What’s The Best CBD Affiliate Program? Here’s Our Top 23!

The CBD Oil market is growing at a fast rate, and with that the affiliate programs have come a long way to help and fuel it’s growth.  It’s mainly used the affiliate marketing method of advertising, due to certain restrictions on the way they advertise.  But What’s The Best CBD Affiliate Program?

It’s definitely a good market to get into as an affiliate marketer, as the CBD Industry looks to be worth over $22 billion by 2022.  Grab a portion of the profits simply by promoting these products online.

Before we go into our list of 16 CBD affiliate programs for you to consider joining, it’s first important to cover off a few other questions you may have, especially if you’re new to CBD oil, or even if you’re brand new to affiliate marketing.

Affiliate Marketing, especially promoting CBD affiliate programs is a very lucrative deal… But if you haven’t got any traffic, it’s unlikely you’ll get accepted by them, and that means you cannot take this opportunity further.

We can help you out with getting started with affiliate marketing, and if you want to explore the CBD route, we can help there.

We’ll get it right out there from the start, we’re not experts in CBD oil… But we do know our stuff around Affiliate Marketing.

What's The Best CBD Affiliate Program? Here's Our Top 23!

If you already know what you’re doing, you can use our contents list to jump to the Top 23 CBD Affiliate Programs… But if you’re new, or relatively new to affiliate marketing, then you might find the next couple of sections useful… 

Table of Contents

What's CBD Oil?

You might already know everything you need to know about what CBD Oil is, but I like to be thorough and wanted to make sure you knew what it is you’ll be promoting as part of your affiliate marketing campaigns.

What's CBD Oil?

Some of you may have concerns as CBD Oil does in fact come from the cannabis plant.  CBD is one of the 104 chemical compounds that are known as cannaboids, which are found within the cannabis plant.

It’s a naturally occurring substance.  When it is extracted and then mixed with a carrier oil, it becomes the CBD Oil that these companies are selling.  It’s typically mixed with hemp seed or coconut.

CBD has been shown to have a ton of health benefits, based on how it interacts with the human endocannabinoid system.  CBD has been proven to work in treating people suffering from epileptic seizures, and there have been benefits associated with those suffering with Cancer.

The main advantage of CBD oil is that it’s not psychoactive.  Sounds complicated, but all that means is it doesn’t actually give you the “high” that you would normally associated with Cannabis.

It’s become more mainstream as time progresses, and it’s becoming legal in more and more places.   It’s definitely a good option to explore with affiliate marketing…

What's Affiliate Marketing?

If you want to get the most out of the CBD opportunity, and if you’re brand new to affiliate marketing, then it’s important we give you an overview of how affiliate marketing works… Again, if you already know affiliate marketing, then you can skip to our list of 16 affiliate programs…

Affiliate Marketing is a form of online marketing.  It saves companies money on advertising, as they only pay out when they make a sale.  

As an affiliate, you’ll get rewarded for every time you bring a customer to the product (via your blog or social media) and they make a purchase.  The amount you make will depend on the commission rate, etc.

In the example of CBD Oil, you would create a blog dedicated to helping people understand CBD Oil, and the include affiliate links to these CBD companies and their product lines.

When someone clicks on your link and buys something, you will get a commission based on the sale, and that is in essence how affiliate marketing works.  It can be used in many different niches, as you find out in our step-by-step affiliate marketing guide…

If you’ve already established a blog, and are getting decent levels of traffic, you’ll be good to go and apply for some of these CBD affiliate programs…

But if you’re brand new, then there are a few things that you should know, before trying to apply…

These companies will only make money to be able to pay you, if you can bring traffic to the affiliate links on your blog.  This takes time to build up, and so the affiliate programs may not accept your application straightaway, especially if your blog is brand new.

If you want to learn how to create a blog website, and learn how to build traffic, you can check out our complete guides… Once you have got some great blog posts on your website, and start bringing traffic to your site… You’ll have no problem getting accepted to these affiliate programs below…

Here's 23 CBD Affiliate Programs For You to Join...


AirVape has a range of Vapes, and are known for looking after their customers.  They even let existing owners of AirVape products getting big discounts when new products are released, with an opportunity to send your current vape back to them to get recycled.

Affiliates are able to earn 15% commission on each sale, and their cookie duration is 30 days.  As an affiliate you are provided with a range of banner ads and other elements to use to promote your products.

Website URL: AirVape

Commission Rate: 15% per sale

Cookie Duration:  30 days

CBD Biocare

CBD Biocare Affiliate Program

CBD BioCare has a range of various CBD Oil products.  The hemp plants are organically grown and manufactured in the US.

They have products like, CBD Apple Stem Cell Rejuvenation Cream, Full Spectrum CBD Oil, Pain Balm with Emu Oil, etc.

You can become a sales representative with the company, and earn commissions of up to 40% on each sale.  CBD Biocare also offers training to its representatives.  It also allows you to earn referral fees, control your own schedule, and receive a commission.

Website URL: CBD BioCare

Commission Rate: Up to 40%

Cookie Duration:  6 months

CBD Essence

CBD Essence Affiliate Program

A leading company when it comes to CBD extraction techniques from the hemp plant is, CBD Essence.  They also boast a huge range of products, including oil tinctures, CBD pet treats, CBD edibles, topical creams, capsules, vape liquids, pastes, and the list goes on and on.

You can join their affiliate program and they offer between 20% and 40% commissions on every retail sale.  They also offer a 180 day cookie duration, which is really good.  They also pay their affiliates monthly.

Their products also receive good feedback from customers, which is a sign of a good affiliate program.  If people are happy with the product and want to buy the products, they are going to be more trusted, which is helpful for you as an affiliate.

Website URL: CBD Essence

Commission Rate: Between 20% and 40%

Cookie Duration: 180 Days 


CBD FX Affiliate Program

CBD FX is one of the major manufacturers of certified and high-quality CBD products.  It’s product line includes CBD Chilli Shots, CBD Capsules, CBD Oil, tinctures, gummies, and many more.

The company provides free shipping on all orders within the U.S.  It also has a lot of positive customer reviews and a high conversion rate.

Affiliates earn a 20% commission on each sale, with a cookie duration of 30 days.  Affiliates are also provided with an affiliate manager to guide you through the whole process.  It’s payment methods are Check, Square, and Wire.

Affiliates are paid monthly , once you have reached the required minimum payment depending on the payment method.

Website URL: CBD FX

Commission Rate: 20%

Cookie Duration: 30-days


CBD MD Affiliate Program

CBD MD offers some of the highest-quality products within the CBD industry.  Their products are affordable, and their products include tinctures, pet oil, topicals, gummies, bath bombs, and many more.

You can earn a 20% commission from every sale you make.  Once you have created your account, you will share content using your CBD MD affiliate link.  They offer a cookie duration of 90 days.

CBD MD also gives you a range of creative images for your banners, social media, and your email campaigns

Website URL: CBD MD

Commission Rate: 20%

Cookie Duration: 90-days


CBDMedic sells a wide range of topical products aimed at offering temporary pain relief, as well as a range of different ointments and skincare creams.  When you use a certain promotional code, you can get free expedited shipping and 20% off the price.

The company’s affiliate program allows you to earn at least 20% of all retail sales you are able to generate.

Once you’ve registered your affiliate account, the company will send you a link to your affiliate dashboard.  This link will also allow you to download some marketing materials too.  These banners can then be shared on your social media account or website.

You can earn up to 30% on each sale depending on your performance, and they pay bi-monthly.  It has a good cookie duration, which is 90 days.

Website URL: CBDMedic

Commission Rate: 20% to 30%

Cookie Duration: 90-days

CBD Pure

CBD Pure Affiliate Program

CBD Pure is Cannabidiol (CBD) oil that is derived from organically grown industrial hemp plants, in Colorado.  Some of their products include CBD Oil, such as liquid soft gels, creams, pet products, etc.

Their affiliate program has been around for over ten years, and allows you to earn a 40% commission, it also comes with a 90-day cookie period.

Website URL: CBD Pure

Commission Rate: Up to 40%

Cookie Duration: 90-days


CBD Sky has actually received many positive reviews from professionals owing to its high-quality products and having affordable prices.  Their products include capsules, oil drops, and an oral spray.

CBD Sky has received a lot of attention from online advertisers and some social media influencers.

Regarding their affiliate program they allow you to earn 30% commission from each sale you make.  You can also earn a lifetime compensation bonus for every customer you have referred to the company.

Affiliates are paid on a monthly basis, and they even accept global affiliates, as long as you have a PayPal account.  Its cookie duration is 30 days.

Website URL: CBD Sky

Commission Rate: 30%

Cookie Duration: 30 Days

Direct CBD

Direct CBD Affiliate Program

Direct CBD has one of the highest conversion rates in the industry, and they have a wide range of products, such as hemp oil drops, wellness tincture, sleep raspberry gummies, wellness relief cream, as well as others too.

As an affiliate, you’re able to earn 20% commissions, and its cookie duration is 30 days.

Their site also sells products from a number of CBD brands, this gives you a wider range of products to promote.  Affiliates are paid bi-monthly.

Website URL: Direct CBD

Commission Rate: Up to 20%

Cookie Duration: 30 Days

Green Roads CBD

Green Roads sells natural hemp products, so you could be a healthier option.  This company got started after they were formulating CBD products for family members and friends, and then it has grown from there.

The Hemp is grown on American farms, meaning that the products haven’t been treated with any harsh pesticides, heavy metals, solvents, or any other contaminates.

They also have their products tested by external labs to ensure the highest standards of purity.

If you think about it from an affiliate perspective, the smaller businesses tend to offer better customer support.

Green Roads is at the lower end of the payout scale, with a 10% cut of everything you sell, and paying an average commission of $12.46.  But they’re also happy to generate custom discount codes for affiliates who need them, although some affiliates have been abusing this, so you’ll need to pick up a conversation with them about a deal first.

Website URL: Green Roads Affiliate Program

Commission Rate: 12%+ Per Sale

Cookie Duration: 30 Days

Green Wellness

Green Wellness Affiliate Program

Green Wellness Life is a family run business, run by Brandy and Jim Palmer.

They never set out to sell CBD products, but it naturally left from them setting up a business selling complementary health treatments.

Their product line is a complete range of CBD products, including edibles, capsules, tinctures, vaporizers, and creams.

Green Wellness Life is one of the highest earning CBD affiliate programs, and have a conversion rate of 19.8%

They offer a commission rate of 10% per sale, and a cookie duration of 90 days.

Website URL: Green Wellness Life

Commission Rate: 10% per sale

Cookie Duration: 90-day cookie

Hemp My Pet

hemp my pet cbd affiliate program

Hemp My Pet is a major company when it comes to organic CBD pet products/supplies.  They offer product categories that include, organic CBD olive oil, hemp dog biscuits, CBD coconut oils, wellness bundles, and a lot of other products.

It’s one of the best options when it comes to pet CBD products.  It’s affiliate program allows you to earn 30% commissions on each sale, with a 90-day cookie period.

Website URL: Hemp My Pet

Commission Rate: 30%

Cookie Duration: 90-day cookie

Honey Stem

Honey Stem is a fast growing CBD company globally.  There has been a lot of praise put their way, owing to their desire to educate consumers as well as developing high quality and affordable products.

They also pay one of the highest paid commission rates too.  You can earn 50% commission on every sale you make.  Its cookie duration is 30 days.

Their affiliates are given good training before selling their products.  It also has responsive support, and affiliates are paid monthly.

Website URL: Honey Stem

Commission Rate: 50%

Cookie Duration: 30-day cookie

Just CBD

Just CBD Affiliate Program

Just CBD is said to be one of the best CBD affiliate programs that is available, and is also said to have great customer service too.

They offer the usual range of products within the CBD world, and they use labs to test the quality and efficacy of their products.

You can earn 18% commission on each sale, and they have a 30-day cookie duration.

Website URL: Just CBD

Commission Rate: 18% per sale

Cookie Duration: 30-day cookie

Joy Organics

Joy Organics Affiliate Program

Joy Organics has a reputation for providing a range of high-quality CBD products that are affordable.  They also offer a wide range of products, including tinctures, topicals, soft gels, skincare, and many more.

Their affiliate program offers a 25% commission on each retail sale, and its cookie duration is 60 days.  They also offer an aggressive bonus program so that there is another opportunity to earn more money.

After opening an account, the company reviews your profile and then allow you to share your link with your followers.

Website URL: Joy Organics

Commission Rate: 25%

Cookie Duration: 60-day cookie

Lifted CBD

The best way to describe Lifted CBD is that they are a way of promoting a number of brands all in one affiliate program.  Rather than buying on multiple platforms, consumers are able to come to one place and find them all, or at least the ones Lifted CBD is linked to.

They stock the usual range of CBD products, including creams, oils, tinctures, a full range of edibles, and they also have Strava coffees.

All the CBD brands are represented, incluidng NuLeaf, Shanti, and Mary’s Nutritionals.

They also have CBD products that are designed specifically for your pets.

As an affiliate you can earn 15% commissions on any sales made, and their average order size is $230.

Generalist CBD affiliate programs like this one, are a great way to start earning money from your niche site.  Once you then know what people are looking for, you can then start going directly to the manufacturer,  to try and negotiate better commissions, etc.

Website URL: Lifted CBD

Commission Rate: 15% per sale

Cookie Duration: 90-day cookie

King Kanine

King Kanine Affiliate Program

If you are thinking of targeting the pets niche, then this might be the right fit for you.  King Kanine is focused on pet wellness products, using CBD or hemp oil.

They see a range of CBD ingestible oils, topicals, and edibles for dogs, cats, and even horses.  Their products are on the high side though, but people aren’t usually scared of that when it comes to their pets.

This might be a good fit for you, but I’ll let you be the judge of that.

As far as commissions go, you get 15% per sale and a 30-day cookie period.

Website URL: King Kanine

Commission Rate: 15% per sale

Cookie Duration: 30-day cookie

Namaste Vapes CBD

Namaste Vapes Affiliate Program

Namaste Vapes have tapped into the vape market.  They sell a range of portable and desktop vaporizers, grinders, Rosin presses, bongs and accessories from leading manufacturers, like DaVinci and Ghost.

An average order size here is $232, and you’ll earn an average of $32 commission for every new customer.

The commission rate varies between 10% and 15%, depending on the products you are promoting and their cookie duration is 90 days.

Website URL: Namaste Vapes

Commission Rate: 10% to 15% per sale

Cookie Duration: 90-day cookie

Pura Hemp

Purahemp CBD Affiliate Program

PuraHemp is a major innovator in the hemp pharmaceutical-grade nutraceuticals.  It’s aim is to improve people’s health through their range of hemp products.

The company produces medical grade and high-quality products that are apparently backed by doctors.  The company is in control of 100% of its manufacturing processes.

You can join their affiliate marketing program, and it offers a 30% commission for any retails sales you’re able to make.  It offers a cookie duration of 60 days, which is pretty good.

You can even get 10% off your customer’s first order too.  They provide free shipping to clients that are within the US.

Once you have filled in the application form, the company will send you a personal link that you then then use to link potential customers to PuraHemp’s website.

Website URL: PuraHemp

Commission Rate: 30%

Cookie Duration: 60-day cookie

Savage CBD

Savage CBD is a leading CBD company, and it offers both wholesale and retail opportunities with their business.  They have products that include CBD pet treats, tinctures, lifter sauce, CBD drink powder, etc.

They provide their customers with natural alternatives, and are of a high-quality, and are laboratory-tested CBD products that are at affordable prices.

You can join Save CBD’s affiliate program, and they offer a 35% commission for each sale.  Savage CBD give their affiliates free samples for you to review, and then share on social, media, blogs, websites, etc.  They pay out commissions every 30-days, and active affiliates get special pricing on their products.

Website URL: Savage CBD

Commission Rate: 35%

Cookie Duration: 60-days


Specktra Affiliate Program

Specktra is a CBD company that combines full-spectrum CBD, specific terpenese profiles, and organic essential oils for maximum therapeutic relief.  They test all of their products in a laboratory and are available in transdermal patches, tinctures, and vapes.

The products are a high-quality and provides affordable prices.

You can earn 30% commissions on sales, which is dependent on your performance.  If you are able to meet your monthly target, or at least get 100 conversions, you will be earning about $2,400.  In turn, you’ll be given a 15% discount code to share with your own audience.

The company pays its affiliate at the end of the month, and it’s cookie duration is 30 days.


Website URL: Specktra

Commission Rate: 30%

Cookie Duration: 30 days

Vape Bright

Vape Bright is one of the most well-known brands that are in the CBD market.  It offers a range of specialised CBD vape products, such as vape cartridges.

The products contains a negligible amount of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). This is the part of cannabis that gives you the psychoactive effects.  By having this only as a negligible effects, the company’s products are legal in all 50 states.

The company’s affiliate program gives you a different rate for new customers compared to returning customers.  For a new customer, you can 30% commission and then 20% for returning customers.

They offer a 30 days cookie, which is one of the shorter lengths on this list, but they are well-known so people are more likely to trust their brand.

Once you have completed the application form, you will also be required to specify your primary and secondary source of traffic.

This tells me that if you haven’t got much traffic yet, you may not get accepted until you start generating more traffic…

Website URL: Vape Bright

Commission Rate: 30% on new customers, and then 20% on all other customers

Cookie Duration: 30 days


WillowCBD Affiliate Program

WillowCBD is a premium CBD brand that offers high quality, Colorado-grown hemp-derived tinctures, topicals, and gummies.

All of WillowCBD’s products are developed using an organic sub-zero extraction method to produce unparalleled full spectrum CBD that is potent, clean and effective.

Introduce your users to a unique product offering via a polished website developed and optimized for conversions. WillowCBD offers up to 25% commission and a 30 day cookie.

They’ll review your application within 24-48 hours on average and once approved you’ll be connected with an affiliate manager to discuss strategies and next steps so that you earn the most money possible.

Website URL: Willow CBD

Commission Rate:  upto 25% 

Cookie Duration: 30 days


As CBD and Hemp oil has become increasingly legitimised across the world, the industry is growing at a fast pace.  

As it gains more attention, naturally people are looking for what’s on the market.  If you’re able to get going with affiliate campaigns helping people find the products they are after, this could be a very lucrative market for you.

There are also some really high commissions, depending on the company you go with.

Like I said earlier, if you’re brand new you may need to work on building your blog up first before applying, as they need to traffic to consider you a good fit for their affiliate program.

If you haven’t started a blog yet, or are struggling with getting traffic, then you may want to consider our step-by-step guide to getting started which will work with any niche, as well as CBD.  

Alternatively, you can check out our Wealthy Affiliate review, which is the training platform that enabled us to Create a 4-Figure Monthly Passive Income Stream.

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4 thoughts on “What’s The Best CBD Affiliate Program? Here’s Our Top 23!”

  1. With more countries and States legalizing the use of medicinal marijuana, it is a product that has been talked about much more. So what a great idea to use affiliate marketing to promote CBD products. The only two brands that I have come across are Green Wellness and Pura Hemp, so there are many other possibilities of good affiliate programs to join. 

    Do you have personal experience with any of these companies?

    • Hiya.

      thanks for checking out our guide.  To be honest, No.  I have researched them from afar, but haven’t had any personal experience with these.  So I would advise you to do some more research before you try to sign up with them.  Learning what they are expecting from an affiliate is all part of the process.

      I wouldn’t profess to be an expert in CBD, but I can definitely help when it comes to affiliate marketing.

      All the best


  2. Wow, I never knew that there were so many options when it came to finding a CBD Affiliate program to join. This list you have provided is great, and I like that you have included how long the cookies last, as this is very important when choosing an affiliate program, as very few people buy on their first visit to the site, but rather the second or third time that they return.

    I would like to find an affiliate program where the oil is well priced, as well as pure. Do you have any favourites you can recommend?

    • Hey Michel,

      thanks for checking out our guide.  I think they all have merit, as they all offer decent commission rates and cookie lengths.  I would worry if any of them were only offering 24 hour cookies, as you’re right many people ponder and that can lead to you losing the sale.

      I do like the fact that Lifted CBD has products from a number of brands, so this is a great way of testing the water on your blog.  Rather than signing up with one that only offers one brand, this may limit you if people aren’t that into the product.

      But like I said, I think they are all worth more study and are a good one to go with, depending on the niche you are after.  The pet ones look good and pet owners look to spend more on their pets than what we tend to spend on ourselves.

      Hope you find the one that suits you…

      All the best



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