24 Hour Commission Academy Review – Can Passive Income Really Be This Easy???

Welcome to our 24 Hour Commission Academy Review!

Earning passive income is a dream of many an entrepreneur, but many people have to work really hard to build a business that then pays you back through passive income each month.  So, when we saw that the 24 Hour Commission Academy can (supposedly) earn you income on autopilot, it peaked our interest.  But maybe not for the reason you are thinking?

Can a system on autopilot really earn you money without any hard work?  We have found plenty of products that would say that they cannot, but has 24 Hour Commission Academy broke the mould?  We will reveal all in our review.

Disclaimer: Please note that we are not a member or affiliate of this product.  This review is based on independent research.  You will find plenty of overly positive reviews for this product online, but they are promoting the product to make them money.  We only recommend products we would buy and use ourselves.

Let’s dive into our 24 Hour Commission Academy Review…

24 Hour Commission Academy Review Summary

Product Name: 24 Hour Commission Academy

Founder: Aidan Corkery, Fergal Downes, Noel Cunningham

Product Type: Facebook Messenger Bot Training

Price: $9.10 (at time of writing) + Upsells & Hidden Costs

Best For: Those who have experience with Sales Funnels

24 hour-commission-academy

Summary: 24 Hour Commission Academy is a training course on the use of a Facebook Messenger Bot to make money online.  But I have a number of concerns about this product.  Too many positive reviews in the search, that don’t really tell you all the details.  It is claiming it is a “new method” but it is not.  Their claims and sales hype are really misleading, and there are huge hidden costs that are waiting behind this clever sales funnel.

It might help someone who is already experienced to harness sales, but a newbie would not benefit from their basic training and I am not convinced they would if they did spend the money on the upsells.

Rating: 30/100

Recommended? No

Table of Contents

What is 24 Hour Commission Academy?

Let’s first start with all the claims that the guys make on their sales page about their “never done before” method for generating easy money through passive income.

24 Hour Commission Academy Bold Claims

Claim One – Apparently this method of making money has never been done before?

Claim Two – With 24 Hour Commission Academy, for $9.10 you are going to get everything you need to start making money within 24 hours?

Claim Three – No One is Teaching Anything Remotely Like This?

Those are the three bold claims that the founders of 24-Hour Commission Academy make for their money-making system…  I hardly think that these claims are true, but are sales hype created to get you into their sales funnel.  But more on that later.

What you will notice and is typically of a sales funnel like this is the fact that they do not tell you anywhere on their sales page what you (or rather the system) will be doing to make money.  The sales video, which is below, just claims that Aidan can make passive income whilst he teaches his class in Ireland… (Update – Sales Video No Longer Available)

What you actually find is that 24 Hour Commission Academy is a video training course containing 5 courses on how to use Facebook Messenger Bots to make money by pointing them at your affiliate offers.

But the hidden fact is that the base product is not enough for you to benefit from the system enough to make money.  You will need to invest in the upsells.

Back to those claims, this is not new, there is training out there for how to use Facebook Messenger Bots to help with affiliate sales.  You will not be making money within the timescales, unless you are already running a successful affiliate campaign and want help with automation, and three it is not a complete system unless you pay over the odds with the upsells.

Let’s see who is behind the 24 Hour Commission Academy.

Who's Behind 24 Hour Commission Academy?

Aidan Corkery is a full-time Geography & History teacher, who has been doing internet marketing as a part-time gig.  He has teamed up with Fergal Downes, who is a full-time internet marketer since 2012. 

He has focused more on product creating and affiliate marketing with email lists.

Some of the products, they have been involved in are:

  • Traffic Titan
  • Meme-O-Matic
  • Snowball Traffic
  • Infinity Buyer Traffic
  • Breakout Buyer Traffic
  • Seaside Profits
  • Tube Traffic

Now, I am just pondering, if they have all of these products and are successful… why would he still need to be a teacher?  

He might be doing it for the love of teaching, but from reading real reviews of some of these products it is more likely because these products are full of hype and do not really do what they are saying they do.  Take Tube Traffic, reviewed by the guys at stoppingscams.com.  

They have written a review, which states the product is full of hype and will not live up to that hype, but as it was only $10 it could be worth a look.  But only, if you do not buy the upsells.

To me, it seems all these products are the same kind of thing.  Full of hype, no real substances and they cannot provide the results they are promising…

The 24 Hour Commission Academy Training

Their training is a 5-module video training course on how to make money using Facebook Messenger Bot.

The training are below:


  • Welcome

Module One

  1. 24 Hour Commission Academy Introduction
  2. Overview: Picking a Recurring Offer to Promote

Module Two

  1. Setting up a Fan Page & ManyChat
  2. Welcome Message & Growth Tool Set Up

Module Three

  1. Sequence Set Up (Part One)
  2. Sequence Set Up (Part Two)
  3. Sequence Set Up (Part Three)
  4. Bot Opt-in Page Set Up

Module Four

  1. Bonus Page
  2. Driving Traffic
  3. Adding Links to Bot

Module Five

  1. Case Study Results
  2. Sending Paid Messages to Your Bot List
  3. Paid Messages to Bot List Results

Contact Support


When I consider the training, it looks to me that this might work if you already have an affiliate product you use to earn recurring income and want to use Facebook Bots to help automate some of the processes you do now, but this is aimed at people who are looking for a way to make money online and that is my biggest problem here.  

A newbie would read their sales page and think that they could earn money on autopilot, when that it simply impossible without already have a successful affiliate referral sales capture running already.

They are misleading people with their sales page and that doesn’t wash with me.

How Does 24 Hour Commission Academy Work?

Their claim is that this is a done-for-you system that will earn you money on autopilot.  All you need to do is follow these three steps:

Step One – Get Your “Automate Money Machine” Setup in minutes (45 according to the brief)

Step Two – Send Traffic Using the FREE Method Revealed inside

Step Three – Make Money Upfront & with Recurring Income

Does it sound too simple?  Does it sound too good to be true?  Well, the fact is that it does sound too good to be true, and these things never reap the rewards the owners preach it will.

Getting Relevant Traffic to your affiliate offers is much harder than they are making out.  There are ways of getting a lot of traffic to your website, or affiliate offer.  But that doesn’t mean that traffic is going to convert into actual sales.

Any system that claims you can make money on auto-pilot is not going to reap the benefits they claim it will.  

The biggest problem you will find is that the basic product won’t even do a lot for helping you.  It is just the dangling carrot to get you to buy the upsells and down sells they really want you to buy.

Again, these will not guarantee you any success. 

The thing you have to think about is this – if it was easy to make money on autopilot online, why isn’t everyone doing it?? 

The reason is, it isn’t possible to make money online to make money straight away.

Affiliate Marketing, for example is a way of making money on autopilot.  By creating helpful content that helps people find the right products, you can earn commissions from any sales that are made via your website, even when you sleep.  The sale is easy. 

But the hard work needed to create the content and then put that content in front of the right relevant audience who would benefit from that product is not as easy.  It is a simple process to follow, our top recommended training helps there, but it requires time and effort to get your website noticed by the search engines which is not achievable overnight.

If I was to guess, this would help you get traffic, but I have bought traffic before and it didn’t yield a single commission and that is because it was the wrong audience.  Social media traffic is not the highest converting traffic, and yet this product seems to be telling you it is really easy.  Yeah, I would care to disagree.

But either way, the basic product will not actually do much for you, they really want you to spend the money on the upsells. 

Let’s now discuss the price now.

Haven't Made Your First $1 Yet?

Studies have shown that more than 70% of the people who want to make money online have not made their first dollar yet. So, you’re not alone!

How Much Does 24 Hour Commission Academy Cost?

At the time of writing this review, 24 Hour Commission Academy is available for a price of $9.10.  A saving of 75%, it would normally be $97.  Typical sales ploy, as most people would not bat an eyelid about spending $9.10 to learn how to make money.  

They are also using a timer that counts down in case you are missing out on this great deal.  But I have let the timer go down and it is still available for $9.10.  Another sales pitch to make you feel like you shouldn’t miss out on this great deal.

Then, when you get into the program there are going to be some upsells that they tell you that you are going to really need if you want to make money.  (I know, you were thinking that you would be able to make money).  They are now going to offer a load of done-for-you bundles that will help you make more money.

In total, the upsells and downsells come in at a whopping total of $484!!

Here is the list:

  • 24 Hour Commission Academy – $9.10
  • Upsell One – Done for You Bundle – $37
    • Downsell One – Done for You Bundle – $27
  • Upsell Two – Buyer Extractor Case Studies – $17
    • Downsell Two – Buyer Extractor Case Studies – $12
  • Upsell Three – Done for You Buyer Bot – $197
    • Downsell Three – Done for You Buyer Bot – $97
  • Upsell Four – 1-on-1- Coaching – $97

There are also some other costs that you will need to factor in too…

You will need to pay for OptimizePress, which is $99 per year.  OptimizePress is a page builder, used for your landing pages or sales pages, etc.

You will also need to pay for ManyChatManyChat is $10 a month for up to 500 subscribers, $15 for up to 1,000 subscribers, $25 per month for up to 2500.  Basically the more subscribers you have, the more money it will cost.

So, if you stayed at lower than 500 subscribers you are looking at paying over $200 for one year.

In my experience, done-for-you bundles are not going to help you make money and it proves that you will need to spend more than $10 to actually make any money with this product.

Could you make money?  Maybe, but it will be nowhere near as easy as they are making out in their sales video.

What We Liked About 24 Hour Commission Academy

Here is what we liked about 24 Hour Commission Academy:

#1 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

The positive side about 24 Hour Commission Academy is they are offering a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee.  It is a product on Warriorplus, so you will be able to get your money back for the initial investment, which most people will not bother with as it is only $9.10.  But my suggestion is that you wouldn’t buy the done-for-you bundles.  They will typically be duplicate content that will close down free traffic routes for you.

What We Didn't Like About 24 Hour Commission Academy

Here is what we didn’t like about 24 Hour Commission Academy:

#1 Base Product Will Not Help

$10 for a product that will help you make passive income online sounds like such a fantastic offer that anyone would be tempted to get their credit card out.  But the reality is, that base product will not help you make money.  It is a sales funnel to get you to pay for the upsells and downsells.

I have reviewed many of these products and they all have the same issue. It is an aid to a sales funnel; it is not a way to make money from scratch really.  $10 seems like a good deal, but you will be expected to pay a lot more to be able to make use of it.  I am not convinced it will still be enough for a beginner to benefit from it to make money online.

#2 Expensive Upsells + Hidden Costs

The total price after you have bought all the upsells and downsells is close to $500.  But there will be other costs to factor into this, as they are also talking about paid ads in their training.  Paid traffic routes require the right training, but still it takes a bit of trial and error to get the right traffic coming to your offers. 

I am not confident their training will cover this off effectively to make it useful for you, if you are just starting out.

The other factor is that you will need to also budget for the additional costs that you will need to spend on OptimizePress & ManyChat to make this product work.  At a minimum this is $200 a year, but if the product works like they say it will, you would be spending a lot more than that on subscribers.

Whilst there training covers free traffic methods via Facebook.  This is really hard to achieve; this leads you to their training on using Solo Ads with Facebook.  This is where it can get really expensive.  Paid Traffic is very hit and miss, until you can get your strategy bang on.

It is another cost that you need to factor in.

#3 Too Many Positive Reviews

I worry when you see a product like this and then you check out Google, only to find the first page is full of (only) positive reviews of a product that hasn’t even launched yet or has just come on to the market.  This shows that these people are trying to play the rankings to get their review on the first page.  They are offering you all sorts of bonuses to buy it through their link, so if you do buy any upsells, they will make money from it.  It is a technique called Launch Jacking and means one thing.  None of them have actually tried the program or they don’t really care if it works.  They just want to make money from your purchase.

This upsets us a lot, as you are looking for a route to making money online and they are making money at the expense of yourself.

That is why we do thorough, in-depth and unbiased reviews to allow you to get the full details before purchasing anything.

#4 Too Much Hype & Unrealistic Claims

Making money on autopilot is real, in a sense.  Affiliate Marketing is the prime example.  You can make sales whilst working in a classroom.  But the hard work behind the scenes will take a lot longer than the 45 minutes they claim you will need.  It is entirely possible to make money from affiliate marketing whilst you sleep, but this will not be a get-rich-quick scheme.

So, how can they promise it will be making you money online?  If the done-for-you materials are duplicated content (which they will be), then you will not benefit from free traffic methods.  That is why they are using Facebook, but again social media traffic is not entirely reliable when it comes to conversions.

Their sales pitch is just hype, and totally unrealistic claims.  And it is definitely not a “never before” seen method to making money online.  In fact, their previous products Infinity Buyer Traffic & Breakout Buyer Traffic products teach you all about Facebook Messenger Bot.  The method might be slightly different, but the end result is the same.  It is NOT NEW!!

The total value of the product is supposed to be worth $1,370.  If it did everything it was supposed to do in their claims, then affiliate marketers would be paying that amount to get a system that improved their sales conversions.  There is a reason why they are keeping the price low, it is to entice newbies who lack the experience to know when a product is full of hype and stay away.

#5 Not a Business, Just a Tool

24 Hour Commission Academy is a tool, not a full business.  It could help some way, if you already have the knowledge of making affiliate sales.  But you are going to have to spend more money to make this method work.  You will also require additional training to make it work.  You are also going to need a budget for all the costs we discussed earlier.

This is not really an option for a beginner who lacks the knowledge (yet).  Don’t worry, we can help you get the training needed to make money online.  It will not cost you a thing to get started, and the risk is much lower than going with a products that is only there to convince you to pay more and more.  Our top recommended training program has a free starter membership and will teach you how to make money online, with no catch… Read more HERE.

Haven't Made Your First $1 Yet?

Studies have shown that more than 70% of the people who want to make money online have not made their first dollar yet. So, you’re not alone!

Can You Make Money with 24 Hour Commission Academy?

I would say that would honestly depend on what your knowledge level is.  I a guessing that you might be new to the online world and you are looking for a way to make money online and you are still lacking some knowledge around terms like affiliate marketing, sales conversions, etc. and if you are, then I would say that you wouldn’t be able to make money online with this product.  

Even if you did spend the extortionate amount, they are charging with all the additional products.

If you are already successful with affiliate marketing, then you might be able to learn some things from the basic product.

But in my opinion, this is a typical sales funnel that will just have enough information to make you wanting more and to get that you are going to have to spend more money.

That wouldn’t be fair to a newbie, and that is why I wouldn’t recommend this product to you.

Any Alternatives?

If you can get your head around the fact that you will not be able to make money online overnight, then you are the type of person that would benefit from hearing about our top recommended training program.  There is no get-rich-quick scheme we have reviewed that fulfils their promises.

That is why we love recommending Wealthy Affiliate.  They are honest from the get-go, that you are going to have to put in the time and effort if you want to build a business that gives you a passive income.

If you are wanting quick results, then I cannot help you because I am yet to find one.  But what I have found is a way of earning money online without hand-holding the transaction.  Let me show you what I mean:

This is how I earn money on autopilot.  This is a recurring payment for $175.  Which I earned whilst sleeping.  But I didn’t have a magic system that helped me earn that.  I did that by working really hard with Affiliate Marketing.  All thanks to our top recommended training platform – Wealthy Affiliate.

If you want to stop finding scams or low-quality products that do not fulfil their promises, then you need to step into a training platform that provides all the tools, training and support you will need to build your own passive income stream via affiliate marketing.

If you are willing to commit to working hard, following the training and asking for help, then you are the right person who could benefit from the training at Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate offers a free Starter Membership where you will have access to Ten Lessons that will take you through how to start with affiliate marketing, you even gain access to two free websites.  You will also gain me as a mentor.

If you want to make money online, you need to take the first step and put the effort in.  But do it in an environment where you will get all the support you will ever need.

Learn more about Wealthy Affiliate HERE.  If you are ready to take the first Step, Click HERE

My 24 Hour Commission Academy Review - Final Conclusion

I am not saying that this product is not worthwhile, I am saying it is not going to fulfil all its promises especially if you only buy the basic product.  It is a typical sales funnel to get you to pay more.  It will not be as easy as they make out to make money via their system and considering how many of these types of products that Aiden & Fergal have.  

Surely, if they all worked as they claim they do he could give up his teaching job in Ireland?? 

This tells me they are still not really making money online and have followed a number of people into just creating these types of funnels to make money and are not that good at actual affiliate sales where people are making millions when done successfully.

I would have to say it is not technically a scam as they do provide you some training within the basic product but I still would not recommend it based on the concerns I have throughout our 24 Hour Commission Academy review.

How We Make Money Online

If you are seriously looking for a way to make money online, then you need to first understand that there is no one-button system that will make money for you.  If you want to make money online, then you are going to have to get out there and earn it.  You are going to have to work hard, if you want to earn money and it will not come straightaway either. 

But there are ways to make it simpler, and it all starts with getting the right training.

We make money online via Affiliate Marketing. It is our favourite method because:

  • You can choose a hobby or passion
  • You do not need your own products, you will be promoting other people’s products and earning a commission
  • It is FREE to get started
  • We had the best step-by-step training program to follow…

To be good at something you need to get the best training to start with.  Ours was from the team at Wealthy Affiliate.  Their step-by-step guide took us through everything needed to build a profitable affiliate marketing business.  They are honest about the timescales; they are honest about the commitment you will need to make it work.  But they also back it up with providing industry leading training and tools to help you succeed.  You also gain the best support available; you even get access to the owners to ask them any questions you have too.

Back to my earlier point, if you are serious about making money online and are willing to put the effort in, then you need to try the Wealthy Affiliate Free Starter Membership.  Go through the initial training and see what you think… There is no credit card needed, just a few details, add a picture and update your profile.  That way you will gain free access to my support and the training at Wealthy Affiliate.  Click HERE if you are ready to make money online

Thanks for checking out our 24 Hour Commission Academy Review!  If you have any questions or comments to add, then please write them in the comments section below. 😉

24 Hour Commission Academy

$9.10 + Upsells & Hidden Costs



Money Making Potential


Overall Quality



  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee


  • Lot of Upsells & Hidden Costs
  • Base Product is Not Enough
  • Too Many Positive Reviews
  • Too Much Hype & Unrealistic Claims
  • Not a Business Opportunity, Just a Tool

6 thoughts on “24 Hour Commission Academy Review – Can Passive Income Really Be This Easy???”

  1. When something sounds too good to be true, 99% of the time it actually is. In my personal experience, passive income takes A LOT or effort and A LOT of time. 24 hour academy is just another tool that claims things to be much easier than they actually is. Thank you for sharing your insight about it.

    • Hey Afonso,

      thanks for checking out our review.  I agree, whenever I see these fake platforms that are promising the world on autopilot, it makes me sad that there will be people out there that believe them.  If you put the time and effort into a business, there will be a time that you can see sales without physically being there to hand-hold the transaction. But the moment you take the foot off the gas, you have the risk of it only being short-lived.

      It can be simple to make money online, but it is not as easy as they make out!!



  2. hello, it is a great and nice feeling to know that someone will create a great website like this and also create a write up on an article like this. i looked into 24 hour commission academy and i was impressed with the processes but it would still require a lot of time and energy to be engaged. thank you

    • Hi Benny,

      that is the problem with these platforms.  If you take their sales pitch word for word, then it sounds totally impressive.  But it is what they don’t tell you that causes the problem.  Hidden costs, unrealistic claims and a load of hype puts a different light on those supposed claims.

      All the best


  3. Well I have seen several websites and webposts and articles on how to make money from home online and how to earn passive income without putting in the works and all I have seen are fake and scam. 

    I have lost money several times to quite a few of these scam sites and it’s no fun at all. $9 plus is not something you just throw away just like that. 

    I would love to carry out my own research and read more about this program to see if it is worth the risk. 

    • Hi Sam,

      thanks for checking out our review.  If only every product was honest with people upfront, then people would know exactly what they would be getting for their money… The problem is, if they were all honest these people would not be making any money, because they rely on flashy sales techniques to get people to buy this stuff.  $9 is supposed to give you a money-making machine when in reality, it is anything but.

      People need to realise that the only way to make legit money online is to put time and effort in and not keep chasing the magic one-button system that does not exist.

      Thanks again for reading out blog



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