the online world.

Get Traffic to Your Website

Did you know there are close to 4 billion people online?

Just think, that is a lot of people and it shows the type of potential you have in the online world. Your art can receive some awesome exposure online and get exposure like no art studio could ever offer you.

Your own website will be a foundation for selling, and your traffic is going to your audience that buys your artwork!

Where do you get this training?  If you took the opportunity to create a website as part of step one, then you already have access to Wealthy Affiliate – This is where you get this training included with your new website.

If you already have a website but want to benefit from training that will get you the traffic you need (this is totally free to get going), then you can sign up directly from the Wealthy Affiliate Website.

Step Three: Keeping Your Art Business Going (With Expert Help)

Gain access to thousands of experts within the online world.  On hand at any time to support you every step of the way.  Get all of your questions answered and support you to getting that all-important traffic to your art, so it sells.

Got Any Questions About Selling Your Art?

Then, please promise us one thing… do not hesitate in asking us any questions in the comments below.

Gem and I are here to help you out and get you started on an awesome journey to creating a profitable and successful online campaign to sell your art online.

We will definitely come back to you with an answer, as soon as we can.

We look forward to helping you achieve every success you deserve with selling your art online.

John & Gem

Owners of this website & Your Personal Guides to Online Success

8 thoughts on “How to Sell My Art Online – The Right Way!”

  1. I know a few artists, and I do tell them they need to start their own website to sell their pieces. It is like having your own online art gallery that is open to the entire world!

    I think a lot of people are afraid that they will spend too much time building a website instead of exploring their passions, but to be honest, Wealthy Affiliate makes it easy to make your own site and get ranked on search engines. Any body trying to make money at their craft should check it out.

    • Hey James,

      thanks for checking out our post.  Being able to showcase your crafts to a larger audience is always going to help anyone achieve their goals and mean their business is a success.

      The tools that Wealthy Affiliate provide and the skills they teach will mean that anyone will to invest the time and effort will soon have a very successful online business.



  2. Myself and my partner have been looking into ways on how to sell her art online over the last few months, but we always felt as though starting up our own website would be a little bit above our head…

    Maybe not!

    Does this Wealthy Affiliate platform already have website owners that specialise in art, and if so, would they be available to help us if we sign up as members?

    • Hey Chris,

      thanks for checking out my post.  The biggest thing you need to think about is, that selling anything online will be a similar route.  Building the website for your audience, targeting the right audience and making sure the articles they land on will be relevant to what they are looking for.  So you and your partner will already have all the things to make sure it is relevant to the type of audience after your art.

      Wealthy Affiliate will allow you to specifically target this audience.  So whilst we may not be art experts, getting traffic and giving you a great website is where we come in and help you.

      The two together will lead to you successfully creating an online art business.


  3. I like your simple way, a three step process which come in the proper order as you mentioned. You are right instead of having a rented studio or you own it, the online world is much wider in scope because you can reach and expose your arts in a wider and farther places. This makes it advantageous to your own target buyers because they do not need much expenses to go to your studio but they just browse anywhere the internet and they will find you.

    This is through with other products too, you have to have a website, promote your website and gain traffic and introduce and promote your products.

    • Thanks Abagatan,

      many people try to over complicate what is essentially a simple process.  The key is making sure your website is relevant to the people you are targeting, and like I said people looking to buy art online are in a ‘buy it’ mood.  So relevant artwork on a great looking website targeting that type of buyer will convert a lot easier than an art studio on the high street.



  4. Good afternoon John and Gemma,

    How right you are! the Internet has opened up horizons we could only dream of in the past.

    Your website is your art-studio and for sure a lot cheaper to keep up. Your art-studio fits snugly under your arm and goes with you where ever you go. 

    There are many things in modern life I am not so happy about, too many gadgets and too much technology which could harm our health. But this particular possibility has made me enthusiastic and I will spend some more time investigating. It sounds really good to have a website like that promoting ones art. Thank you for this post and explaining the steps to take.

    Regards, Taetske

    • Hey Taetske,

      thanks for checking out our post.  There are many advantages to promoting your art online, and just by taking away the cost of an art studio means you are already on the road to turning a profit.

      I know it might mean you have to spend a little more time in front of the laptop than you might like, but when I think about how much time people already spend on social media.  Making a business out that time is better spent.


      John & Gem


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