Is 60 Minute Profit Plan a Scam? Yes, It is A Complete Fake!

Welcome to our 60 Minute Profit Plan Review!

It is great to see that you are here, because it means that you are doing research before buying into any products and we will save you time and money with this review!

60 Minute Profit Plan claims that they have found a “Free Money Loophole” that will allow you to make at least $500 per day:

60 Minute Profit Plan Claims

Wouldn’t that be fantastic if that were true, a program that would solve all your money problems in a day… But is it really possible? Or Is 60 Minute Profit Plan a scam?

I think you may already have the answer from our review title.  But stay with us and we will reveal all you need to know about this program including some of the lies they are trying to use to convince you it is a legit product.

It will shock you, the methods that some of these scammers use to get you to part with your hard-earned money.

Let’s get into it with a quick product overview…

60 Minute Profit Plan Review Summary

Product Name: 60 Minute Profit Plan

Founder: Launched by Brittany Francis (Unknown on 28th April 2018

Product Type: Mini Email Marketing Course

Price: $37 + Downsell & upsells up to $97

Best For: The Owner

60 Minute Profit Plan - Company logo

Summary:  60 Minute Profit Plan claims to teach you 4 different methods on how to make money online, but it is really just a low-quality product with little to offer.  Everything within the product could be learned for FREE with a quick Google search.  The course even includes videos that just link you straight to YouTube directly, so you might as well go straight there yourself.  They are also using deception to convince you to part with your money (which we will prove in our review).

Rating: 1/100

Recommended? No

Table of Contents

What is 60 Minute Profit Plan?

60 Minute Profit Plan is a training course that is aimed at helping people to make money online.

If you have seen their sales video, you will see that this is just a hyped-up product that is promising innocent beginners a way of making huge amounts of money without any work.  (Please note, this product has become 10x Profit Sites).

Take a look at the following screenshots:

When the sales presentation beings, the narrator called Brittany Francis, kept on showing different income proofs and then claimed that anyone can achieve the same results just by following her instructions in the 60 Minute Profit Plan.

(This is a common strategy you will find that scam artists adopt!)

Brittany, who is the alleged founder told a really sad story about herself and how her life was completely changed after discovering this system that easily makes lots of money online, every single day. (Again, this is typical of a scam).

After watching the entire sales video, I was sat there wondering one question… “What exactly is the 60 Minute Profit Plan about?”

The problem is, I still didn’t know after watching the video.

Throughout the entire presentation, there was no mention to how the system actually works, what method you would be using to make money online and what would you be expected to do.  There was literally none of this information given at all!

The entire video, which ran for 20+ minutes, only gave you story after story of people finding success with this program and a lot of sales pitch techniques thrown in the mix too.

This means that the only way you will find out how this system actually works is to buy the product yourself or by reading online reviews like this.

So, let us take the time to explain to you what is actually inside this “mysterious product” that is supposed to make you tons of money…

By the way, the product is called “60 Minute Profit Plan” because “Brittany” claims that you can get everything set up in just 60 minutes and then start watching the money come in within an hour…

Earn Money Within an Hour - Believable?

How to Make Money with 60 Minute Profit Plan?

The 4 methods that you will be using to make your $500 per day, according to “Brittany” are:

  1. Email Marketing
  2. Online Marketing
  3. Website Testing
  4. Freelancing

These 4 methods form the based on the entire 60 Minute Profit Plan course as you can see from the screenshot below:

60 Minute Profit Plan Training

The training courses are:

  • Method 1: Make $10K in Under 90 Days! (using Email Marketing)
  • Method 2: 13 Best Apps to Make Money by Taking Surveys
  • Method 3: Test Websites for Fast Cash
  • Method 4: Freelancing/Virtual Assistant/Data Entry

Let’s go through each of them one by one…

#1 Email Marketing

Email Marketing is the process where you collect people’s email addresses, follow-up with them via email and eventually monetise your email list by sending them promotional offers.

Check out this flowchart that shows you how Email Marketing works:

In 60 Minute Profit Plan, there are a total of 12 videos that go through how to get started with email marketing, but the total length of these 12 videos is only an hour long.

They only cover the core basics of Email Marketing.  It is only an introductory course and will not demonstrate the method enough for you to go and get started yourself. 

What is worse is that the information that is provided here is available elsewhere for free.  The most popular place to learn is definitely by watching YouTube videos.

Do you think an hour of video training is really going to help you master Email Marketing and make $500 a day?

It is impossible to achieve the kind of results that Brittany was promising with her training.

To be honest, Email Marketing takes a lot of time and hard work to get right.  You need to spend time setting up your landing pages, your autoresponder and then drive traffic to them.

I can confidently state that Brittany’s promises are not real.  They’re just a part of her sales pitch to lure you into buying her product (and hopefully her upsells…)

You will definitely not start making money with an hour with Email Marketing.  But it could be possible with online surveys…

By the way, the Email Marketing course we would recommend is Inbox Blueprint by Anik Singal.

#2 Online Surveys

Paid Online Surveys are exactly like they sound.  You will get paid for taking part in online surveys.

So, for this part, it is possible to start making money within an hour with an online survey.  But the reality is that you will not be earning hundreds of dollars with it!

With online surveys, you will typically be earning a few cents.  If you are lucky, you can earn up to a few bucks per survey.  But this will be dependent on the type and length of the survey.

The problem with online surveys is the earning potential.  It is often too small and not worth the time it takes to complete, and you would earn more with a local part-time job.

You can earn some money with online surveys, but nowhere near the claims that Brittany has been making in the sales video.

If you are interested in making some extra cash with online surveys, make sure you read our online survey guide here before diving into any of the program!

#3 Website Tester

Testing websites is another legitimate way to make money online.  You will be expected to browse certain websites and give your feedback to the owner and then get paid.

However, website testing has the same issue that online surveys do.  It is impossible for you to make $500 per day or even $30K a month like what Brittany is promising.

#4 Freelancing

The last module covers off Freelancing.  Freelancing allows you to make some money by offering your Gigs on Fiverr, which is a freelancing platform.

For example, if you are any good at writing or graphic design, you can offer writing services or graphic design services and get paid for your work.

It is possible for you to earn $500 a day through freelancing, but it is very hard.  It will take you time and effort to build up your freelance portfolio and move up the seller rank, so that you are able to get more work thrown your way.

So, again the problem is that you will not be able to start earning hundreds of dollars in just a few hours like what was promised in the sales video.

Oh yes, the worst part of 60 Minute Profit Plan is…

The training that you are provided with for methods 2, 3 and 4 only consist of a single video each and these videos are directly taken from YouTube.  Not only that, the video on Freelancing has even been taken down by the original uploader, so it doesn’t work.

It would be simpler and wouldn’t cost you anything, for you to just search on YouTube for videos relating to online surveys, website testing and freelancing.

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60 Minute Profit Plan Ugly Truths Revealed!

So, the reality is that this course is just charging you for information that you could access for FREE with a quick Google or YouTube search.  I am hoping at this point you can see why it is not worth investing your time or money into. 

But that is not where the problems end!  Take a look at a few of these facts…

#1 Fake Success Stories

In the sales video that Brittany talks through, she used 2 of her “students” as success stories for her product.

But let us show you what we have found.

Below are the screenshots we have taken directly from her sales video with “student’s” picture.   When I did a Google image search, I found out that both of their photos are actually stock images which have been used on a number of other websites as well:

Fake Success Story #1
Fake Success Story #2

The second image has been used on an adult dating website…

#2 Fake Testimonials

It isn’t just the success stories that are not real…

They are just actors that are offering their services via a freelance platform called Fiverr, which we mentioned earlier in the review.

Checkout the screenshots below:

fake testimonial 1
fake testimonial 2
fake testimonial 3

You will find that this technique is widely used by many scam artists, so hiring a fake spokesperson isn’t particularly new.

But we do find that after reviewing so many scam products, you notice some of the faces becoming very familiar.

Just remember, that if you do see any video testimonials online, keep in mind that it could be a fabricated testimonial.  Please don’t buy into any product just because of the testimonial you have seen, ok?

#3 Fake Social Proof

There is even more evidence that they are using FAKE “proof” to sell you their scam product.

You will find a screenshot below of the social proof section they have in their sales page, but the whole section is completely fabricated as well.

You know why?

Let’s take the first guy “Tony Jeffries” as an example.  This profile image can be found on other websites but with a different name, look:

Testimonial from

In this other testimonial, this person is called “Justin Morely”.  So, is he Tony or Justin?  The guy probably doesn’t have either name.  It is just another stock image and they make up the name for their scheme.

You will also find that you cannot like or comment on any of the so-called “LIVE Social Proof”.

#4 The Founder is Fake

It gets better, not only are the testimonials and social proofs fake, but we have found that the founder is not actually who you were told it was…

After doing a quick Google Image search, we found that Brittany Francis is just another fictional character and her photo is also just a stock photo!

Brittany Francis is Fake Owner

In fact, she has updated her sales video that the narrator doesn’t even introduce themselves with that name anymore or show this picture either. 

It shows too many people have found out the truth and that is why it has been taken down.

Like I said earlier, this program isn’t actually available at the moment, but any link will actually take you to a very similar program called “10X Profit Sites”.

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60 Minute Profit Plan Sales Funnel

60 Minute Profit Plan will cost you $37 upfront.  However, if you try to leave the page by moving your mouse cursor to the top of your screen, this popup will appear:

downsell $27

They will offer you a downsell with a 30% discount and charge you only $27.

But it shows that the owners math is not that good, as a 30% discount of $37 should be $25.90 and not $27, lol

Anyway, that isn’t the main point.  After you have bought the front-end product, they will immediately offer you a “Premium Version” upsell.  They claim this upgrade can help you make even more money online…

Upsell 1 $97

This first upsell that they present to you costs $97, you will notice that they are apparently only offering it to the first 5 people who see that page to make it seem like you have to buy it now…

After this first upsell, you will be bombarded with a second upsell, which again will cost you $97.

This one promises to help you 100X your earning potential, which is just a sales tactic to make you feel like you need it.

Pay Attention!  These two upsells are known as “one-click upsells”, which means that your credit card will be charged directly after you click the “get started” button. 

If you have bought the front-end product, they already have your credit card details and will take you clicking the button as authorisation to charge your card.  Be careful, it is easy to get caught out like this if you are not fully aware of what is going on.  It is a common scam technique, as you assume you are going to go to a checkout page, but they bypass that step completely.

What We Liked About 60 Minute Profit Plan

Here is what we liked about 60-Minute Profit Plan:

#1 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee

There were no benefits we could find other than the fact that there is a 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee, as it is hosted on ClickBank. 

What We Didn't Like About 60 Minute Profit Plan

I think we have covered off a lot of negative points about this product and it is pretty clear on what our opinion is of the 60 Minute Profit Plan, but let’s just summarise them for you here:

#1 Overhyped is an Understatement

  • The narrator in the sales video does not explain anything relating to how the product actually works
  • All she talked about what how much money you could make and that it would not require a lot of effort
  • Start making hundreds of dollars within an hour is simply impossible
overhyped program

#2 Very Low-Quality Training

  • The training that you get is only an hour’s worth of content
  • It only talks about the basics regarding Email Marketing
  • They just direct you to videos available for free on YouTube
  • One of the videos is not available and there are also invalid links

#3 Everything is FAKE!

Like we went through earlier, every single thing within this product is not real.  This includes:

  • The success stories
  • The testimonials
  • The social proof
  • And the founder

#4 Absolutely NO Support

It isn’t just that the training is really low-quality, but you can expect to get absolutely no support with getting started and towards earning any money.

#5 Unethical Marketing Methods

There is one other thing that we haven’t covered yet.  Within the product, there is a section where they also recommend another product:

recommended product - scam

If you click on this link to claim their highest recommended product, you will be taken to the AZ Code sales page.  It is another product we have reviewed, and it is also a scam product where the founder is unknown, and they have also hired actors for their testimonials.

We also believe that this link between the two is an affiliate link.  So, they will be making money from people who go and buy into another scam.

Bottom line, neither of these products will help you earn money and yet the owners are raking it in if people keep falling for their sales techniques.

Haven't Made Your First $1 Yet?

Studies have shown that more than 70% of the people who want to make money online have not made their first dollar yet. So, you’re not alone!

Is 60 Minute Profit Plan a Scam?

In a word, YES!

We firmly believe that 60 Minute Profit Plan is a scam.  There are those that want to sit on the fence and state that as you do get something for your money, it isn’t really a scam.  But that is BS!

When you factor in the unethical methods, they are using to convince people that this program will solve all of their money problems and the reality is that this product will not fulfil those promises.  You would still need to go and get other training and information to be able to start making money, it is wrong that they are giving you false promises.

All of the information they provide to you is available for FREE with a quick Google search.

Then you have to consider all the fake success stories, testimonials and fake owner.  In our opinion, this is enough to state that they are a complete scam.

To a point that it looks like the owners have moved on from the 60 Minute Profit Plan and any of their links go to a new program called 10X Profit Sites.  And I bet we will find a similar story when we check them out…

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Thanks for checking out our review.  If you have any questions or comments to add, then please write them in the comments section below. 😉

60 Minute Profit Plan

$37 + Upsells

Overall Rating



  • 60 Day Money-Back Guarantee


  • Overhyped
  • Low Quality Training
  • Fake Testimonials, Fake Success Story, Fake Owner
  • Zero Support
  • Unethical Marketing Methods

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