Top CBD Oil Affiliate Programs – We have Picked the Top 3 For You…

Affiliate Marketing is one of the best ways to make money online and if you have been considering if CBD Oil might be a good niche to choose for it.  Well, we have come up with a list of the top CBD Oil Affiliate Programs.  We do not know a lot about CBD Oil, but we do know a lot about affiliate marketing.  Let’s get into it…

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What is CBD Oil?

You may already know what CBD oil is, but I like to be thorough and wanted to ensure you knew what you would be What is CBD Oil?promoting as part of your affiliate marketing campaigns.

CBD is one of the 104 chemical compounds known as cannaboids that are found in the cannabis plant.

It is a naturally occurring substance, which when it is extracted and mixed with a carrier oil to create CBD oil.  It is typically mixed with help seed or coconut.

CBD oil is reported to offer a range of health and medicinal benefits, and the advantage of CBD is that it is not psychoactive.  Simple terms, it means you will not receive the ‘high’.

As it offers a number of benefits, this is why it is becoming more popular, and with many countries relaxing the laws of the use of marijuana it is only natural that people are starting to use it.  I am no expert on CBD Oil, but I found this great resource for learning more about CBD oil, etc.  Check it out here

This leads you to a route to making money from helping people find the right products within the CBD Oil world.  This leads us to Affiliate Marketing…

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Getting the most out of CBD oil via affiliate marketing is a great opportunity for you to make money online, but you need to fully understand how it will make you money.

You might already have a good idea about affiliate marketing, but I again want to make sure you understand what it will take to be successful with CBD Oil and Affiliate Marketing.

CBD Oil looks like it could be a profitable niche for you to target, but without following the right steps it could lead to nothing if not done right.

Affiliate Marketing is where you will make money from promoting products after signing up with an affiliate program.  Once you are signed up, you will be able to promote any products that program has.  If someone comes and finds your blog and decides to follow your advice and buys something, you will receive a commission on the sale.

Let’s use CBD Oil as an example. There are the key steps to making money with affiliate marketing:

4 steps to success with affiliate marketing

We would usually start with choosing the niche, but as this post is about CBD Oil, we are going to assume that is the niche you are going with.  The next step would be:

Build a CBD Oil Website

The first stage is going to be where you pick a relevant domain name and build yourself a website.  We recommend WordPress, most of the websites out there use it.  It is easy to learn and customise your website to get it to look the way you want.

If you are in the market for a website, then you can build a free website with the tool below:

Create High Quality Content That Helps

There is no point trying to join affiliate programs if you have no traffic to your website.  The best way to get free traffic is to create high quality content that helps people. You could write content that:

  • Help them understand what CBD oil is
  • The health benefits of CBD Oil
  • Things to consider when using CBD Oil

People need to look at your content and start thinking that you are a real authority in the CBD oil world.

That is when you will start to notice that your traffic will start to increase.

That is then the point where you can start looking into joining affiliate programs, which we will cover shortly.

Join Affiliate Programs

After we have finished this section, we will suggest the top 3 CBD Oil Affiliate Programs that you can join.

This will allow you to start writing effective content that promotes different products within CBD oil to be able to earn commissions from when your readers choose to follow your affiliate links.

Product Reviews are an effective way of doing this.

Keep Writing High Quality Content & Product Reviews

This is how you are going to build your business up and make money for the long term.  You will find there are other affiliate programs you can join, such as Amazon Associates.

Here are some tips to making this work for you:

  • Always remember to help people and not sell to people and you will see long term success.
  • Do Not Overuse your Affiliate Links, Google will not rank your website well if every post has tons of affiliate links.

Now, lets get into those top 3 CBD oil affiliate programs we promised you…

The Top 3 CBD Oil Affiliate Programs

CBD PureCBD Pure

Brand Name: CBD Pure

Company Name: Nutra Pure LLC

Corporate HQ: Vancouver, WA

BBB Rating: A+

Years in Business: 6 Years

Commission Rate: 40%

Summary: CBD Pure is a brand from the company called Nutra Pure.  Nutra Pure started trading 2012 and is well thought of, as shown by its A+ BBB rating.

With 40% commission rate, it is one of the highest commission rates out there in the industry. Affiliates give this program great feedback as it has an excellent track record for paying its affiliates on time.

But their products are why it is probably the best affiliate program for CBD oil out there.  It is well tested and proven to work for those suffering with symptoms of pain in the joints or to combat depression.

CBD Pure Product Line

CBD Pure offers a range of products that all vary in their dose of hemp oil, they also provide a range for pets too.  This could lead to a whole new niche that you could target with CBD oil, which is the pet’s health and wellness niche.

Nutra Pure offers CBD oil that is from organically grown hemp plants which they claim provide the finest, purest cannabidiol.  They grow these hemp plants in naturally fertile soils in Colorado.

They obviously have their customers at the heart of what they do as they offer a fantastic 90-day money back guarantee.

If you are considering CBD Oil as your niche for affiliate marketing, this is probably the best affiliate program you could join.  40% commission rates on a proven product sounds like a great deal for an affiliate.

If you want to learn more about CBD Pure, Click Here

CBD BioCareCBD BioCare

Brand Name: CBD BioCare

Company Name: Kushy Enterprises LLC

Corporate HQ: Largo, Florida

BBB Rating: Not Accredited

Years in Business: 2 Years

Commission Rate: 10%-40%, Five Levels

CBD BioCAre is your second option.  It has been around since 2016.  They provide an easy to follow pay structure, and it is also one of the most generous in the legal marijuana industry.

There are five tiers that make up their pay-out structure:

Sales Representative – First Tier. 20% Commission up to $999

Sales Representative – Second Tier. 25% Commission from $1000-$4999

Sales Manager – Third Tier. 30% Commission from $5000-$14999

Sales Manager – Fourth Tier. 35% Commission from $15000-$24999

CBD CEO – Fifth Tier. 40% Commission from $25000+

There is also an element of an MLM platform, as you can also refer people to become sellers for CBD BioCare.  Anyone you introduce to the affiliate program; you can earn 10% of anything they are able to sell.

CBD BioCare Product Line

CBD BioCare’s product line is pretty solid, with plenty to choose from.  They offer a number of items within the following 4 areas:

CBD BioCare – CBD Oils

CBD BioSkinCare – CBD Creams

All Natural – CBD BioSkinCare – Same lines as above but no added chemicals

CBD BioPetCare – a range of CBD products for pets.

If you want to learn more about CBD BioCare, Click Here


Brand Name: CBD FX

Company Name: Vapeco

Corporate HQ: Chatsworth, California

BBB Rating: Not Accredited

Commission Rate: 20%

Our third option creates many different products in the CBD Oil Market:

  • CBD Vape Juice for E-Cigarettes
  • CBD Gummies
  • CBD Tinctures
  • CBD Oil
  • CBD Capsules
  • CBD for Pets
  • CBD Drinks
  • CBD Terpenes
  • CBD Edibles
  • CBD Topicals
  • CBD Vape Pens & Kits
  • CBD Concentrates

A good product range is always a major plus when looking for an affiliate program.  You are also rewarded with a decent commission rate.  You will receive 20% of any sales you make, and the affiliate cookie will last for 90 days which is extremely good.  If your customer clicks on your link but doesn’t make an immediate purchase, you often lose the commission.  But if they go back within 90 days, you will still receive the commission.  That is awesome.

You do need to reach a certain threshold before being paid, though:

  • PayPal – $100 threshold
  • Check – $200 Threshold
  • Bank Transfer – $1000 Threshold

Get Started with CBD Oil & Affiliate Marketing

There you have it, 3 great affiliate programs within the CBD Oil Market for you to go and get started:

  • CBD Pure
  • CBD BioCare
  • CBD FX

They offer a fantastic range of products for you to write about and promote and the commission rates are excellent.  More and more people are looking into the benefits of these products now that the laws are being relaxed.  They pay on time, and they offer some top-quality support to their customers as well as their affiliates.

The industry is set to explode soon, so if you want to take advantage of this growing market you need to get in there quick and build your affiliate marketing business now.

Want to Start Affiliate Marketing with CBD Oil, But Need Help?

If you already know how to start with affiliate marketing, then you know exactly what to do.  But what if you want to get started with Affiliate Marketing, you want to take advantage of this CBD Oil market.  But haven’t got a clue how to get started…

Let us take the panic out of the equation – We can totally help you get started.

There is a very simple solution that can ensure you get started in the right way, with a solid step-by-step training guide that can take you through everything that you need to do to be able to fully utilise your interest in the CBD Oil market and affiliate marketing.

You will get Expert Affiliate Marketers teaching you how to get started in any niche, including the CBD Oil sector and within a matter of lessons you will have your very own affiliate marketing website built and ready to personalise around CBD Oil.

If you are ready to take action and want to follow the exact same steps, we took to build an affiliate marketing business, click the button below and get the best training out there from the guys at Wealthy Affiliate:

Free Wealthy Affiliate Starter Membership

Thanks for taking the time to read our guide on the top CBD Oil affiliate programs.  Have you any experience with CBD Oil or any of the affiliate programs we have discussed?  If so, we would love to hear from you in the comments below.  Any questions write them down and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

12 thoughts on “Top CBD Oil Affiliate Programs – We have Picked the Top 3 For You…”

  1. Out of the three CBD affiliate programs listed here, it is CBD Pure that’s quite familiar with me because I have friends who are already involved in this company. It is true, there’s money to be made out of this niche but be aware also that not all countries of the world are okay with CBD. Like for example, in the Philippines, CBD and other Cannabis-related products are not yet legalized. So, make sure you guys are aware of that.

    • Hey Gomer,

      thanks for checking out our blog and for writing some comments.  I totally agree with you, you need to be careful and check the legal aspects of anything that is not legal everywhere yet.  There are also some places where you will not be permitted to get to the websites yet and this all goes hand in hand with the research stage of anything.

      thanks again


  2. What a great idea, not only for CBD oil sellers but also people selling other types of products. Having a website doing the work for you online can go a long way towards the success of your business.

    It is easier to have a good website selling for you than doing it the old fashioned way by going door to door, or even worse, harassing all your family and friends. If you have a website set up in the correct way, you can sell to a worldwide audience.

    Thanks for recommendation of how I can get started building it. I am sure many people will need some help with putting a website together, and this is a great help.

    I just love the internet, as it brings people so many more opportunities than we had about twenty years ago. Anything is possible, and anybody can make a living from home.

    • Hey Michel,

      thanks for checking out our blog and for writing some comments.  It is an amazing time to be on the internet, anyone with the right support can and will succeed.

      thanks again


  3. Great programs John,

    Especially CBD Pure, I think compared to CBD Biocare and CBD FX, CBD Pure is clearly the winner. With that 40% commission rate, A+ rating on BBB and of course, no MLM heirachies which means it should be easy to join, I can’t wait to become an affiliate. Is there any country restrictions for Malaysians to join?

    • Hey Riaz,

      thanks for checking out our blog and for writing some comments.  It does have an appealing commission rate doesn’t it.

      I would be mindful, affiliate marketing is global, but there are still legal aspects to cover when it comes to CBD and I think Malaysia is still one of the countries that it is not legal yet and I would be mindful.

      This may change, you would need to keep an eye on the situation Riaz.



  4. This is a very nice list. I’ve been scouring the web looking for CBD affiliate programs.Just to see what’s out there. Many of the programs you listed I wasn’t aware of until I came across your list. I would love to check out the wealthy affiliate to get the step by step training guide.

    Thanks a bunch.

    • Hey Jordan,

      thanks for checking out our blog and for writing some comments.  We are glad you found the list useful!

      Wealthy Affiliate is a fantastic resource for anyone looking to make money online, the step-by-step training is phenomenal and will definitely help you on your way.

      If you want to know more, I recommend you check out our Wealthy Affiliate review.


  5. I don’t know much about CBD oil but I read somewhere that it could make me a lot of money if invest in it. How can I write not just more content about CBD oil but quality information without being an expert if I decide to create a website to promote it? While I’m convinced that it has huge potential in generating a good income I want to be sure of what I’m likely to face If I decide to use the approach you’re teaching. 

    Anyway, do you have any idea on how long will it take to be established in this business and start making a consistent income? Thanks for the great tips and I will be glad to have your response to my questions. 

    • Hiya,

      thanks for checking out our blog and for writing some comments.  There is a lot of potential with CBD oil as more countries start to legalise the use of it.

      If you are not that versed in a subject, you need to spend time learning it more to be able to build up an authority in it.  If you decided to go into CBD oil as a business you are going to have to fully engage in it to learn it to be able to come across as knowledgable.

      If you feel it isn’t a subject you want to get into, you are better off choosing an option that you can really get your teeth into.

      It is better to choose a subject you will not tire of, then picking a subject because you feel it will make more money.

      If you are able to offer the right help and work hard on an affiliate marketing business, you could see earnings as early as 3 months, but most see sales come in after 6-12 months.  It depends on how much time you spend on the business and how competitive the market is.  But the training at Wealthy Affiliate gives you a fantastic head start over most.



  6. I started a CBD affiliate website a couple of weeks ago and I just started creating content for it. I am not getting much traffic just yet but it’s good to know that I’ll be able to monetize it with some legit affiliate programs down the road.

    I think that I’ll try going into vaping CBD in order to further refine my niche.

    Anyway, thanks a lot for letting me know about those CBD merchants.

    • Hey Harry,

      thanks for checking out our blog and for writing some comments.  Glad we were able to help you find some genuine CBD Oil affiliate programs.

      I wish you success with your website.  Keep it up, I believe this will be a growing market you should be able to capitalise on.



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