What’s Affiliate Marketing and How Does it Work? A Complete Guide!

What’s Affiliate Marketing and How Does it Work_

One of the most common questions we get asked is: What’s affiliate marketing and how does it work?  Well, we are always ready to help people understand exactly that, and we are always ready to help people get started with affiliate marketing.  Affiliate marketing can help you realise your goals and dreams of working from home and earning money.

Affiliate Marketing is an awesome way of starting an online business with the opportunity to earn money from literally any interest or passion you may have, and we will go through all the different elements of affiliate marketing to ensure you go away with the necessary information you need to go and get started.

What is Affiliate Marketing – The Basics of Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing involves 3 parties.  There is you, the affiliate.  There is the affiliate program, which is the company or product owner and then there is the customer (the buyer).

As an affiliate, you sign up and join an affiliate program.  This is what gives you the ability to promote a product or service via a blog or website, or on social media.

When you join an affiliate program, they give you a special link which is unique to you.  This link is what you would use when promoting a product or service, it also allows the affiliate program owner to track it when a buyer uses it to come and buy something.

If a buyer does follow that special link and goes and makes a purchase, you earn a commission.  This is typically a flat rate or a percentage of the product price.

Here is a handy flow chart, to make it easier to digest:

How Does Affiliate Marketing Work?

Amazon has one of the easiest affiliate programs to join, when starting out.  Amazon is the world’s largest marketplace; they also have used affiliate marketing since it started out as a bookstore.  There are many benefits to both the affiliate and the company to use affiliate marketing.

Their affiliate program is called Amazon Associates.

They offer over 500 million products, just think about it for a second.  That is a lot of products, it also shows the opportunity available to affiliate marketers.  There is a niche for anyone to explore within Amazon alone.

Whatever your hobby, interest or subject that you can help other people with – Amazon will have a product to offer within that niche for you to promote.

If you can drive someone from your website, social media account or an email sent out to your mailing list with affiliate links included within them and they go and make a purchase, let’s say a laptop – You will earn around 6% commission on that one purchase.  So, if a laptop costs $500, you just earned $30.

Laptop - Affiliate Marketing

That might not sound like a lot of money but think about how many people are buying laptops every day on Amazon.

If you were able to sell 10 laptops a day through your blog, that is $300.

That is with just one product, what if you were promoting 10 different laptops and you were able to sell 10 of each?

$500 x 100 = $5,000 a day

This honestly shows the reality of affiliate marketing, with only one example.  Now you know the basics of the Affiliate Marketing process, let’s talk a little about what that means for you, the Affiliate.

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Who Can Become an Affiliate Marketer?

In general, it is normally free to join an affiliate program.  There are a couple of examples where they may charge a small fee.  But this is usually to check you are a real person, and it is very rare.

It is also a sign for you to look out for when checking an affiliate program, to protect yourself from a scam.

Affiliate Programs should be free, companies benefit massively from affiliate programs as they only need to pay out if someone makes a purchase.  They benefit because you are introducing to them a customer.

If you find an affiliate program is charging what seems like a high fee, it is either a scam or a low-quality affiliate program.  I would keep away from these types of affiliate program.

Affiliate Programs are great, they are usually free to join as an affiliate, you get to promote every brand, product or service that is available online and you get to earn commission from doing it too.

Amazon alone, give you the opportunity to promote over 500 million products and services.

But do not think Amazon is your only option, there are literally thousands of affiliate programs out there.  With the right research, you will find tons available in whatever niche you can think of.

How Do Affiliate Programs Work?

An affiliate program is some software that allows affiliates to promote merchants and earn a commission.  This software tracks all clicks, transactions and works out the commission all automatically.

It allows you to manage payment details, etc and gives you a personal dashboard that gives you some really important data to improve your conversion rates.

Affiliate Program stats are automated and always accurate.  Companies work hard on making sure their affiliate program information is up to date for both themselves and you (the affiliate).

They also provide you some awesome information around what links are working better than others, giving you the opportunity to work on the ones that are not working well, to improve your money-making opportunity.

Affiliate Programs also offer you promotional stuff too – banners, widgets and even plugins to help you leverage your offers on your websites and social media.

The better the affiliate program, the better the promotional gear.

What is an Affiliate Network?

There are tons of independent affiliate programs, but it is sometimes easier to just sign up with an affiliate network.

Awin, for example is the largest affiliate network in the world and by having one account you will gain access to over 6,000 different companies and their product lists to promote.

There are plenty of affiliate networks, all with 100,000’s of companies and brands within them.  Joining a couple of affiliate networks, could save you a lot of time and effort that could be better utilised elsewhere.

Managing a couple of accounts is much easier than managing 100’s of accounts, right?

Some of the most popular Affiliate Networks are:

How Does an Affiliate Get Paid?

That is the great thing about Affiliate Marketing, they do not make it hard for you to get paid.  They want everything to work seamlessly for both the benefit of you and them.

There are a few things to consider with payments though, they all have different payment systems and often have different pay schedules.

But for the most part, expect them to pay you in US Dollars regardless of where you live in the world.

There are a few where you could get paid in your own currency, but for the most part it will be US dollars.

You will also have the options of payment gateways, like PayPal that will convert it into your local currency.

Payment could be received via the following options, depending on the affiliate program:

  • Cheque Payment
  • PayPal
  • Bank Transfer
  • Payoneer
  • Cryptocurrency

If we go back to our example of Amazon, Amazon Associates offers the option of Amazon giftcards or bank transfer.  Or Wealthy Affiliate, with which I am a member, pays primarily through PayPal.  But they still offer the option of Cheque payments.  But if you are earning enough, you can also get bank transfer.

If Affiliate Programs made it difficult for people to get paid, affiliate marketers would not use them.  They would be shooting themselves in the foot if they did that!

Would you promote a brand if you were struggling to get paid from them?

What is the Opportunity for an Affiliate?

The opportunities for an affiliate marketer are endless… The number of people buying online is growing at a fantastic rate.

But when people are buying stuff online, it is so different to when they go to a store to make a purchase.

If you go into a store today looking at a product, you can see the product first-hand, you can feel it and check it out and even ask someone from the store questions around that product.

Online, people are resorting to checking out product reviews.

What did other buyers who bought it think? Is there an in-depth review of the product online?  That is the opportunity regardless of the niche you choose.

By helping people with all of their questions about products or services within your niche, you will find the affiliate opportunity goes hand in hand with helping people.

If you know a lot about digital cameras, you could share your knowledge, experience and how to get the best out of digital cameras.  Including some great product reviews of certain cameras for people just starting out.

That is your opportunity to earn commissions, not from selling to people.  But by helping them.

Think about what you need from a blog owner to help you make a purchase decision?

Do you need someone who sells to you the best product, or do you need someone who helps you come to an all-rounded decision?  If you knew you were going to buy it, then you would not necessarily go into researching the product too much.  You are searching online, because you are unsure on whether that is the best option and what to consider with that.

What you need is someone who can help answer all of your questions about it, and then you can come to your own decision around going and buying it.

People need trust in you as an authority in that niche, then they will buy from you.  No need to sell, help them and that is where the true affiliate marketer will earn good money.

If you just fill up your website with a load of affiliate links without the helpful guides and product reviews, etc.  You will find that your readers will switch off very easily.  No readers, no commissions.

Where Can You Go to Start an Affiliate Business?

Wealthy Affiliate - Get Started with Affiliate Marketing

You might have decided that you want to get started in Affiliate Marketing, but you have no idea where to go to get started… This can make it hard, as there are literally tons of programs and learning tools all claiming to be the best.

The biggest problems come in the form that not all of them are related to affiliate marketing or are complete scams (and utter garbage).

Where Can You Get Started with Your Research?

I want to offer my help with speeding up your research into getting started with affiliate marketing.  There is a training platform that is by far the best option for someone just starting out and it stands out massively against the rest.

I have been learning and using this platform for the last couple of years and would not be where I am today with their fantastic training and tools.  That platform is called Wealthy Affiliate.

Expert Affiliate Marketers hang out within Wealthy Affiliate, managing their respective business and helping out people, just like you who are wanting to start their very own Affiliate Marketing business.

It is the only platform you need, to learn everything there is to know about Affiliate Marketing.

It also provides a safe environment where you can get all the tools, websites, web hosting, training and coaching to create and grow your business within affiliate marketing.

There are two membership options, the completely free starter membership and an advanced premium membership (as low as $29 a month).  But I personally recommend you try the starter membership.  This will allow you to fully check out the platform before making any purchasing decisions.

Free WA Starter Membership

Within the first few lessons, you will have your own Affiliate coach (Me), you will have chosen your niche and have a clear direction for your business.  You will have your own affiliate website complete with web hosting and access to training that will start your journey to becoming an expert within the affiliate marketing world.

I am here at any time to answer your questions, whether it be about Affiliate Marketing or Wealthy Affiliate. All you need to do is ask!  I am here to help anyone start their journey and will happily share my knowledge and experience to help you at any time.

Write any questions below and I will reply to you as soon as I can

Is Auto Affiliate Program a Scam? Steven Hall’s Unique Strategy Revealed

Is Auto Affiliate Program a Scam_ Steven Hall’s Unique Strategy Revealed

Can you really benefit from Steven Hall’s unique strategy for success with Affiliate Marketing, or is the Auto Affiliate Program a scam?  All is revealed in our full review.

With promises of creating a passive income stream in just 7 minutes, it seems too good to be true and, in all honesty, it is.

Unlimited passive income in 7 minutes?

We will reveal why we feel this product is not suitable for people just starting out and on that basis is a scam.

Product Overview & Rankings

Product Name: Auto Affiliate Program Is Auto Affiliate Program a Scam?

Owners: Steven Hall

Website URL: autoaffiliateprogram.com

Product Type: Done-For-You Affiliate Marketing Program

Price: $47/month

Best For:  More Experienced Marketer & The Owner

BestAffiliateMarketingTools.org Rating: 2/5

A Quick Auto Affiliate Program Summary

The Auto Affiliate Program is a rather unique affiliate marketing program.  It aims at making sales through giving out free eBooks.  But with the unrealistic claims and flaws, it makes it very difficult to make any money from it, especially if you are just starting out.

Recommended: No

Here is my top recommend program for beginners

What Exactly is Auto Affiliate Program?

The Auto Affiliate Program is a membership platform that claims to make you unlimited passive income by giving away free eBooks.  Created by a guy called Steven Hall, he makes some unfounded promises with his product.  Below is the sales video for Auto Affiliate Program:


To save you an hour of your life though, I will summarise how the Auto Affiliate Program works

How Does Auto Affiliate Program Work?

The concept of the Auto Affiliate Program comes from a statement Steven says in his sales video “Getting people to buy something is hard but giving something away for free is easy”.

Steven’s unique take on affiliate marketing is by giving away free eBooks with affiliate links included to your target audience.

If someone clicks on the link and makes a purchase, you earn a commission.

Now, on paper this looks like a good deal… But the biggest problem is how many of those people are going to actually read the eBook.  People have short attention spans and if you received a free 60-page eBook, are you really going to read it cover to cover.  In my experience, most will download it and it will sit in your downloads folder and never get opened.

eBooks have lost their appeal a little, as many internet marketers have abused it over the years.  When was the last time you took an eBook seriously?

The conversion rate is the biggest issue with the Auto Affiliate Program and is the thing that you need to make money from it.

eBooks are an old strategy, and not really current with how people work nowadays.

What You Get from Auto Affiliate Program

Once you sign up for the $47 monthly fee, you are granted access to their member’s area.  Where you also receive the following:

Done-for-You eBooks with professional cover designs

Done-for-You website, with eBook downloads links and affiliate links

Free Hosting for your website

Automatic Affiliate Links (these are embedded into your eBooks)

Done-for-You List Building Service

Website examples

All of the features within Auto Affiliate Program are focused on automation and done-for-you systems, the idea being you do not have to done much.  But in reality, you are given a free website with some free eBooks.

All you would need to go and do is promote your website and the eBook landing pages they provide you.

Steven tries his hardest to convince you that by investing in his program, you just sit back and watch the money roll in.  But I do not believe this is possible with this program, not in the slightest.  You will see why, when you see my pros and cons of this product in the next segments.

What is Good About Auto Affiliate Program (PROS)

Here is what we liked about it:

Done-For-You eBooks are Surprisingly Good

Not all done for you stuff is the quality you would like, but the Auto Affiliate Program has surprised us with making sure they are good quality.

They have a decent length to them, with an average of between 40-60 pages and the content has been well-written by professional writers.  The affiliate links are automatically incorporated and are in a natural way.

60-Day Money Back Guarantee

The Auto Affiliate Program is sold through ClickBank, so it is covered by ClickBank’s 60-Day Money Back guarantee.

Although, Steven does not mention any refund policy on his sales page, so it might be difficult or impossible to actually get a refund.

What Could Auto Affiliate Program Improve on? (CONS)

Here is what we didn’t like:

Duplicate Content

Whilst the done-for-you eBooks are fine, the done-for-you websites are not ok.  Steven’s done-for-you website is just a one-pager with all of the eBooks available for download.

Imagine if there are hundreds, or even thousands of Auto Affiliate Program members all using the exact same website.

This will lead to it not being unique and facing the duplicate content issues where search engines penalise websites with duplicate content on it.

It makes me wonder why Steve omitted this from his sales video, as beginners would not be aware of the duplicate content issue, until they have already paid and soon realise.

His only mention of getting traffic is through social media, which is not always effective.

Low Traffic & Conversion Rates

The main strategy that is to be used with Auto Affiliate Program is through sharing eBook links through social media… But unless you have a Facebook business page with a huge following, how do you expect to shift these eBooks.

Even if you have that huge following, you will find that sharing these eBook links will have a low conversion rate.

You will find yourself in a fortunate position if someone does go through and make a purchase.

You Are Tied into Using Their System

Once you start using their system, you are stuck paying them $47 a month.  Everything that is part of their platform is around making you totally reliant on this platform.

You will find that your website is hosted by them, your email list is by them, they help you insert affiliate links, etc.

What if this system was closed down, you would find you are left with nothing to show for it?

You will also have found you have not learned anything running an affiliate marketing business.

Is Limited to Only 12 Niches

There are only 12 niches covered with eBooks in Auto Affiliate Program.  So, if your chosen niche is not listed, you will find this will not be of any benefit to you.

12 niches only

Promises Steve Cannot Keep!

If you actually look at the Auto Affiliate Program’s sales page.  There are just unrealistic promises that Steve cannot keep:

Fully Automate Passive Income for Life?

Set Up the System in 7 Minutes, Money for the rest of your life?

Follow a simple step-by-step video and You don’t have to do anything ever?

There are just too many promises that I don’t believe anyone could believe or actually promise with a product online.

My Honest Opinion of Auto Affiliate Program?

From a beginners point of view, Auto Affiliate Program is a complete scam.  A beginner will lack the necessary knowledge to actually make any money from this platform.  You will find that you just end up paying $47 a month hoping it works.

Without knowing how to drive traffic to your sales pages, you will not earn anything.

It is a typically sales technique to convince you that you need this product and hand over the money.

If you are a more experience marketer, you might benefit from the quality eBooks on offer in this platform.  As you already have a traffic source, you could leverage these eBooks quite effectively.

There is also the factor around the eBooks, they are losing their effectiveness.  Most websites are offering a free eBook in exchange for an email address, this brings into question the sustainability of Steven’s strategy.

Auto Affiliate Program at a Glance

Product Name: Auto Affiliate Program

Owners: Steven Hall

Website URL: autoaffiliateprogram.com

Product Type: Done-For-You Affiliate Marketing Program

Price: $47/month

Best For: More Experienced Marketer & The Owner

Recommended: No

BestAffiliateMarketingTools.org Rating: 2/5

Verdict: Not Recommended for Beginners

If you are serious about starting an affiliate marketing business, then you need to right training and support to be successful and not a low-quality product like this one.  We recommend Wealthy Affiliate as our No.1 Recommended Products for those looking to earn money online through Affiliate Marketing.

With the quality training, help and support they can help anyone achieve their goals of making money online.  Check out my full Wealthy Affiliate review, to learn more.

If you have any questions or thoughts to add to my review, please write them in the comments below.  Thanks, John

How to Start a Blog and Make Money for Beginners

How to Start a Blog and Make Money for Beginners

If you have been looking into how to start a blog and make money, then you have come to the right place.

A few of the common factors that stop people starting a blog is they think they lack the technical skills and knowledge to be able to – I want to stop you right there and say anyone can start a blog these days.  Even if you only have basic computer skills, that will not stop you.  If you have the right training and support, anything is possible.

I want to you shed any thoughts like that, YOU can become a blogger that makes money even if you have no idea of how to get started.  That is where I want to help you out.  I will show you how simple it is to get started with a blog, and the important steps you need to take to make it profitable too.

Affiliate Disclaimer: Please Note, this post may contain affiliate links.  This will only be from products we recommend, please read my disclaimer for more info.

What is a Blog?

If you search online for what exactly a blog is, it will come back with results about it being a website that gets regularly What is a Blogupdated and is written in an informal style.  But in essence, the key to a great blog is engaging with your audience.  The way to do that is to start a blog on a subject that you are already familiar with or by picking a passion you have.

But if you want a prime example of a blog website, then you are already on one.  Gem and I started this blog website to help others find their own way to making money online via a blog website and affiliate marketing.

The best thing about picking a subject you already have an interest in or are passionate about it is, you will not find it difficult to create new content as you help others and engage with others who are also interested in the same interest as you.

How to Start a Blog?

Before you can make money from a blog, the first steps you need to take are about starting that blog.  We just talked about picking a subject you are already interested in.  I want to dig a little deeper into that, for a very good reason.

But first, the thing you need to consider when starting a blog is being realistic about the timescales required to get it to the point where it is making money.

Blogging is a great way of earning money online, but if you think this will happen in a couple of weeks or even months, then I hate to disappoint you but that is being totally realistic.

SO, why does picking a subject that you are already interested in help?

It is a massively important decision when choosing the topic of your website, because you are going to have to work hard and engage into that blog every day, whether you choose a travel blog, a make money online blog, a blog on parenting, etc.

You are going to have to write consistently to get it noticed, because without traffic your blog will not make any money.

To get that traffic, you need to create a lot of content and prove to the search engines your blog deserves to be at the top of the search results.

But imagine if you picked a subject that you had little knowledge or interest in, but you chose it because someone said it was profitable.  Do you honestly think you can stay motivated writing articles about a subject you have no interest in, when you are in the early stages where a blog isn’t making money?

Another factor to consider is, your audience will also realise you lack the knowledge or interest in a subject really easily through your writing, and this will lead to them not staying on your website for you to make money.

Now, turn that completely around… 

If you chose a subject you absolutely loved, already have some knowledge in and would love to learn more around that subject.

Whatever that subject, I would find that come out in your writing.  I would feel like you are a real authority in that area and trust your opinions enough to give you the opportunity to make money.

That is the opportunity I present to you around starting your own blog.  You need to become an authority in whatever niche you choose.

Become an Authority with a Niche Website.

There is a little more to it than just picking a subject, the main reason is if you start too broad in a subject, you will find it extremely hard to break into it.

But if you narrow that search down to as narrow as you can and start in a smaller market of it you will find it much easier to break into the market and get that all-important traffic to your blog.

Let’s use an example, to break this down.  If we took the subject photography, there are so many different types of photography:

Portrait Photography, Landscape Photography, Wedding Photography, Travel Photography, etc.

Just picking the loose subject Photography would make it extremely hard to become an authority

We would be up against all websites that are associated with photography and we would be lost in the ocean without a chance of ever getting to land.

What if we used just a smaller section of the photography market, and focused more on wedding photography?

We have narrowed this down, but I ask you “do you think we have narrowed it down enough?”

Think of the term, it is still too broad.

Are we offering wedding photography services or teaching people how to capture wedding photography?

Now, if we narrowed it down to a blog that was targeting the audience that are looking to “learn how to capture wedding photography” that is a better starting point.

Whatever the subject you love and want to start a blog in, the more you can narrow down the target audience, the better the chance you have of being successful and turning a profit.

Another example, which seems quite popular is travel blogging.  That term is quite broad again, narrow it down as far as you can.  It could be “essential tips for a travel blogger”.

Picking a niche is the first important step to starting a blog, if you think you are ready to get started with your own niche (authority) website you can create a free blog website in the box below.  Check if your chosen website name is free now!

Once you have a blog up and running, you need to work on getting an audience.  Only then will you have the opportunity to make money from it.

Why Your Blog Needs an Audience to Make Money?

Having your own blog website is a fantastic thing and is a great way of connecting with others in your niche.  But before Why Your Blog Needs an Audience to Make Moneyyou can start thinking about making money from your website blog, it needs to have an audience with which to engage with and show offers to make money.

We will get into the detail about how to make money from your blog later on in the article but imagine if you had a travel blog and were advertising a holiday comparison website on your blog.  If no one sees that ad, you have no chance of making any money.  That is why you need an audience; you need plenty of traffic coming to your blog before having an chance of earning a living from that blog.

So, how do you get that all important traffic??

How to Get That All Important Traffic to Your Blog!

IF you start searching for how to get traffic to your blog, you will be inundated with all kinds of systems that generate free traffic for you, some of which are scams or low quality traffic systems that require you to pay and all you get is bots visiting your website.  But bots will not earn you money.

No, the best strategy for your blog to get traffic is – Creating High Quality Content that Helps Others!

Think about why you searched for the term “How to Start a Blog and Make Money for Beginners?”  You were looking for help with that.

If you find this article useful, then I have achieved what I set out to do.  Helping people start a blog and make money!

With every article you write on your blog, you want to be helping answer a question or solve a problem and that is by the far the best strategy to get free traffic through the search engines.

Google is constantly looking for content that helps people with their questions, if you answer a question (without selling) and it is an engaging article, that is how you rank at the top of the search engines where the traffic starts to seriously flow.

The best spot to be to get a lot of traffic is at the top of the search results for Google.  If you can get there, that is where you are an authority in your niche and can really turn helping people into a money-making opportunity.

Start Making Money with Your Blog

Let’s just cover off what we have been going through so far:

Pick a Niche – choose a niche that you are already interested in and can thoroughly get onboard with writing regular content in.

Create a Blog Website – This will become the foundation for your online blog and will allow you to become a true authority in your chosen niche and expand into engaging your audience on social media, etc.

Help People with Awesome Content – Create High-Quality Content that helps people.  Answer Questions, Write How-to Guides, Write Product Reviews and generally engaging content in and around your niche.

Doing all of this will attract traffic to your blog and leads us nicely into two great and easy ways to start making money from you blog.

Our Personal Favourite – Affiliate Marketing

One of the best ways for a blogger to make money from their blog is via Affiliate Marketing. It might seem like a weird term, but it is a really simple way of making money by recommending products and earning a commission if someone goes and buys it.

Let’s go back to our travel blog example to show how it works:

You have a travel blog, and you are writing an article on the “best travel pillows for when flying abroad”.  You write a detailed and informed article on the best travel pillows.  As an affiliate partner of Amazon, you could include some links within your articles for your readers to go and buy these pillows (via Amazon) from your blog.

You readers decide to follow your recommendation on the best travel pillow and follow your (affiliate) link and go and buy it from Amazon.  Guess what, you have just earned a commission from one of your readers going and buying that product.  You have helped them with their purchase, and you are rewarded with a percentage of the sale price.

That is how simple Affiliate Marketing works.

How Does Affiliate Marketing Work

Whilst the premise of affiliate marketing is simple, it does take hard work as this will not be possible without an audience coming to your website.

But is by far the most popular way for people making money online, because it allows people to explore something that they are really interested in and there is an affiliate program out there too.

The key is to help people and not sell to people.  If people were ready to buy, they would just go straight to Amazon.  They come to a blog because they want to check out the products before buying it.

Instore it is easy to go up and touch the product and have a look.  Online, they need to check reviews and that is the power of the right product review on a blogger’s website.

If you would like to learn more about affiliate marketing, our “How Does Affiliate Marketing Really Work” guide is for you.

Selling Ad Space on Your Blog

Once you have that traffic to your blog, you can then start utilising some of the space you have on your website.  Whilst adverts on a website are not everyone’s cup of tea, they are a way of monetising your website.

Google AdSense is a great starting place for bloggers as they do not impose that many restrictions on your joining.  But know that you will require some traffic to be able to apply for their program.  You will also need to have a lot of visitors to make this a lucrative way of earning money – Affiliate Marketing is much better route.

But when you start to get some serious traffic, you can then explore other ad networks, such as MediaVine who do pay top money for ads.  But you need at least 25k sessions a month to be able to benefit from them.

My advice would be to start a blog, utilise affiliate marketing and add the ad networks when you are starting to get traffic.

If you seriously want to start a blog and make money from it, then I highly suggest you get some expert help and support for every step of the way:

Get Expert Help & Support Every Step of the Way!

I would not be where I am today without help and support.  I will not lie to you; Blogging is hard work.  It is fun, but it is hard work.  There are elements of it that I have not covered in detail in this post, for example keyword research, or search engine optimisation that are all essential to get your blog up and running and find the traffic you need to be able to make money from your blogging.

Get Expert Help & Support

It is no fun if you have a blog that nobody sees, so here is where I want to offer my help and support with a training platform that will take you through every step of the way from:

  • Starting your own Blog Website
  • Learning How to Build it
  • How to Make it Look just how you want it to look,
  • Make it Google Friendly
  • Getting Traffic
  • Ultimately Monetising it

There is no need to do this on your own, if you really want to find success with blogging you will find no better training platform than Wealthy Affiliate.  Their free starter membership includes 2 free websites, 10 free lessons on how to start your blog and how you will make money with it, how to pick the right niche for you and many other exciting factors to starting a blog.

You will also gain direct access to myself as an affiliate guide, here is a link to my profile page on WA.  You will also gain access to a community of over 1 million other bloggers.

Some who are already making money, some who are just like you and getting started.  Either way, you will be amazed at what you can learn and where your website could be in a year’s time.

Do not be worried about what you know and what you do not know, Kyle (WA Co-Owner) has created an amazing training course that will take you through every step of the way to creating your website.

Before I had joined, I didn’t have a clue about building a website, or even what affiliate marketing was.  I didn’t even think my writing was any good, but that improves with time and the right training.

I must stress, blogging is not for everyone.  I am not trying to put you off, but many bloggers fail in their goals of making money and do you want to know the main reason why.

Why Bloggers Often Fail – They Give Up too Soon!

That’s right, their expectations of how quickly affiliate marketing or ads on a blog can make them money.  This website isWhy Bloggers Fail - They give up too soon only 6 months old, I started it to help people get started the right way, but I have only just started to get genuine traffic to it and that is a realistic timescale to expect in a competitive niche like this one.

What I am trying to say is, the best advice I can give for when you decide to start a blog is work hard, stay focused and set yourself non-financial goals to start with.  My initial goals were all about being able spend more time with my family.  That kept me driven, even though my first website was not making any money.  But if I had given up in month 5, I would not have seen affiliate marketing work in month 6.

Why Do You Want to Start a Blog?

I know it is to make money, but I think that our perception of making money online has been offset by all of the products out there that promise you can earn thousands of dollars overnight.

I have yet to find a genuine one that can do it, but until you fully delve into the online world you cannot always appreciate all of the scams out there and the fact is, you cannot make quick money online.

If you are in the binary options trading world, you may be able to but that is a gamble if you haven’t got a clue, like me.

If I had been only thinking about the money, I would have given up a long time ago.  Give yourself a secondary motivation and my advice is “You want to help people in my niche”.

I started this blog to help people avoid the scams out there and find the right ways to make money online for them.

I love helping people, I may make money if people follow my recommendations and that is the basics of affiliate marketing.  But I am helping people, whether they do it or not.

I also keep in my mind that if I achieve my goals, I will have more time to spend with my son growing up and helping more people too.

Don’t lose the fact you want to earn money, but the importance of other goals is just as important.

And when that first dollar sale comes through, you will get excited, we all do.

Just remember, if you can earn a dollar, you can earn $1000.

But without the right training and support, you will find it much harder to succeed.

Start a Blog, Get the Right Training & Support Here

If you are still with me and are serious about starting a blog with the goals of working from home and earning money from it, you will find no better platform than Wealthy Affiliate.  They have helped thousands of people achieve those exact goals, but you need to commit to the following to be successful:

Work Hard – Spend time learning and putting into practice everything you have learned

Stay Consistent – Set daily, weekly and monthly goals and achieve them

Ask Loads of Questions – Whether that be direct to me, or to the WA community.  No question is a silly question, because it is about clarifying your understanding.

Do Not Give Up – This is the most important one, there will be times when you think it isn‘t working.  That is the point where you contact me and ask me for some advice, or just a chat to ensure you stay motivated and can see it through.

The biggest one is to NOT GIVE UP, if you ever feel like your blog isn’t right or you are stuck with what to write about, or anything at all.  That is when you message me within Wealthy Affiliate and go “John, I need help!”

That is what you sometimes have to do and guess what – I will be there to help you out!

If you can learn and implement everything you can and stay focused, you will find that within a week you will have built your own website that is ready for the search engines and has already got content on it.

If you can achieve all that within a week, where do you think you could be in 6 months’ time?

Wealthy Affiliate is a great platform with training, tools and support all on offer, if you would like to learn a little more here is a link to my detailed review. (My Wealthy Affiliate Review)

If you feel you are ready to get started with your very own blog website and can commit to building an online business for your future, then why not sign up for a free starter membership with Wealthy Affiliate.

Free Wealthy Affiliate Starter Membership

Unlike others, you are not required to enter credit card details or pay anything, the starter membership is to give you a full insight into what Wealthy Affiliate has to offer.

If you still have any questions about monetising your blog or getting started, or Wealthy Affiliate itself please write them in the comments below and I will get back to your as soon as we can.

Thanks for reading, John

Is Private Cash Sites a Scam? Are the Promises of $10k a Month Outrageous?

Is Private Cash Sites a Scam_ Are the Promises of $10k a Month Outrageous_

Another day and another brand-new money-making system promising a way of “legally stealing 3 business that generate 3 to 7 checks a week…” Is Private Cash Sites a scam, we will go through all of the reasons why we feel this product is one to avoid and is a system where the only goal for the owners is that you spend your money.

Their promises of earning $10k a month via a ‘done-for-you’ system is outrageous and overly exaggerated, and I will go through exactly why in my review.

Private Cash Sites Overview & Rankings

Product Name: Private Cash Sites Private Cash Sites Sales Page

Owners: Josh??

Website URL: https://www.privatecashsites.co

Product Type: Affiliate Marketing (Loosely)

Price: $47 + Upsells

Best For: The owners

BestAffiliateMarketingTools.org Rating: 1/5

A Quick Private Cash Sites Summary

With over-hyped and misleading claims in their sales videos, this product will only harm an affiliate marketers’ chances of earning money not help it.  Utilising duplicate websites will lead to only being able to rely on paid traffic which is a gamble for a beginner straightaway.  They also tell you they will rent or sell your information too.  Not a great product, one to be avoided.

Recommended: NoHere's my top recommended program for beginners

What Exactly is Private Cash Sites?

Private Cash Sites is an online system with promises of learning the secret to earning $10k a month online, with no experience and only 10 minutes of work…  Now, that for a start has me thinking it is a scam already but let’s carry on.

It states it is a super easy system anyone can use, with no experience.  The headline of the system is that you will be “legally stealing 3 businesses that easily generate 3 to 7 checks per week”.

Can you legally steal 3 businesses?

From this point it looks like you will be earning money straight away from these established businesses, all you need to do is hand over $47 for the privilege.

This makes it go in line with a typical get-rich-quick scam. AS it promises all the hard work is done for you, and all you need to do is turn it on.

Put that together with the fact you can find out little about who is the actual owner of the product, I have seen a number of names come up when doing my research.

This does not put this product in a good light at all.

Who Does Private Cash Sites Benefit?

Honestly, I would not suggest this product benefits anyone.  It lacks any real value and is an easy way to finding you have paid $47 to find out the product is a scam with upsells chucked into the mix.

How Does Private Cash Sites Work?

The sales video states that you will be learning how to make money online through affiliate marketing.  Now whilst I feel this product is not worth your time or money, Affiliate Marketing is definitely something to look into as it is a great way to make money online.  Just don’t expect any program like this one to teach you anything of benefit.  You need the right training platform to make affiliate marketing successful.  We recommend Wealthy Affiliate, learn more in my review.

Now, back to Private Cash Sites.  The idea is you hand over your $47 and you are provided with 3 done-for-you business ready to make you money…

These 3 online affiliate marketing businesses are basically websites that promote 3rd party products in return for a commission.

At this point, the premise around affiliate marketing businesses working is great. But the Private Cash Sites program is not.

The claims that you can just copy, or “steal” online businesses are false, there are some serious implications to it.  We will go through them shortly.

But that isn’t the best of it, you hand over the $47 to get these 3 businesses and actually find you don’t actually get access to them.  You gain some “taster” information and you have to pay more to get the done-for-you websites.

The other important factor to consider is that anyone who does sign up for the Private Cash Sites will gain the same websites.

Why You Won’t Make Money with Private Cash Sites…

Nowadays, it is so easy for anybody to build a professional looking website.  You could have a website up and running in minutes. (You can also get a website free, with our guide here).

But having a website alone is not enough to make money from it.

In order to make money from your affiliate offers, you need people to actually visit your website.  This is called traffic; without a decent amount of traffic you will not make money.

This is where the Private Cash Site system falls down, this step is missing from the program.

You will get a done-for-you website through the PCS system, but as every member will receive the same website and the same content; it means you will all have the same website and the same content, and this is bad when it comes to gaining traffic.

Search Engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo do not like duplicate content, and they will not list duplicate websites in their search results.  Traffic comes from these search engines, so how do you make money if you are not receiving any traffic to your website.

This is where the Private Cash Site system claims to have an answer, they will point you in the direction of paid advertising to promote these websites instead.

Now, paid traffic can work but expect to pay a lot of money in trial and error to get your campaigns just right to be able to cover the costs through your affiliate sales.

Even if you get your strategy right, you will be totally reliant on paid traffic as your website will never rank in the search engines.

It can be very tricky to turn a profit using paid ads and you will be losing money.

Starting your own affiliate marketing website with your own content, gaining organic traffic from the search engines is a much better strategy for a beginner.  You will not gain this through Private Cash Sites, but you can through the excellent training platform Wealthy Affiliate.

You can get your own free website with training on how to get free visitors from the search engines which can make you money.

If you truly want to make good money online, I recommend you join a supportive platform like Wealthy Affiliate over a site like Private Cash Sites.

What is Good About Private Cash Sites (PROS)

Here is what we liked about it:

60-Day Money Back Guarantee

The Private Cash Sites system is covered by Click Bank’s 60-day money back guarantee.

Basic Affiliate Marketing Training

You will learn a little around affiliate marketing, but as they rely on paid traffic it would not benefit a beginner.

What Could Private Cash Sites Improve on? (CONS)

Here is what we didn’t like:

Misleading Income Claims – Full-Time Income Claims?

I have yet to find a system where you can be earning $10k+ within 30 days, without any work.  It is clearly misleading and would require a hefty paid ads budget to get anywhere near any sales, let alone $10k.

The sales video is just overhyping the product, another sign of a low-quality scam.  Don’t get me wrong affiliate marketing can lead to a full-time income, but it takes time and effort and a lot of work.  No system can do that in that timeframe, believe me I have looked.

They Will Rent or Sell Your Data!!

Whenever researching a product, it is always worth checking out their disclaimers, and I was alarmed to discover that when you read the PCS disclaimer, it states that “you agree to us renting or selling your data”.

Private Cash Sites will rent or sell your data

That is a big no-no, and a clear sign that the owners do not care about you or whether you make money.  They are out there to make themselves money only.  Trust is a big factor for me, and this is clearly not a trust-worthy owner!

Not a New Product – Just a Rehash of another Scam!

IN the video it claims to be a brand-new product, but again in the disclaimer it refers to a program called Explode My Payday.  Private Cash Sites or Explode my payday?

That was another scam, and it clearly shows the owners behind PCS are those behind that scam too.  Again, if you follow the link in the disclaimer it takes you to another scam called “Your Freedom Mentor”.

Once scams get rumbled, they just change slightly with no thoughts on the consumer.

Hidden Upsells

Don’t think that the $47 is all that you need to spend.  Affiliates of this product can earn commissions of up to $273 per customer, so what upsells are in this product for people to spend over $300 for affiliates to earn commission from…?

There is also the cost of these websites, which are not included in the initial cost. Don’t forget the cost of using paid ads to gain traffic too.  It will all add up.

My Honest Opinion of Private Cash Sites – Is Private Cash Sites a Scam?

I would definitely warn people against this type of product.  You will receive very little value from this type of business venture and be totally reliant on paid traffic.  In my humble opinion, I would say that this product is a scam and only benefits the owners of the product.  Not many done-for-you systems turn out to be very good, especially when it comes to duplicate content.

The owners are lying to people within their sales videos and use misleading figures and overhype to create a buzz that you feel like you must buy this product and be earning $10k within 30 days.

If that was possible, I believe all bloggers and affiliate marketers would be using this tact.

Why aren’t they?  

Well, there is a big aspect of trust when it comes to promoting affiliate offers and I don’t see how anyone who uses this can have credibility.

I just do not see how anyone who signs for the Private Cash Sites system would end up coming out turning a profit.

You will not come out with any knowledge or skills to extend this to your own website and affiliate marketing business.  You will walk away with nothing but an empty pocket and have to start your business again.

If you truly want to get started online and make good money, you can actually get started for free, with great training at Wealthy Affiliate.  Learn more in my thorough WA review.

Private Cash Sites at a Glance

Product Name: Private Cash Sites Private Cash Site

Owners: Josh??

Website URL: https://www.privatecashsites.co

Product Type: Affiliate Marketing (Loosely)

Price: $47 + Upsells

Best For: The Owners

Recommended: No

BestAffiliateMarketingTools.org Rating: 1/5

Verdict: Not Recommended, Just a Way to Lose Money

Thanks for reading my Private Cash Sites review, if you are tired of finding scams out there then maybe it is time to look for ways to make money online properly.

Affiliate Marketing is a great way of earning money online, one which I am currently doing now.  But the biggest concept you need to get your head around right now is… there is no quick way of earning money online.  Sorry to say it, but any product like this that promises quick returns is not worth your time.

You need to invest a lot of time and effort into an affiliate marketing business to see the results at the other end.  But without the right training, support and tools you will find this much harder.

That is why we recommend Wealthy Affiliate; it is the training platform I joined a couple of years ago and that has allowed me to earn money online.

Check out my review and see if a free starter membership is right for you.  Get onto the right path towards achieving your goals of making money online.  The only thing getting in your way is your own expectations.  Stay realistic and you will achieve your goals.

If you have any questions about the Private Cash Sites or anything in general, please write them in the comments below and we will definitely get back to you as soon as we can.

AffiliateTuber Review – Does it Really Teach How to Profit from YouTube?

AffiliateTuber Review – Does it Really Teach How to Profit from YouTube?

Welcome to my AffiliateTuber review, we will be delving into all of the details of this training product and letting you know our opinions on it and whether it is actually worth your time and money.

If you have been looking into making money online through YouTube, then you will find that Chris Derenberger’s training program is all about doing just that.  But is AffiliateTuber able to help you achieve that or is it just another online scam…  Let’s jump in and show you what we found out.

Affiliate Disclaimer: Please Note, this post may contain affiliate links.  This will only be from products we recommend, please read my disclaimer for more info.

AffiliateTuber Overview & Rankings

Product Name: AffiliateTuber AffiliateTuber Review

Owners: Chris Derenberger

Website URL: Affiliatetuber.com

Product Type: Youtube & Affiliate Marketing Training Platform

Price: $37/month + Upsells

Best For: Mid to Experienced Affiliate Marketers

BestAffiliateMarketingTools.org Rating: 4/5

A Quick AffiliateTuber Summary

AffiliateTuber offers some good training for those looking to get into Video Marketing, specifically with YouTube. High-Quality Videos access to Chris Derenberger helps score this product quite highly.  My recommendation would be more for those who already have a grasp of Affiliate Marketing, rather than those looking to get started in the business. A good investment for those looking to expand their brand to YouTube.

Recommended: Yes, for those with some experience

Get Started with Affiliate Marketing

What Exactly is AffiliateTuber?

One thing I am sure of when it comes to affiliate marketing is that video marketing is going to be a huge factor going forward, more and more people are consuming videos rather than reading articles.  It is something I need to get better at, but Chris Derenberger has created this course to help those who want to get into or improve themselves in video marketing with AffiliateTuber.

AffiliateTuber is an online video training course, which teaches you how to profit from YouTube videos using Affiliate Marketing.

Chris Derenberger has established himself really well within YouTube and this program is Chris sharing his knowledge and experience through it.

Chris has created over 40 high-quality videos that go through the main steps to setting yourself up as an authority within YouTube and monetising your YouTube channel for profit.

Whilst it is an in-depth course, do not expect notes to come along with the video.  This is predominantly all about over-the-shoulder video trainings so you can see how Chris does it, but some notes to go along with it would have been nice to help you move along as you strike to emulate what Chris does.

Who Does AffiliateTuber Benefit?

Whilst on the face of it, it looks like it would benefit anyone looking to get into Video Marketing.  But this program will only teach you around video marketing and you need a broader brand to be able to chase different paths.  If you are an already established affiliate marketer, then AffiliateTuber might be the next step in your business to get successed within YouTube.

But if you are a beginner, putting all your eggs in one basket can and might fail you.  I would actually recommend a different training program like Wealthy Affiliate where you can gain extensive knowledge within Affiliate Marketing before going down this road of paying $37/month for a program where I feel it is for a mid to experienced Affiliate Marketer range.

There are a couple of elements from this training that put me off for a beginner, for example Launch Jacking.  This is about promoting products that haven’t come out yet.  The idea is you review a product about to launch (but you gain no access to the product, so how can you review it). These reviews are typically over positive with apparently no flaws.  People are cautious around these types of reviews and it can harm your brand.  But if you are new and don’t know these things you could get caught up with the hype around this product and end up losing money.

That is why I would suggest someone who already has an affiliate marketing business and is ready to get YouTube right for their overall brand and not rely solely on it.

How Does AffiliateTuber Work?

AffiliateTuber comes with over 40 high-quality video training modules and tools aimed at setting yourself up as a YouTube authority.  You might be wondering what that means.  But in short, being informed and consistent will build up an authority in any niche.  It just takes time.

There are 5 main steps in the program: Course Content for AffiliateTuber

Researching Niches & Keywords

Setting up Your YouTube Channel

Building Authority to Your Channel

Optimising & Uploading Videos

SEO & Ranking Videos in Google & YouTube

Once you have signed into your account, you can access to:

The training videos Additional Content for AffiliateTuber

Live Case Studies

How to Find Profitable Affiliate Products to Promote

Bank Big with Launch Jacking

Discounted Pricing on YouTube Ranking Services

Access to Chris’s Keyword Tool

Access to Monthly Bonuses (examples include keyword lists, local videos, etc.)

Access to a VIP Facebook Group

There does seem a lot of value to be had from this product, but again I am a little concerned about a beginner starting out with these methods without fully understanding the concepts. Also, if you have watched all the videos within the first month – you find that you are paying the monthly fee to gain access to the Keyword tool and his RSS Submitter tool which you could find better alternatives which include more value too.

What is Good About AffiliateTuber (PROS)

Here is what we liked about it:

Step-by-Step Quality Training Videos

Watching the steps, you need to take with Chris’s over-the-shoulder type videos does make it much easier to follow and implement the steps.  We also found that the videos were full of quality content and really goes into the detail.

I have seen many training videos that were low-quality and were hard to follow, so it was a refreshing change.

60-Day Money Back Guarantee

Whilst I personally feel this product isn’t for beginners, you can always make your own assessment with the 60-day money back guarantee offered.

Sharing Chris’s Experience

These videos and tools are where you gain all of Chris’s experience and that is not to be sniffed at, Chris always ranks really well on YouTube and he shares it willing and also engages with the members of the VIP Facebook Page.

What Could AffiliateTuber Improve on? (CONS)

Here is what we didn’t like:

Hidden Costs

Whilst this product is genuine and offers some great value training for getting started with YouTube, the $37 a month is only a starting point.  There are upsells towards other products that Chris uses such as Content Samurai and TubeBuddy.  I am not saying these products are not worth the price, they are both genuine and come recommended.  But, just expect these to be introduced to you at some point.

Training is Only Available in Video Format

Most may not find this an issue, but everyone is different and the fact it comes with no written training to go alongside the videos may be an issue for some.

No Free Trial

It does have the 60-day money back guarantee with it, however proving you haven’t found it of value is sometimes hard to prove.  The only way you can test the product out is by paying the initial $37 for the first month.

How Much Does AffiliateTuber Cost?

At first glance the price comes in at $37 a month, but if you factor in the upsells that are pushed your way, Content Samurai comes in $47 a month or £397 a year.

Content Samurai is a tool to create videos for your YouTube channel.  Looking at it, it looks like a great tool for a YouTuber and definitely something that you may consider in the future, but it does add to the monthly cost of your business.

TubeBuddy starts out free as a chrome extension, but it does cost as you reach a certain stage of your YouTube channel.

My Honest Opinion of AffiliateTuber – Can you Benefit from AffiliateTuber?

First off, let’s clarify that AffiliateTuber is not a scam.  It is a detailed video marketing training platform that would benefit you if you are looking into creating your own YouTube Channel.  Video Marketing is a big thing and will continue to be the way forward for those looking for ways to make money online.

The step-by-step training is easy to follow and so, yes it can definitely benefit you.  Having said that, I wonder what value the keyword research tool is to stay a member past the month stage.

You could easily watch all the training videos and follow the steps, but what value are you going to get for your monthly fee?  I cannot answer that; it makes me wonder if it is.

One other thing that has affected my overall score is the fact it only really touches on affiliate marketing and doesn’t go into the detail like Wealthy Affiliate does.  WA training includes all aspects of creating an affiliate marketing business including Video Marketing, with the added value of offering website hosting, keyword tools, website engagement tools as well as weekly live Webinars, etc.

Learning video marketing is important, but I believe this training only provides part of the puzzle and a beginner would benefit more from Wealthy Affiliate, than they would from this product yet.

If you are an already established Affiliate Marketer, my advice would be different, and I would say this training could help you out with your Video Marketing.

Affiliate Marketing works, but I would recommend you have multiple branches to your business, in case one falls down.  If you put all of your eggs into a YouTube channel and cannot break into the market well enough, you are stuck.  If YouTube is only part of your brand and you find Instagram is a better introduction to your affiliate links, then you know which one to focus on.

That is why we recommend Wealthy Affiliate to beginners – training that will expertly teach you everything you need to know to progress with an affiliate marketing business.

AffiliateTuber at a Glance

Product Name: AffiliateTuber AffiliateTuber Review

Owners: Chris Derenberger

Website URL: Affiliatetuber.com

Product Type: YouTube & Affiliate Marketing Training Platform

Price: $37/month + Upsells

Best For: Mid to Experienced Affiliate Marketers

Recommended: Yes, for those with some experience

BestAffiliateMarketingTools.org Rating: 4/5

Verdict: Recommended, to the Right Affiliate Marketer

Affiliate Marketing is a great way of making money online, but there are certain elements that I would never have been able to grasp without the training I received from Wealthy Affiliate.

Writing blog posts, like this one can easily generate affiliate commissions without the need of creating YouTube videos until you are ready.  There is much more than just recording a video that goes into it.

If you are willing to work hard and stay determined, you will soon be earning your financial goals.  Wealthy Affiliate offers great training on all aspects of an online business, and you can learn more in my full review.  Check it out by pressing the button below:

Free WA Starter Membership

Thanks for taking the time to read my review.  I would love to hear your opinion on this product; have you got any experience with it, what did you think?  Let me know in the comments and I will get back to you as soon as I can.  thanks

The 4 Percent Group Review – Is the 4 Percent Group a Scam?

The 4 Percent Group Review – Is the 4 Percent Group a Scam_

Is the 4 percent group a scam, or is it the right path for a beginner to live the entrepreneur lifestyle?

Let me start by saying I am not an affiliate of the 4 Percent Group and want to give you an honest appraisal of this money-making product brought to us by Vick Strizheus.

Let’s get into the review and hopefully answer all of your questions.

4 Percent Group Overview & Rankings

Product Name: 4 Percent Group Is the 4 Percent Group a Scam?

Owners: Vick Strizheus (Vitaliy Strizheus)

Website URL: fourpercent.com/

Product Type: Affiliate Marketing Training & Sales Funnels

Price: $49 a month + Hidden Costs

Best For: Beginners to Affiliate Marketing & Vick himself

BestAffiliateMarketingTools.org Rating: 2.5/5

A Quick 4 Percent Group Summary

The Four Percent Group is a marketing funnel (with a little training) which asks you to purchase various affiliate products such as Aweber, ClickFunnels, ClickMagick and many others in order for you to promote these products as well as Four Percent Group to make affiliate commissions.  It is a genuine business model, but it is not the best way to learn affiliate marketing and ultimately make money online.

Recommended: NoTop Recommended Program for Beginners

What Exactly is 4 Percent Group?

The 4 Percent group is an online marketing and training company.  It was founded by a guy called Vick Strizheus.  His claims are that he wants to help entrepreneurs become the “most powerful, influential and dominant figures in their businesses and life.

On the face of it, he does seem like a very passionate guy with huge ambitions to help people to success.

Don’t get me wrong, Vick has a lot to offer.  But it does make me very wary when you look into his previous endeavours.

Vick has a Shady Past…

In the past, Vick has been behind a number of scam products.  These include Big Idea Mastermind, Project Breakthrough and High Traffic Academy.

If you take the Big Idea Mastermind as an example, it was a marketing funnel solely aimed at promoting the Empower Network.  Which was exposed as an MLM scam.

I don’t think any of these schemes are still active, but the main reason behind the Big Idea Mastermind being exposed and failing was because Vick was guilty of switching peoples Affiliate ID.  This meant he was earning commissions from other people’s hard work and they were walking away with nothing.

Another factor to consider was around his other product High Traffic Academy.  He claimed he had borrowed $30k to start his internet marketing business, but this was clearly a lie.

He almost ended up in jail, because the $30k was stolen from people using his online insurance scams.

Now, He may have learned from his mistakes and I wouldn’t always judge someone based on their past.  Having said that, it does become a factor when you are in the business where trust is so important.  It is something you need to consider when making a purchasing decision.

The 4 Percent Group does appear to be different to the Big Idea Mastermind, as the products you will be signing up for and promoting are high quality products. We, ourselves use Aweber, and ClickFunnels or GetResponse are both legitimate products and popular.

This leads us to explaining how the 4 Percent Group works…

How Does 4 Percent Group Work?

The 4 Percent Group is a membership product, which includes training and resources aimed at helping you set up your own sales funnels.  It is about making money from a business model called Affiliate Marketing.

When you sign up to become a member of the 4 Percent Group, you gain access to their 7-step Getting Started Training:

  1. New Member Orientation (Details, Strategy, Plan)
  2. Quick Setup & Activating Multiple Streams of Income
  3. Funnel Setup
  4. Power Base Activation
  5. Plant Your Flag
  6. The Miracles of Live Events
  7. Operation $100k

Most of the work comes in at steps 2 and 3.  This is where you get to spend more money and purchase the 8 tools recommended by Vick. Please note, these purchases will be on top of the $49/month you will be paying to be a member of the 4 Percent Group.

This is the list of products you will be encouraged to buy:

  • Tecamedics (Internet Marketing College)
  • ClickFunnels (Sales Funnel Builder)
  • LeadPages (Page Builder)
  • Click Magick (Tracking Tool)
  • GetResponse (AutoResponder)
  • Aweber (AutoResponder)
  • Udimi (Solo Ads)
  • NameCheap (Website Domain Exchange)

Once you have signed up with them, you can set up your sales funnel using ClickFunnels and be able to start promoting the affiliate products you have just bought including the 4 Percent Group’s membership.

The training included within the membership show you some paid traffic methods to drive traffic to your funnel and apparently wait for the commissions to come through.

One thing that does concern me is that to be able to receive any affiliate commissions from promoting the 4 Percent Group is the fact that you have to prove you have purchased all the products listed above and place your affiliate link within the members area of it.

Members Area - Affiliate Links

Now, didn’t he get caught out by changing people’s affiliate links before?  I would not trust a product that requires me to include the affiliate links on it, so he can change them to his.

Would you?

Multiple Streams of Passive Income

The main focus of the 4 Percent Group is Vick’s emphasis on the importance of having multiple streams of passive income and whilst it is an important aspect of any online business, is it really possible with the 4 Percent Group??

To answer that, it would depend on whether you are willing to or can afford to invest in all of the products above.  You can only promote them and earn affiliate commissions if you own the product.

My idea of having multiple streams of income is through a mixture of affiliate marketing, selling ads, possibly selling digital products on your site and building up a list.

The 4 Percent Group is solely focusing on promoting different affiliate products that you have to buy upfront.

What is Good About 4 Percent Group? (PROS)

Let’s look at what is good about it:

Promoting Genuine Products

A key factor when you look at the list of products to promote, they are all genuine and good products.

ClickFunnels is a very popular tool that many successful internet marketers use to build a profitable online business.

No Upsells

Putting the additional products aside, there are no upsells that come up after you have signed up to a membership level.  But there are the costs of the other products to consider, when making your decision.

Affiliate Marketing Works

Vick is no longer up to his old tricks with this product, and affiliate marketing is a model that works.  I personally use Affiliate Marketing, it has allowed a lot of people find financial freedom.

What Could 4 Percent Group Improve on? (CONS)

Let’s look at what we don’t like about it:

Hidden Costs

Whilst the membership prices are a decent amount and remain a constant depending on the level you choose.  You cannot get away from the fact that to be successful with the 4 Percent Group, you need to invest in the other products to be able to promote them.

You also need to factor in that the methods for traffic that is taught within this product are paid routes.  Meaning you will need a budget for the product’s monthly costs and the budget to pay for traffic.

Singular Marketing Training

I say this as it appears that all of the training is solely focused on self-promoting the 4 Percent Group only.  You couldn’t walk away from this training and feel confident in going to promote something else.

If you are happy promoting the 4 Percent Group, then this might seem alright for you.  But what happens when you want to expand the offer you use, or this product goes away?

When you take into account the training you receive at Wealthy Affiliate, where you can build a business in any niche you like.  This allows you to work on promoting products you want to promote and enjoy a niche that you love too.

No Traffic, No Sales…

Paid Traffic is not an ideal strategy for someone just starting out.  It takes a lot of trial and error to get it right and earn more than you spend on it.  If you are just starting out, you will likely lose a lot of money just to get the hang of it.

But you will find that the training is absolutely void of anything around free traffic.  This is probably down to the fact it will take longer to see results.

But is a key factor in not recommending this product to a beginner.

Learn how to build a successful online business

No Free Trial

At present there is no way for you to test out the system to see if it is right for you.  It also seems that at the present time you cannot sign up for the $7/month plan.  Meaning you need to pay $49/month straightaway to test the system.

I highly recommend you avoid paying that amount of money without being sure it is the right product for you.

If you are looking for ways to make money online, there must be some sort of free trial.  That way you get to see if the product is right for you.

Steep Learning Curves

Don’t expect this to be as easy as Vick has promised.

I have not found a product yet that lives up to its promise of being a “setup the sales funnel and leaving it to it” way of earning money.

If you truly want to succeed in the long run, first thing you need to do is learn the basics and build a solid foundation.  Done for you systems are rarely going to help you in the long run.

Each product that you sign up for will have its own learning curve to being able to use it properly.

Bringing all of these products together makes it look easy but trust me it will be overwhelming for a beginner to get their heads around each of these products.

How Much Does 4 Percent Group Cost?

The 4 Percent Group has 3 Different Membership levels:

Membership levels

  • Lite ($7/month): Limited Functionality.  For people wanting to start small and test the waters
  • PRO ($49/month): Membership level which includes all the things you need to make money with the 4 Percent Group
  • PRO Elite ($5,000/year): For more experienced marketers who are already making money online and are wanting to scale their business with private coaching included

Whilst the $7 or $49 per month may not seem to be an expensive investment for most people, this does not take into account the additional costs needed to run your business with this model.

Here are the prices of the 8 additional tools you are going to purchase:

  • Tecamemics: It used to cost up to $12k but is currently unavailable
  • ClickFunnels: $97/month
  • Lead Pages: $37/month
  • Click Magick: $17/month
  • GetResponse: $15/month
  • AWeber: Starts at $19/month
  • Udimi: Price depends on your solo ad
  • NameCheap: $10+/year

Whilst you don’t need to purchase all 8, GetResponse and Aweber are both autoresponders so you can pick which one you would prefer.  But you do need to factor in these monthly costs as well as the cost of paid traffic to your business plan.

But, you are definitely looking at over $200/month as a starting base.

Please note, that at the time of writing this there seems to be an issue with the $7month lite membership.  Even if you try to sign up to it, you are directed straight to the $49/month Pro Membership and promptly be asked to hand over $49.

My Honest Opinion of 4 Percent Group

This product is clearly not a scam and is based on affiliate marketing which is a genuine business model and one we currently use ourselves.  But I would advise caution, clearly down to the methods they focus on teaching you.

No one can just set up a sales funnel and then leave it to make you money, it isn’t that easy.  Paid traffic requires money and trial and error to get it right.  You also need to focus on creating quality content to promote those products.

I would also love to know what exactly an entrepreneur’s lifestyle brand is.  It all seems like a lot of hype to get you hooked and want to hand over the money.

It all comes down to the fact that you will need to invest a lot of money into this product before you are allowed to promote them and only then do you have the potential to start earning money from those promotions.

But if you have the money to explore paid traffic routes you may find success with it.  But most of you who are looking for ways to make money online were like me when I started out.

I had little money to invest and needed to find cheaper or free traffic routes.  This is a route that works, but it also takes longer to succeed at.  But with the right training, you can get started for free and succeed.

Whilst I would not recommend this product to any beginner, there is a fun fact around the name of the 4 Percent Group which does ring true with the online world.

“Vick has stated that out of 100 people who want to succeed, 80% will complain about the things that could possibly hold them back and so never take any action.  16% will take some action, but with scepticism.  But only 4% will actually take massive actions and do whatever it takes to succeed”.

I do think this statement is true, but it doesn’t require you to hand over this type of money to get the right training and support needed to start an online business.

You can even get started for free and with a tried and tested method with Wealthy Affiliate.  Read my WA review here.

4 Percent Group at a Glance

Product Name: 4 Percent Group Is the 4 Percent Group a Scam?

Owners: Vick Strizheus (Vitaliy Strizheus)

Website URL: fourpercent.com/

Product Type: Affiliate Marketing Training & Sales Funnels

Price: $49 a month + Hidden Costs

Best For: Beginners to Affiliate Marketing & Vick himself

Recommended: No

BestAffiliateMarketingTools.org Rating: 2.5/5

Verdict: Not Recommended, there are Better Options Out There

If you truly want to get started online, I would really recommend you read my Wealthy Affiliate review.

Their free starter membership gives you a full insight into what they have to offer – Training, Websites, Tools & Expert Help; all available to help you with a sustainable and profitable business that will stand the test of time and get you onto the path of earning a full-time income from home.  Without having to fork out over $200 a month on a whim, like what is on offer at the 4 Percent Group.

Thanks for taking the time to read my review, if you have any questions or experiences with the 4 Percent Group then I would love to hear from you in the comments below.  I will get back to you as soon as I can.

How to Make Money from a Blogging Site in 2019

How to Make Money from a Blogging Site in 2019

If you have been looking for ways to make money from a blogging site, then you have definitely come to the right place.

It is no surprise that many people, like you have considered starting or have already started a blog as a way of earning money.  It is a great way of earning money from home, but the biggest problem is, how do you actually make money from blogging?

The one thing that I will point out to you at this point is, this is not a way of earning money quickly.  Whether it is a hobby blog or a business blog, this route is about the long game.

If you invest in the time and effort required to build up a blog and get it out to the right audience, it can be an awesome way of earning money, with many bloggers earning full-time incomes from blogging.  But, this will not be done in a couple of months.

Let’s get started with the different ways you could monetise your blog.

Monetise with CPC or CPA Ads

This is a common way of making money as a blogger.  By placing ads onto your website, you can earn money when your readers take a specific action.  You can normally include ads in your sidebar, or ad networks like AdSense automatically include it on your website.

Let’s go through the different types of ads there are:

  • CPC/PPC Ads: CPC stands for Cost per Click, normally called Pay Per Click.  These are ads where you earn money if a reader clicks on the ad.
  • CPM Ads: CPM stands for Cost per (1000) impressions.  You will earn money for every 1,000 people view the ad on your website.
  • CPA Ads: CPA stands for Cost per Action.  Simliar to CPC, check out my full guide here.

Most bloggers will start out with Google AdSense.  It is the easiest network to get started with, especially as you do not Monetise with Ad Networksneed a large audience to get started.  There are better networks out there like MediaVine, however you need to have like 25,000 sessions a month to be able to apply.

Like we said in the beginning this is not a get-rich-quick route, but MediaVine gives us a realistic idea of how much traffic you will need to earn a decent amount of money from blogging with Ads on it.

Google Adsense works in a similar way to most Ad networks, they choose what ads to display on your blog (trying) to stay relevant to your content and the reader that is on your blog.

There are similar ad networks when starting out like Chitika, Infolinks and Media.net.  But you know when you are in a good place, when you can apply for networks like MediaVine.

Things to Consider:

  • You will normally have to apply to join Ad networks, and you may get rejected if your blog is too new or has questionable content on there.
  • Make sure you check the settings, In Google Adsense, if you do not select the right content setting, you can end up with inappropriate content on there that can affect the trust factor with your readers.
  • Don’t have too many ads.  Ads are ok, but there is a point where there are too many ads on a blog and it can look saturated and put people off.  If they are not reading your content, they will not see or interact with your ads for you to make money.
  • You need high levels of traffic for this to be a decent return.

Sell Private Ads

Ad Networks are all well and good, but they are not the only option you have when it comes to selling ads.  If you have enough traffic, you will actually find that advertisers may come to you directly rather than going through a middle man.

The alternative is that you can contact advertisers yourself.  The advantage of having no middle man, is that you can set your own ad rates.

Selling private ads can come as banners, buttons or links.  You can also earn money wirting sponsored posts where you write about an advertisers product or services.

Making money will vary depending on the route.  For example, a sponsored post will be a one-time fee and hosting banner ads will be a monthly charge.

Another way of earning money is by selling sponsorship space in your email newsletters too.

Include Affiliate Links Within your Content

Affiliate Marketing is the perfect partner for a blogger, it is by far the way most get started with making money online. If you have enough traffic for ad networks, earning money from affiliate marketing will actually be much higher than from ads.

Here is my full guide on how affiliate marketing works, but in short here goes:

There are 3 parties, when it comes to affiliate marketing.  The owner of a product or service, the potential buyer and you the affiliate.

People research products and services before making a purchase, they land on an authority blog (Yours) about that subject.  They read a useful article that helps them to a decision, they also find a (affiliate) link to the product too.  They follow that link and make a purchase.  You are rewarded by the owner of the product, as a percentage of the sale price.

How Does Affiliate Marketing Work?

That same route can work thousands of times and affiliate marketing is a great way of helping people earn full time incomes from helping people.

You might still be unsure, but consider this Amazon is the world’s largest online marketplace and has used affiliate marketing from the beginning.  It saves companies millions in advertising money and also means we can earn money from the online world.

Affiliate Marketing is our favourite way of earning money online, we also love how you can start a blog in whatever subject or niche you actually want to.  Think about what Amazon sells, it can mean your blog can help people in a subject you already enjoy and you can engage in that niche as much as you like and earn money from it.

Please note, again i must stress.  This is not a quick route, it can take months to get to a point where you are earning money from a blog with affiliate marketing.  But if you can utilise both affiliate marketing and ad networks, you might be surprised when you get to the point where you are earning well from both.

Amazon is just one option, there are literally thousands of affiliate programs out there.

With Affiliate networks, like Awin also offer you an option where you only need one login to have access to plenty of affiliate programs.

If you would like to learn how to be successful in Affiliate Marketing, we highly recommend the Wealthy Affiliate training platform.  It offers training, tools and expert support to ensuring you get started in the right way with affiliate marketing.

If you would like to learn more, read our Wealthy Affiliate review.

Wealthy Affiliate Free Starter Membership

Sell Digital Products

If you would rather earn money without advertising other people’s products on your website,or are considering another income stream.  You could consider selling digital products, including:

  • eBooks
  • Online Course/Workshops
  • Images/Videos/Music for other bloggers to use on their own blog
  • Apps, WordPress plugins or WordPress themes.

A key thing many get wrong when it comes to selling digital products is making sure it is relevant to your readers.  There is no point writing eBooks about making money online if your blog is about photography.  It is often best to listen to what your readers are actually after before investing the time in creating a digital product.

Sell Memberships

Another option to making money on your blog is by selling memberships to exclusive areas of your website.  Consider a career blog might charge $10 per month, this gives users access to their job board.  Or a startup business blog, might sell memberships to their forum for people to get personalised advice about their business.

But, this will only work if you are offering a membership that is more valuable than anything someone could find for free elsewhere.  People will only pay if it is going to be a benefit to them.  Make sure it is valuable and it is a reasonable price.

Use a Blog to Build Your Credibility

If you have credibility as a blogger, it can lead to you being able to earn money from all of the ways we have discussed in this post, it can also lead to other opportunities to earn money.

Let’s be honest, for your blog to be taken seriously and be put at the top of the search results you need credibility.  InBecome an Authority with Your Blogcommon circles, this would be described as an authority site where a reader will visit it and it oozes trust.

If I can trust the website owner, I am going to be inclined to spend more time on it.  That is the basis any blog should be striving to achieve, as this is what leads to conversions and money making opportunities such as Ads, Affiliate Marketing, selling digital products or memberships.

But there are also other opportunities when you have built up that credibility and authority, especially if you become a recognised figure in that industry.  Imagine someone who starts a blog in the finance industry and becomes an authority in that industry.  It can lead to people approaching you to co-author a book on debt management, or speak at conferences or even run training days for employees of companies.

Becoming an credible authority in your niche opens up many possibilities when it comes to making money.  There is no reason why you could not start a blog and after time, utilise all of the ways we have gone through in this post.  I know that is one of my goals with this blog.

There are also opportunities to actually sell a profitable blog for a considerable amount of money too.

Putting Blogging into Context

Whilst there are multiple ways of monetising your blog, many more than we have listed here the biggest factor you are going to have to take into account is the fact that is it is not a quick route to earning money.  You will need to put in a lot of time, effort and work hard to actually make your blog profitable.

To earn money from a blog, you need traffic.  Traffic will only come to a blog that offers high quality content that helps them, and then only when the search engines have invested their trust in you to get your blog onto the first page of the search results.

If you think when you search online, how many times have you scrolled down the search results and gone to page 2…?

This takes time, and it also depends on how often you are posting content, the length and quality of your content.  For example, I did not start getting decent rankings with this blog until it was 6 months old.

Most bloggers do not see any income in the first six months, that is being realistic and is a key thing to keep in mind.  People need to be able to find your blog, like what they read and interact with your blog to be able for you to make any money.

Tips to Remember

Here are some tips on how you can make sure your blog is on the right track to getting that all important traffic and earning you money.

Creating High Quality Content That Helps

You will often see people saying you need high-quality content on a blog, but what does that really mean?  Well, for a start I would suggest you focus on content that helps answer a question.  Think about why you have landed on this page, you are looking for ways to make money from your blog.  But, if you found a page which didn’t help you would you consider it high-quality?

The other factor to consider is people do not want to be sold to.  This is especially important if you choose to follow the affiliate marketing route.  People are searching online for help around purchase decisions, not sold to.  They may already be thinking that they want to buy that product, but their research is aimed at understanding all aspects of it.  If they land on a review written by a blog that has just focused on telling them how awesome the product is and is very obvious it is just to get a sale, it will definitely put that person off that blog.

Another factor to consider with blogging is the art of writing for one person.  You are writing an article to help one person find the answer to their question.  If you remain too broad, it won’t feel personal and is a factor as to whether people stay on your blog or not.

Is Your Blog too Broad?
If you have already started your blog, or are considering what to choose as a subject for your blog one of the factors that means you will struggle to monetise it is your niche is too broad.

Getting organic traffic from the search engines is where your money-making opportunities comes from.  But if you start too broad, you will be competing with some authority websites and find it harder to get top rankings in the search engines.

The narrower a niche you pick, the better you will find it to get those all-important rankings.

Let’s use an example, many people like the idea of health & fitness blogs.  But if you targetted health and fitness in general, you would find it immensely difficult to chip away at the thousands of blogs already in that industry.

Now, if you narrowed that down to “how to lose belly fat”, you would find it much easier to build an authority in how to lose belly fat.

You could focus on: fitness programs, health drinks, exercise, your own story.

People would buy into it – many people search for ways to lose belly fat, but you would also target those who are working towards a six pack, getting fit again, etc.

But by just focusing on one small sliver of an industry allows you to get rankings in the search engines and allows you to build up an authority in “losing belly fat”.  Once you have that authority, you can start to open up different fitness elements and build up to a broad segment of the market.  But as you are doing it from an authority position, it won’t matter as much as you already have the rankings and the knowledge to build it.

Be Social

I don’t just mean sharing all your content on social media, you need to build a social presence and also reach out to others in your industry.  Build relationships with sponsors, affiliate partners and other bloggers.  Spending time on forums, like Wealthy Affiliate’s community helps build up relationships with other bloggers or affiliate marketers.  It also leads to building up your knowledge and ensuring you are in the best place to offer high quality content and monetising your website.

Be Realistic About Timescales and The Effort Required

The last tip i will leave you with is being realistic.  Many bloggers come into this knowing it will take time, but they do not really understand what that timescale is.  The main reason, there is no hard rule on how long it will take.  Some start earning a few dollars after a couple of months.  Some do not see any revenue for a year, but have better results because of it.

But then, there are some who give up just before their blog realises its potential and walk away thinking blogging doesn’t work.

I am going to be honest with you, this blog is just over 6 months old and it has only just started to get organic traffic from the search engines.  But, then again i have had some excellent training from the guys at Wealthy Affiliate that has ensure my blog gets the best start.

But, I need to put in a lot of time and effort each week to make sure I keep growing my blog and that it keeps building up that authority and keep building it.

Blogging is a great way of expressing yourself, with great ways of monetising it.  But do not think that you will be earning enough money straightaway.  As long as you remain positive and get the right guidance, you will succeed.

Do You Need Help & Support?

I love blogging, I love helping people and I want to leave you with an offer of help.  Done correctly, blogging is an awesome way of earning money.  But if you have started a blog and do not feel like you are on the right path, I want to be able to help you get onto the right path.  If you are planning on starting a blog and want to ensure you start correctly, I also want to be able to help.

I found that when i first started out with blogging (more specifically affiliate marketing) I would not have been in the position i find myself if I had not had the training and support that Wealthy Affiliate offered.  I have been a member of Wealthy Affiliate for a couple of years now and am in a position where I help people get started with blogging or affiliate marketing.

If you are finding it hard to monetise your blog, it might be you need to go back to basics and learn what you need to do to ensure your blog is on the right track.

Kyle, one of the owners of WA offered some great advice when i first started out and that is to never stop learning.  As soon as you stop learning, you begin to miss steps and that can lead to your blog not making any money.

Wealthy Affiliate offers a free starter membership, so you can check them out or you can read my Wealthy Affiliate review.  But you will gain access to training, support and access to me via personal messaging on the WA platform too.

There is no reason why you cannot build up an authority blog that earns good money via all of the options in this post, but if you get the wrong advice or lack current high-quality training and support you will invest a lot of time and effort with nothing to show for it in a year or two.

If your blog has been going for a few months and not seeing the kind of results you were expecting, you can definitely turn it around.  But only if you check out where you might be going wrong and fix it now.

If you are looking into how to start a blog on the right foot, then again WA is a great place to ensure that happens.

Go through the 10 free training lessons with a free WA starter membership and see what they have to offer, read more in my WA review and ask as many questions as you like in the community of like-minded entrepreneurs all looking to help people with their blogs whilst making money from it too.  You will also gain access to 2 free websites via a free starter membership.

Get Help & Support from Industry Experts at Wealthy Affiliate

If you still have any questions, then please write them in the comments below and I will definitely get back to you and give you an answer.  Thanks for taking the time to read my article, if you would like to share any experiences please write them in the comments.

Is Golden Ticket a Scam? An Unbiased Golden Ticket Review

Is Golden Ticket a Scam_ An Unbiased Golden Ticket Review

A new day and a new product in the Internet Marketing field but Is Golden Ticket a scam or is it the answer to those looking for ways to make money online.  Well, we will try and answer as many of your questions in this unbiased review.

I will point out that at this point many reviews out there are offering bonuses and are fully recommended this program and that is because they are going to benefit from any purchases you make.  But I wanted to get to know the product, rather than blindly offering it out, especially as a number of these reviews actually came out before the Golden Ticket was launched, which is a bit suspicious and shows they are profiting from doing reviews on it (in my opinion).

But one thing I will say at this point, that many of these reviews do not actually tell you how you are going to earn money from this “golden ticket” program… So, I will make sure you know exactly how you will be earning money from this system, as well as telling you whether I think it is all it seems.

Golden Ticket Overview & Rankings

Product Name: Golden Ticket Is Golden Ticket a Scam?

Owners: Anthony Mancuso, Paul Nicholls, Shaun Baird

Website URL: https://goldenticket.live/

Product Type: Internet Marketing Training Course

Price: $8.97 + Upsells

Best For: Supposedly Newbies

BestAffiliateMarketingTools.org Rating: 2/5

A Quick Golden Ticket Summary

Once you get past all the typical sales patter this product brings with it, it is a training platform on how to get started in Internet Marketing.  On the face of that it is an ok product, but it will lead beginners to believing that earning money is possible within 72 hours and only putting in 30 minutes a day, which I believe to be inaccurate.  It has hidden upsells that trigger when you get into the “low-ticket” product.  I believe there are better options out there for those just starting out.

Recommended: Not Really

What Exactly is Golden Ticket?

That is one of my biggest problems with this program, from the sales page you have no clue what you are signing up for… Just a system that means you only need to put in 30 minutes work, and you can start to see results within 72 hours… That sounds awesome – But how?

Well, after a lot of research and checking out the system, in essence it is a training course in how to create a niche website using the Affiliate Marketing model.  With training videos and tools there to help you create a small niche website that you can use to promote products and utilising ads to earn revenue.

On the face of that, it seems quite legit and is a model many people use – But it is not a “get-rich-quick” type of revenue, so how can they promise results within 72 hours?

I can’t get my head around how it can be a ‘set & forget’ system, as regular fresh and unique content is needed to master it to be able to earn money.

I get their point about some training courses focusing on the Making Money Online niche, this is highly competitive, so picking a small niche that you are actually interested in can be a good move, but they state you do not need to “create boatloads of content” so how are you going to get ranked well, especially as they are only using free methods of traffic.

Who Does Golden Ticket Benefit?

They are targeting people who are new to the MMO world or those already struggling with Internet Marketing.  But I think it is misleading, that you have to pay anything to find out actually how the system works, and then find that the upsells are pushed at you because that is where the owners will really make their money.  You will also find that these products they push at you, are really where the automation they are discussing comes into play to allow you to earn money passively.

Whereas a training program like Wealthy Affiliate offers a free starter membership where you can experience their platform and training and make your own decision.

I am not feeling 100% confident the Golden Ticket program is a great move for those just starting out.

How Does Golden Ticket Work?

In essence, it is a training program with videos showing you how to set up your own niche website in any interest you have, and supposedly once you have set it up you just need to go on and create content every now and then to keep it going. In the sales pitch, they state 30 minutes a day.  Now, I want to put that into context.  My website is a niche website and I work really hard to make this work, and it is still nowhere near the earning potential I want and the website is 6 months old.  I have to create content to tackle the free traffic method called SEO and the time it takes to write an article is much longer than 30 minutes.

Writing an article or recording a video takes – keyword research, actual research into the product or subject I am writing about.  Building a flow for that article and actually writing that article could take a couple of hours.  Because the search engines are looking for thorough and useful articles, not quick and pointless information.

Whilst the training could benefit people, I think the expectations of someone signing up for Golden Ticket is going to lead to them giving up way before they make any money.

Affiliate Marketing is a proven method for earning money online, but there are no shortcuts and I feel all the sales pitches on the Golden Ticket website is just to get you in, and hope you fall for the fact that it is going to earn you the money they talk about on their sales pages

I am in no way saying that those sales are unachievable, but you need to understand you will not earn money straight away from it.  Once it starts earning you money, it can become a great way of earning money.  But I feel Wealthy Affiliate is a better training program, which you can try for free and have realistic expectations and awesome support too.

The key bit they go on about, is the 3 steps below:

3 steps to incomethis is the only place where it mentions potential, it is potential commissions because no one can guarantee sales from internet marketing.

What is Good About Golden Ticket (PROS)

Here is what we liked about it:

Training on Internet Marketing

Whilst the training videos could be better, they still do teach you the basics of setting up a niche website and how to earn money through advertising and affiliate marketing.

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

AS this is covered by the WarriorPlus money back guarantee, it might be worth trying it.  But I would recommend you go in with caution.  The timelines for earning will be longer than 30-days, so not sure how likely you are going to get your money back.

What Could Golden Ticket Improve on? (CONS)

Here is what we didn’t like:

Hitting you with Upsells the Moment you are in

This is a typically method, they bring you in with a low-price ticket item and then they start pitching to you the need to buy these products to amplify your sales.  But this is where it gets interesting, if you have a training program that you are raving about and it works for you and can really benefit people, you are going to want to promote it.  I recommend WA, because it has worked really well for Gem and I and we did not have a clue about starting an online business before we joined.  We can also promote WA for free, and benefit from anyone who joins.  But you have to pay to be able to promote Golden Ticket.  These upsells are also not visible until you join, which I feel is quite naughty as you are expecting to get the product for $9

Done for You Packs

The first upsell is a done for you pack, which means what it sounds like.  But these are typically the same for everyone that buys them and means that it is going to be duplicate content.  Google hates duplicate content, and if you cannot get ranked in the search engines, how do you think you are going to get any traffic?

Only Positive Reviews

This isn’t necessary a bad thing, especially if a product is good like Wealthy Affiliate.  But these positive reviews all came out prior to the product launching, meaning they are insiders and aren’t necessarily coming from a place of being neutral.  Especially as they are all offering the same bonuses that are on offer when you supposedly buy it.  But when you look at the bonuses on offer, it is just the main product reworded to sound like bonuses.

Vague Information Upfront

Until I did some thorough research, I did not have a clue how this system would work.  The sales pages looked like so many scams I have seen, with the clock ticking down until the price went up (which didn’t), all of the money earned with “less than 20 minutes work a day”.  It was only by watching another video review, that I actually saw it was just an Internet Marketing training program, which if I am honest is no patch on Wealthy Affiliate.

How Much Does Golden Ticket Cost?

Look, people are going to be interested as it is only going to cost $8.97. But I have already mentioned expect the upsells to kick straight in, and there is no mention of them in the sales pitch at all, and looking at them, you are probably going to need them to actually get to the point of earning money with this program.

Upsell One – Done-For-You Golden Ticket Pack ($37)

This is a DFY pack, which includes a list of (top-secret) and high-converting niches with keyword research/templates and quick start videos.

So, you don’t get this support as part of the main product?

Upsell Two – Advanced Golden Ticket Tactics ($37)

This is where you learn how to up your profits by 5x, with insider secrets from Shaun.

Upsell Three – Golden Ticket Licence Rights ($47)

This gives you full rights to resell Golden Ticket.  You have to pay $47 to be able to promote Golden ticket to earn 100% of the commissions.  They include step-by-step training on this

Upsell Four – Golden Ticket Outsourcer Rolodex ($27)

Access to the best and affordable contractors for any project.

Whilst all of these features look great, why do you need to pay over $100 to get this type of support, I normally advise people to stay away from products where you need to pay to be able to recommend it for affiliate commissions.

I think this product will offer some value, but the main reason why people fail at Affiliate Marketing or Internet Marketing is having unrealistic timescales.  I did not earn anything for 6 months, most give up after 3 months because they still have an employee mentality.  I do an hour’s work, I should earn an hour pay.  It doesn’t work like that.  But when you have an article that does finally start making money, that same article (with regular updates) can earn you money for years to come.  I just think this product is overhyped and will lead people to believe they can only spend 30 minutes a day on their business, when I have to spend hours on it every week, and I am only just starting to scratch the surface.

My Honest Opinion of Golden Ticket – Is Golden Ticket a Scam

No, I would not say it is a scam.  But I would say it is a typically MMO program that is making a lot of promises that are unrealistic to achieve in the timescales they are talking about.  Most people starting out have a limited amount of time to learn and put these methods into practise.  If I could get away with just 30 minutes a day, that would be awesome, but I am realistic that I am building this for the long run, and that it could take a year or more to earn enough to give up my day job.  But it really needs to be something that you are spending hours on to achieve the earnings the guys mention in their sales pitch.  He talks about 2 years working the making, I can totally understand those earnings from someone who knows what they are doing earning that after that amount of time.  A newbie will not unless that are lucky or have the right training and support.

I cannot say this system will not work, but what I will say is hopefully you are better informed now and will have a better grasp of the expectations needed to be successful in Internet Marketing.

But I will leave you with this – Affiliate Marketing is a great way of getting started with your own online business online to achieve your financial and non-financial goals.  But without the right training, expert support and the right work ethic and expectations you could fall into the high number of affiliate marketers who fail.  If you truly want to be one of the successful ones, I would advise you check out my Wealthy Affiliate review and learn how Industry Experts help you get started on the right path.

See the difference below:

Golden Ticket at a Glance

Product Name: Golden Ticket Is Golden Ticket a Scam?

Owners: Anthony Mancuso, Paul Nicholls, Shaun Baird

Website URL: https://goldenticket.live/

Product Type: Internet Marketing Training Course

Price: $8.97 + upsells

Best For: Supposedly Newbies

Recommended: Not Really

BestAffiliateMarketingTools.org Rating: 2/5

Verdict: Not Recommended, Unrealistic Time Requirements

I have yet to find a scheme that works with only limited time needed.  You need to work hard to achieve success.  I personally believe people will benefit better with Wealthy Affiliate over products like this.

Thanks for checking out my review, if you have any questions or comments to add please write them in the comments section below.  thanks

What is the Octane App – Can You Really Earn Passive Income in 3 Clicks…?

What is the Octane App – Can You Really Earn Passive Income in 3 Clicks…?

Hey, welcome to my Octane Review, before we go into What is the Octane App all about.  Let’s first start by saying there are a few different Octane apps on the web.

So, let’s just clarify which product we are talking about in this review. The reason I say this, is you will find there is an Octane App all about cars, an Octane app all about fitness.  But the one we are going to be talking about is the Octane App that is to do with YouTube Marketing.  So, unfortunately if you are looking for a review about the other apps, this isn’t it.  But then again, if you are looking for a way to generate some passive income, then my site might be just what you are looking for…

Claiming to be “a system that is so powerful, it should be illegal…” and apparently allows you to generate a truly passive income stream by ethically stealing content from the internet.

Now, at this point I must say it does seem like it shares a lot of red flags that would normally sit with a scam product – full of promises and lack any real substance.  But as we go through the Octane review, we will cover all of these points and see if it is full of false promises or is actually a decent product.

Octane App Overview & Rankings

Product Name: Octane App What is the Octane App

Owners: Jono Armstrong

Website URL: http://www.buyoctane.com

Product Type: YouTube Marketing, Affiliate Marketing Training

Price: $27.97

Best For: Video Marketers

BestAffiliateMarketingTools.org Rating: 3/5

A Quick Octane App Summary

Claiming to allow you to “ethically steal” videos to showcase on your own YouTube channel and make easy money, it sounds like a typically make money online product.  We were intrigued and explored, but after review these are not stock videos you can use, you will be stealing other people’s videos and adding a little outro, to make them unique.  Not recommended, if you want a genuine way of earning money with affiliate marketing, you need the right training.

Recommended: NoCheck out our top recommended Program instead

What Exactly is Octane App?

Jono Armstrong brings out another software and training program that is claiming to be totally newbie friendly, and a way of earning money online without a website or paid ads.  So naturally, we wanted to delve in and have a look.

Now, my first opinions weren’t great, it had a typical (scammy) sales page promising the world.  A video with the owner in a hot tub professing how good this system was – with him claming that following 3 simple steps could give you a passive income stream with Video Marketing and “ethically stealing” content so you don’t have to do hard work.

All these signs gave me a cold chill, as this product would normally make me want to run a mile…

However, when you dig into it a little more, you actually get to understand that the strategy that they are training you on, is actually legal and is allowed as the videos you would be using come with a Creative Commons Licence, which means the creators of these videos have given permission for the videos to be edited and used in any way you choose.

SO, whilst the method isn’t called into question, there are a few tactics that he discusses that I would highly suggest you don’t use, as they would get you into trouble with YouTube. All of that is discussed in this review.

But in short, Octane is a piece of software that allows you to create your own video, get access to thousands of ready-made videos and you use their software to edit them and upload them to create your own YouTube channel full of videos.

How Does Octane App Work?

With the Octane Software installed on your system, you start by searching for relevant videos with your relevant keywords.

This will give you access to videos that are created on YouTube or Vimeo, supposedly with a creative commons licence so you can edit it.

Edit and trim the video to what you want and add your own outro with your own call to action.

Octane App

Once you are happy with the video, and it is rendered you can share it on social media and upload it to YouTube via the software.

Check out the video below, to see how it works

Now, up until this point I am thinking it looks ok for bloggers and those looking to make money online, but the next step Jono uses is what I am concerned about.

YouTube is always looking for relevant video for its users.  They also love Live video, as that is the way society is going – but Jono uploads this video as Live!

It is apparently the step that means you will get ranked easier and quicker.  He claims it gets him better exposure, which is fine.  But this is going to be of a limited benefit, as YouTube has announced it is going to crack down on videos that are claiming to be live and are in fact not.

I am not saying in anyway; this software is scam and that it will not help people with YouTube.  But this step is something I cannot endorse, and I think it is something that could get the Octane app in trouble for.

Especially as Jono Armstrong last two programs (Secret Weapon & Zero to $100 in 24Hrs) were both over-hyped and did not deliver – and I am still not sure about this one, if you follow the Live Video trick, he claims works wonders.

Octane Training

Once you are into the Octane Dashboard, there are 3 levels of training:

Profit Method 1: Easy

This training video focuses on how to make money with ClickBank and Amazon’s affiliate programs.

Profit Method 2: Medium

These video tutorials are about how to get paid commissions through affiliate networks like JV Zoo and WarriorPlus.  The method taught here is called ‘Launch Jacking’, which is a method Jono specialises in.

Profit Method 3: Advanced

The third video tutorial walks you through how to build an email marketing list.  Email Marketing is very effective as it helps with building the trust of your buyers.

What is Good About Octane App (PROS)

Here is what we liked about it:

Video Marketing

Video Marketing is growing, and we all need to stay up-to-date (and I need to get into Video) and this product does do that.  Many people, including me are a bit camera shy and so this product does help with those looking to get into Video Marketing.  But I do have reservations about this product, which I will get into in the Cons.

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

As it is backed by WarriorPlus (an affiliate network), you get a 30-day money back guarantee.  So, if you feel it isn’t for you, you can always get your money back.

What Could Octane App Improve on? (CONS)

Here is what we didn’t like:

Stealing Other People’s Content – Claiming it is Legit

This does not sit with me at all, if you watched the video above it shows how Jono has taken someone else’s video, added 5 seconds of content (a Call to Action) and then uploaded it to YouTube.  I know it worked and got him ranked, but I find it highly suspect that the video is no longer available on YouTube?

But I think it is plagiarism, and I think that anyone who has uploaded a video to YouTube signs up to the Creative Commons rights, so if someone has created a video and uploaded, someone could be using it and with permission, but only because that is a technicality.

Technically it is not illegal, but only because of the way the rights are on YouTube.

Supposedly Live Video

I also find that uploading it as live, when it clearly isn’t is not going to go a great way to building trust with potential buyers.  I also understand that YouTube is going to a lot of trouble of finding this ‘supposedly’ live videos and removing them.

Only Positive Reviews

It is a new product and there are not many reviews out yet, but to only find positive reviews that do not even include any cons does make me wonder if they are just trying to promote it to earn affiliate commission.  It does look like it works, but I question the longevity of the product, because of the methods shown.  YouTube will eventually clamp down on these ‘Live Videos” How long before someone rips off the wrong video, and a lawsuit is brought.  If that video worked for Jono, why hasn’t he kept it there and why hasn’t it kept its rankings.  I am guessing it is because YouTube or John Crestani (the person’s product used in the video) has had it removed.

Lack of a Landing Page

The training takes you from adding a Call to Action onto the end of a video that is already there on YouTube and taking them straight to an affiliate link.  The example he used is Internet Jetset.  But that is supposedly assuming most will just watch the video, be convinced and decide to go straight to a selling page.  In my experience, people are more wary nowadays and will want to do some research before buying – but this may lead to you not getting the sale.

How Much Does Octane App Cost?

That is the saving grace for those that think this product is for them, as it only cost $27.97 with a 30-day money back guarantee.  But if this product is so good, I wonder why a brand-new product that is supposedly $197 is only going for $27.97.

ON the sales page you will also see 3 bonuses, but in reality, they are just 3 ways on why Octane is so good…

I know I might sound like I am beating this product up a bit, and I suppose I am.  But that is because I can normally see through all the sales pitches to weigh up whether a product is worth it or not.

There is also a time ticking down on the sales page, stating that you will get all of these bonueses thrown in when you buy.  It is a scarcity tactic, that is redundant most of the time, as you will still get them whether it do it before the clock ticks down or not.

(in fact, when I was researching the sales page, once you had watched the couple of videos and read the material, the clock had already gone down – it is thought they are expecting people to just scroll down to buy it)

My Honest Opinion of Octane App – Is it a Scam?

Whilst I wouldn’t class this as a scam, I would question the sales tactics, scarcity tactics and the over-promising that Jono claims in his sales videos to make this worthwhile.

Video Marketing is effective, but you need to build trust and stealing other people’s videos, regardless of the legality of it does not lead to a trusting relationship between a seller and a buyer.

It may lead to free content, but if you are just sending people straight to affiliate links, this will not cut it depending on the product.

The fact he pitches the video as live is also going to be short-lived as YouTube has vowed to remove these videos.

Jono has over-promised with products in the past, and I wonder how he will get over these hurdles with this product too.  I am sure some will use it, as it promises free traffic, etc.  But what is the point of traffic, if they do not trust you enough to follow your affiliate links.

Affiliate Marketing is a very effective business model, but trust is the foundation that it is built on.  I find this not a great way of building up that trust.  You need a website, and reputable brand to succeed and a “get-rich-quick” scheme.

Affiliate Marketing is a great business model, but to succeed you need to follow the right training and doing it ethically.  Stealing other people’s videos because of a technicality doesn’t sit right with me.  The sales pitch is convincing, we even felt it was good until we watched the video on how he “stole” the video.  At first, I thought they were the usual stock videos you might come across, but it was someone else’s video off their own channel, that he just stuck an outro to.  That is stealing in my view, I cannot recommend something that promotes that.

Octane App at a Glance

Product Name: Octane App What is the Octane App

Owners: Jono Armstrong

Website URL: http://www.buyoctane.com

Product Type: YouTube Marketing, Affiliate Marketing Training

Price: $27.97

Best For: Video Marketers

Recommended: No

BestAffiliateMarketingTools.org Rating: 3/5

Verdict: There is no such thing as Ethical Stealing, Not Recommended

If you are looking for a genuine way of learning how to get started in affiliate marketing, I can tell you there are much better ways than products that promise the world at a low price to entice you in, only to find it doesn’t work.  Wealthy Affiliate has training and tools designed with the beginner in mind and have proven success stories.  You can get started for free with a free starter membership, but I recommend you read my Wealthy Affiliate review first.

Affiliate Marketing is a proven strategy, but it needs to be executed right for you to see it work.  Trying to take shortcuts and putting any effort in can only lead to failure.  If you are sick of seeing products that give you false promises, then do check out Wealthy Affiliate.

Thanks for your time reading my review, if you have any questions or experience with this software, then please add your comments below and we will get back to you as soon as we can.


Is eCom Profit Sniper a Scam? Scam or Easy $44k a Month??

Is eCom Profit Sniper a Scam_ Scam or Easy $44k a Month_

With a very enticing sales video and the promise of earning more than $44k a month, who wouldn’t want to look into whether eCom Profit Sniper is a scam or whether it is a legit training program that enables you to do just that…?

Thanks for checking out my review, as I will lay down exactly what eCom Profit Sniper is really about and save you a lot of time trying to find out all you need to know.

Whilst I know you are probably seeking a way of making money online, know that anything that promises to deliver this quickly is typically something to avoid.  But let’s delve into my review and see if you can benefit from eCom Profit Sniper

eCom Profit Sniper Overview & Rankings

Product Name: eCom Profit Sniper Is ecom Profit Sniper a Scam?

Owners: Tom Parker

Website URL: ecomprofitsniper.com

Product Type: Drop shipping & Paid Marketing Training

Price: $37 + Upsells

Best For: No one

BestAffiliateMarketingTools.org Rating: 2/5

A Quick eCom Profit Sniper Summary

With all of the promises of easy money and little time requirements, no wonder this product is getting a lot of hype.  But in reality, all you get is low-quality training on how to use Shopify and Paid Ads – Both of which mean you need a budget to use them and with paid ads being mostly trial and error, I cannot fully endorse this product.  You will learn something, but if you are a newbie, there are better options.

Recommended: Not Really

Here's my top recommended training program

What Exactly is eCom Profit Sniper?

It is very hard to find out exactly what eCom Profit Sniper is about from the sales video and homepage alone.  Tom Parker has created this system and claims he can make you rich through ecommerce by exploiting, what he calls a ‘little known secret’.

Tom’s system claims that you will be earning profits of over $44k a month following this method, with claims on top of that giving you the idea you can earn $2k in your first day with only 20 minutes of work.

Is ecom profit sniper a scam?

Now, let’s address this point now.  If anyone could follow this system and earn that kind of money in 20 minutes, I think any blogger or marketer would tell you – they would be doing it.  But let’s dig into the bold claims and address why everyone is not flocking to this system!

These are unfounded claims, Tom is using the emotional draw of what that money would mean to you, to get you to buy his guide.  These claims are what makes many believe this is a scam.  Whilst I don’t think it is a scam, I believe Tom is not being honest and telling you the truth about the amount of work you are going to need to do to actually achieve any earnings, let alone $2k in a day.  It just puts this into the boundary of any other get-rich-quick schemes.

Especially when you realise that his so-called “little known secret” is the ecommerce website hosting platform called Shopify.

Build an Online Business Today!

How Does eCom Profit Sniper Work?

Shopify is well known around the world, and so isn’t a secret.  The training and guidance that is offered by the eCom Profit Sniper is around creating your own online store using Shopify.

All of the claims in the video around Shopify making tonnes of money is true, but that doesn’t mean those earnings are from their members.

Shopify is just a hosting platform where you build your own online store, this training is around creating a drop shipping business on there.  Others have used it affiliate marketing.

But either way, the claims about only needing to put in 20 minutes to make money with a Shopify website is laughable.  You will need to put a lot of work in to make this work, regardless of the direction you take.

Shopify is legit, lets clear that up.  But the marketing techniques Tom Parker uses to sell you this system is misleading and let’s face it, he is lying to you!

There is no system, no autopilot, no guarantees.  This is a training guide that teaches you how to sell things through Shopify using drop shipping.

Gem and I use drop shipping on our wedding website.  here is the example of how it works.  We have a number of wedding favours on our website (we don’t use Shopify, but it works with any website).  We do not stock this wedding favours, we have an account with a wholesaler.  When one of our customers comes on and buys something from our store, we then place an order with the wholesaler.  They deliver it straight to the customer with our Brand name on the box.

As far as the customer is concerned, we have delivered this wedding favour.  We also make a profit on the difference in the price.

From this point of view, drop shipping is a very effective business model.  But it requires work, you need to research and find wholesalers, find relevant products, be quick to place an order when someone does buy something to ensure the lead time is on time.  Because one of the biggest drawbacks of drop shipping is, if your wholesaler lets you down – you get the complaints.  Luckily, we haven’t had to deal with this, but either way you need to be on the ball.

How Do You Get the Traffic to Make this Work?

The other thing that is lacking, when you first start out is the traffic needed to actually make sales – free traffic is a long-term strategy, and yet he is claiming you could be earning from day one.  That is when you soon realise that the strategy, he is teaching you is relying on paid ads via Facebook.

Setting up a Shopify website is the easy bit, but his claims around floods of visitors to your website is where I have a problem with eCom Profit Sniper.  Paid Traffic is an effective model, but it requires patience and a lot of money to get it right, as you need to ensure your marketing strategies is spot on.

But it comes back to the point he is not upfront about what is required.  Facebook is not the greatest marketing platform, depending on your niche and you could end up spending a lot more than you make or can afford to nail a profitable strategy.

Another thing to point out at this point is that the $37 is not the end of your spending.  You will need to pay for a Shopify account, which starts at $29/month plus money for your Facebook Ads campaigns.

On the positive side, at least with eCom Profit Sniper you do get some training for the money you pay.  Although I wouldn’t say it is the best, there are definitely better options out there.  But compared to other get-rich-quick schemes that take your money with nothing in return – eCom Profit Sniper does give you something for your money.

Learn How to Build an Online Business

What is Good About eCom Profit Sniper (PROS)

Let’s look into what is good about the eCom Profit Sniper

Training on E commerce & Paid Marketing

Whilst I do not believe it to be the best, it does give you an insight into how to get started in e-commerce with a Shopify business, it also gives you some strategies around paid marketing via Facebook, so you do get some value for your $37.

Introduction to Shopify

If you are looking into ways to get into e-commerce, it gives you an introduction to Shopify which I think is a good platform to use.  Although I would say their own training on the Shopify website is better than what you are going to get here.

What Could eCom Profit Sniper Improve on? (Cons)

Let’s now look into what we didn’t like about eCom Profit Sniper…

It is So Misleading…

I think this sums up the product quite well, he is telling you a bunch of lies in his marketing video, hoping you are new to online marketing and have never heard of Shopify before or that you are willing to spent a fortune on paid ads to earn his “$44k a month” figure.  Like I said earlier, Gem uses drop shipping on her wedding website, but when you have competition from the big brands out there, it is much harder to achieve without paying for ads.  Organic free traffic is a blessing but is a long-term strategy, and it does work (with the right training).  But this will not, in my opinion, earn you the type of money Tom mentions unless you are willing to spend the same amount to earn the type of money he is talking about.

Low Quality Training

The training is not cutting edge, it is just a simple guide on how to set up Shopify, and how to use paid ads.  Stuff you could find on Google, just as easily.  Setting up a shop online will not bring you immediate success.  Without promoting the hell out of the brand, you are up against Amazon and eBay, It is a tough world for ecommerce.  Not saying it doesn’t work.  Gems wedding stationary business is taking off, but we are nowhere near earning that kind of money out of this business yet, and that just shows you the timescales that you need to work with and the fact this training is low quality and will not get you earning that.

How Much Does eCom Profit Sniper Cost?

That is the saving grace with this training, the training alone is $37, and you may learn some useful bits.  It is also sold via ClickBank, so you can always get your money back.

But in reality, the $37 fee is only the starting point for your spending.  Shopify starts at $29 a month, but as your business grows you will need to upgrade to the higher package.  You also have to consider your marketing budget required to follow the training, Tom offers.

My Honest Opinion of eCom Profit Sniper Is it a Scam?

Building an online shop and get traffic through paid ads is nothing new, and it is a system that works.  But I fully believe that this product will not really add much value to you and will definitely not earn you the type of money Tom mentions in his sales videos straightway like he promises.

Whilst the training is not a scam, it is a low-quality product priced just right to get people to buy it.  Many people will think $37 is a sound investment, but in reality, it is much easier to get trained properly on how to start an online business and go into ecommerce if you want to.  With better training providers out there, like I mentioned earlier the stuff available on Shopify alone is better than the training you would receive from eCom Profit Sniper.

There are too many false promises that make this product fit quite nicely with other get-rich-quick schemes and that is not a good thing.

By the time you have invested money into Shopify and used paid marketing, only to find that it is not working – you would have lost a lot of money to this system.  There are better ways to get started earning money online.

If you want to find a way of making money online, the first thing you need to realise is – Products that make these bold promises are typically products to stay away from.  There are genuine ways you can start to earn a full-time wage from, but it takes time and a lot of effort.  But if you are interested in learning how to build yourself a sustainable online business, we recommend the training at Wealthy Affiliate over any others.  It has training to cover all online business

eCom Profit Sniper at a Glance

Product Name: eCom Profit Sniper ecom profit sniper

Owners: Tom Parker

Website URL: ecomprofitsniper.com

Product Type: Drop shipping & Paid Marketing Training

Price: $37 + Upsells

Best For: No one

Recommended: Not Really

BestAffiliateMarketingTools.org Rating:2/5

Verdict: There are Better Training Packages Out There…

If you are sold on the idea of drop shipping as an online business, I would suggest you go direct to Shopify.

But when it comes to building up traffic, both through free and paid options, the training available at Wealthy Affiliate eclipses anything else out there.

Do not think it is just about affiliate marketing, this platform covers everything to do with online business and can mean you are following the correct steps to success with any business model.

If you are start out though, I would say that starting out with Affiliate Marketing has many benefits over drop shipping – as you do not need to deal with products, or arranging shipping, etc.

If you would like to learn more about Affiliate Marketing, here is my helpful guide.  If you are ready to learn how to achieve online success and start your online profitable online business using Affiliate Marketing, I highly recommend you read my Wealthy Affiliate Review.

Thanks for checking out my review, if you still have any questions or would like to share your experiences, please add them in the comments below.  We will endeavour to respond as soon as we can.


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