Star Trek Merchandise for Sale – To Boldly Go & Make Money Online

There is a ton of Star Trek merchandise out there and I am sure there is going to be more to come with a new series on the way and Paramount and CBS settling their deals.  But did you know that you could be making money as you build up your collection?

If you are anything like me, you love Star Trek.  I went to Destination Star Trek last year and it was great to engage with the people that were there, and we all shared a similar interest.

But you need a huge budget if you were to buy everything you wanted, but then again I am into Star Trek and I know an online business model that would allow any Star Trek fan to enjoy it and help others and make some money online too.

Turn Your Love for Star Trek into a Money-Making Opportunity

Look, I know you were looking to find some Star Trek merchandise for sale, but I am offering you something that is quiteStar Trek Merchandise exciting and will allow you to build up your collection whilst making money online so hopefully you can forgive me for not having any merchandise to sell?

Think of it this way, the business model I am talking about is one where you are going to be able to fully engage into the passion you love (Star Trek).  Help others and make money, so in my eyes it is a no-brainer.

The business model I am talking about is affiliate marketing.

You might not have heard of it or think it sounds complicated, but in actually fact it is relatively simple but will allow you to really get engaged in any element of Star Trek and make money online.

Let me break down what affiliate marketing is first and then I will show you how Star Trek comes into it.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Any subject or niche can use the affiliate marketing model to make money, as when people are shopping online, they are normally doing research before they buy.  Where do they go to do this research?  They visit google and search for stuff related to what they know.  You searched Star Trek Merchandise for Sale.

Instead of seeing this blog, you could have visited another blog and they would probably have been using affiliate marketing.  If you had followed their recommendation on that blog, they would have received a commission as an affiliate.

Affiliate Marketing allows you to sign up with an affiliate program and then be able to promote any product on their marketplace and earn money if anyone goes and buys something.

How Does Affiliate Marketing Work?

Star Trek has an Affiliate Program

Amazon has an affiliate program, so does the Star Trek website.  I also found that Eaglemoss that do the model ships also Eagle Moss Affiliate Programhave an affiliate program.

If you signed up with Amazon or Star Trek and created a blog that was all about an element of Star Trek, as people come and visit your blog and engage more with what you are writing about and products that you are reviewing they will start to follow your recommendations and go and visit Amazon and Star Trek to buy this merchandise.  Anytime they do that, they will make you money.

How Star Trek Merchandise Fits into Affiliate Marketing

That’s right, you could be starting an online business all about Star Trek, which you love and earning money which you could spend on buying more merchandise that you will review and then sell to others too.

In fact, when you get really established you could even receive free stuff to review as they will want your audience to buy it.

There are endless possibilities for you to earn money online through affiliate marketing and what better way to do it than with a passion you have like Star Trek.

I know it can be an expensive passion to have, especially when you are a collector.  But there is every real chance you could earn a full-time income from affiliate marketing and also be able to visit all of the different conventions around the world and do it in style.

If you are not really interested in pursuing this, then I wish you “Live Long & Prosper” and good luck with finding Star Trek merchandise for you to buy.

But for those few who want to learn a little more, we will go through how you can learn affiliate marketing the correct way and make money online.

Ideas for a Star Trek Themed Affiliate Marketing Website

The key to being successful with affiliate marketing is to start with a niche and not start too broad.  Whilst Star Trek is a niche, when you start exploring all the different aspects of it you actually find how huge it is.

The merchandise alone is vast and there are a lot of different types too.  From collectibles, video games, clothing, cosplay, conventions, tv shows, films, board games, plush toys, etc.

I could go on, but when I visited Destination Star Trek and start to see the amount of merchandise and then start talking toAffiliate Ideas people about their costumes and where they got them from you find that there is a lot you could talk about and incorporate affiliate marketing.

The reason I say that is that people are always looking for help as to where to find stuff.  They also want to know what people think about it.

Take the uniforms for cosplay.  People want to know where to get the best-looking ones, and what are the sizes like.  Because most of them come up too small.

Some people will use social media for their searches, but a lot will check out Google and they could easily land on your website that is talking about all the different aspects and offering them help and advice as to where they can get what they are looking for and include an affiliate link.  You are helping out a fellow Trekkie and making money at the same time.

Another idea could be the board games, there were a few interesting ones at the convention last year and they seemed really interesting but as I could talk to the people about them I got a lot of information about how it all works.

You haven’t got that opportunity online, so they do a Google search and find a blog that talks them through all the rules, how it works, what you get in the box, etc. and learn from an affiliate marketer who knows their stuff and offers links to the best deals and makes money from offering that help.

The Eagle Moss Ship Collections are really popular.  I couldn’t believe the queues at the convention to buy the ships, then again I can because they were awesome.

The ideas are endless when it comes to Star Trek and with the new Picard Series coming out, you could even get affiliate sales on the wine Chateau Picard?

Affiliate Marketing is an Exciting Prospect to Make Money

Affiliate Marketing is not for everyone but collecting Star Trek merchandise does not come cheap.  If you were to create a website that talks about all the merchandise you have and can offer insights that others will find interesting and want to know more, then you have a very exciting prospect on your hands of earning more money to build up your collection and helping out other people who are interested in building up their collection too.

I loved looking at all the model ships at the convention last year, and to build up a collection I would definitely need a huge budget, but affiliate marketing can definitely help towards achieving just that.

Want to Learn More About Affiliate Marketing?

Look, I will be honest affiliate marketing is not a get-rich-quick scheme.  It will definitely take you time to build up a website and start earning money.  But if you can see the end goal and learn from the best, you will definitely be in a great position to take that opportunity when it comes.

We highly recommended a training platform that offers a fantastic step-by-step guide that takes someone who hasn’t got a clue about affiliate marketing or even how to build a website through every step needed to build a successful affiliate marketing business that can and will be profitable.  All you need to do is take your interest, which would be Star Trek and they will give you all the help and advice needed to turn that interest into a website that attracts an audience and will earn you money.

That training platform we recommend is Wealthy Affiliate.  It is the same training platform we use to make money online and their training is the best that we have seen on the web.

If you want to know a little more about what they offer, you can check out our Wealthy Affiliate review.

But if you feel you are ready to boldly take the first step into building a Star Trek niche website, then click the button below and you will be taken to where you can sign up with a FREE starter membership with Wealthy Affiliate.

Free Wealthy Affiliate Starter Membership

If you think that it really isn’t for you, then I wish you well and if you are going to Destination Star Trek in Birmingham this year come and say hello.


16 thoughts on “Star Trek Merchandise for Sale – To Boldly Go & Make Money Online”

  1. Affiliate marketing is applicable to every niche in the world and can generate money as long as there are products to promote in the niche. Star trek has never come across my mind to build a niche website on. But come to think of it, it is actually making sense because of the number of merchandise made available in star trek website. One can actually make quite a fortune doing affiliate marketing on star trek. Thanks for this niche idea suggestion. Thanks

    • Hey Mattias,

      thanks for checking out our blog.  I think it makes great sense if you are really interested in Star Trek to help others out and be able to make money too!

      All the best


  2. This is a really insightful review one must say. In starting an affiliate marketing business the most important and key thing to note is starting with a niche that would be very comfortable. Focusing on broad topics or ideas is not advisable so as to maintain a stable and growing audience that would ways come to your when they need you. This is more reason why I agree with the Star Trek merchandise idea…  It’s a good tool to use to Start an affiliate business.

    • Hey John,

      thanks for checking out our blog.  You are right, to make this work you would need to focus on one aspect of Star Trek merchandise at first to make affiliate marketing work, but I don’t think there are any bad niche ideas within this field to choose from.



  3. You have come up with a good idea. I love star Trek and I know that so many people out there love it too so why not. I think I should give it a try seeing that there Isa big possibility to make money from it. I really like that you can bring this idea forth. Although I was looking for a merchandise, who wouldn’t want to make some money. Thank you for bringing this on here. I will try this niche.

    • Hey Henderson,

      thanks for checking out our blog.  a Star Trek fan helping other Star Trek fans is a win-win and a great opportunity as there is such an appetite for information and merchandise.  You can definitely make this happen.  All the best


  4. Being a die hard fan of star trek, I couldn’t help but wonder how I have never thought about building my affiliate business on star trek. I have bought some of the products on there and there are a lot more which any star trek fan would love to add to their collections. It is a field that I know so much on, it would be very easy for me to create unique contents too. Wow! This is simply an eye opener. Great piece!

    • Hey Roger,

      thanks for checking out our blog.  I know, I have loved Star Trek ever since my dad introduced it to me.  It was the premiere of the Next Generation on the BBC (I am from the UK) and I got hooked from there and it led to my interest in Sci Fi and Science.  And I hadn’t really given it much thought until I went to a convention last year and realised the amount of merchandise there was and the appetite.  It got me thinking and I wrote this post.

      It is a really good idea for a Star Trek fan!



  5. Choosing star trek for your affiliate marketing website niche is in fact not just a good idea, it is an excellent idea, I was reading an article about star trek some time back whereby it was claimed that there was an estimated 2.4 billion past and present star trek enthusiasts, now that really is one heck of a lot of potential customers, and you have to also bare in mind that there must be a large number of people who can see the potential of star trek memorabilia and collectors items so they can also be added to the list, so my advice to anyone who may be thinking about choosing star trek for a website niche is to go for it, thank you for sharing this post.      

    • Hey Russ,

      thanks for checking out our blog, it is a huge audience and with a new series on the way and the EagleMoss Ship line expanding because of Discovery there is a huge appetite too.  I think this is a great idea!


  6. Affiliate marketing is still the best online business for me because it can work any niche and I’ve been into it for quite a while now and I’ve been making my money. Star Trek is actually beneficial to affiliate marketers like me because they have a lot of merchandize that they and as an affiliate marketer, I can simply make my money by affiliating with star trek. This article is going 4to be of great help to me and I’ve actually learnt some other things. Thanks for the post and I’ll look forward to getting into business with Star Trek.

    • Hey Jones,

      thanks for checking out our blog.  Glad you were able to pick up some tips.  Done right, this would be a massive help to anyone wanting to get started with affiliate marketing.

      With the right training and support, you could easily make this a full-time income


  7. This is really cool I must confess. The affiliate marketing strategies are some of the best I have seen so far. The wide range of things one can be an affiliate marketer for just makes its really easier. To make really cool money from affiliate marketing you just have to be able to locate a really cool and profitable niche and build your online business around it. So far from my experience I would say picking a niche is easy, but getting a profitable niche is worth everything.
    Looking at this suggestion on where to learn this business which is Wealthy affiliate, I must say its one of the best places anyone get proper training on affiliate marketing, with assistance on how to get a good niche and and grow your page. A really nice post you have here. Best regards

    • Hey Dane,

      thanks for checking out our blog.  I thought it was so cool.  I find that many people do find it hard to find a niche, but in reality it doesn’t take anything more than what do you enjoy?  If you enjoy Star Trek, why wouldn’t you want to build a business on it so you can spend more time engaging in what you enjoy.

      Perfectly Logical!


  8. When I sighted this topic, Star trek from this review, where my mind drove to was that am going to meet how one can become an affiliate marketer for this iconic series, Star trek. If I can still remember, this series has been existing for a long time now since it’s creation by Gene. There’s nothing bad in becoming a Star trek marchandise and affiliate. It is going to be a great fun when blogging and marketing for a series I derive pleasure on.

    • Hey Stella,

      Thanks for checking out our blog. Being able to make money from a passion you have is one of the best things about affiliate marketing!!  With the right training and support anything is possible. If you love Star Trek, why wouldn’t you?

      All the best



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