AffiliateTuber Review – Does it Really Teach How to Profit from YouTube?

Welcome to my AffiliateTuber review, we will be delving into all of the details of this training product and letting you know our opinions on it and whether it is actually worth your time and money.

If you have been looking into making money online through YouTube, then you will find that Chris Derenberger’s training program is all about doing just that.  But is AffiliateTuber able to help you achieve that or is it just another online scam…  Let’s jump in and show you what we found out.

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AffiliateTuber Overview & Rankings

Product Name: AffiliateTuber AffiliateTuber Review

Owners: Chris Derenberger

Website URL:

Product Type: Youtube & Affiliate Marketing Training Platform

Price: $37/month + Upsells

Best For: Mid to Experienced Affiliate Marketers Rating: 4/5

A Quick AffiliateTuber Summary

AffiliateTuber offers some good training for those looking to get into Video Marketing, specifically with YouTube. High-Quality Videos access to Chris Derenberger helps score this product quite highly.  My recommendation would be more for those who already have a grasp of Affiliate Marketing, rather than those looking to get started in the business. A good investment for those looking to expand their brand to YouTube.

Recommended: Yes, for those with some experience

Get Started with Affiliate Marketing

What Exactly is AffiliateTuber?

One thing I am sure of when it comes to affiliate marketing is that video marketing is going to be a huge factor going forward, more and more people are consuming videos rather than reading articles.  It is something I need to get better at, but Chris Derenberger has created this course to help those who want to get into or improve themselves in video marketing with AffiliateTuber.

AffiliateTuber is an online video training course, which teaches you how to profit from YouTube videos using Affiliate Marketing.

Chris Derenberger has established himself really well within YouTube and this program is Chris sharing his knowledge and experience through it.

Chris has created over 40 high-quality videos that go through the main steps to setting yourself up as an authority within YouTube and monetising your YouTube channel for profit.

Whilst it is an in-depth course, do not expect notes to come along with the video.  This is predominantly all about over-the-shoulder video trainings so you can see how Chris does it, but some notes to go along with it would have been nice to help you move along as you strike to emulate what Chris does.

Who Does AffiliateTuber Benefit?

Whilst on the face of it, it looks like it would benefit anyone looking to get into Video Marketing.  But this program will only teach you around video marketing and you need a broader brand to be able to chase different paths.  If you are an already established affiliate marketer, then AffiliateTuber might be the next step in your business to get successed within YouTube.

But if you are a beginner, putting all your eggs in one basket can and might fail you.  I would actually recommend a different training program like Wealthy Affiliate where you can gain extensive knowledge within Affiliate Marketing before going down this road of paying $37/month for a program where I feel it is for a mid to experienced Affiliate Marketer range.

There are a couple of elements from this training that put me off for a beginner, for example Launch Jacking.  This is about promoting products that haven’t come out yet.  The idea is you review a product about to launch (but you gain no access to the product, so how can you review it). These reviews are typically over positive with apparently no flaws.  People are cautious around these types of reviews and it can harm your brand.  But if you are new and don’t know these things you could get caught up with the hype around this product and end up losing money.

That is why I would suggest someone who already has an affiliate marketing business and is ready to get YouTube right for their overall brand and not rely solely on it.

How Does AffiliateTuber Work?

AffiliateTuber comes with over 40 high-quality video training modules and tools aimed at setting yourself up as a YouTube authority.  You might be wondering what that means.  But in short, being informed and consistent will build up an authority in any niche.  It just takes time.

There are 5 main steps in the program: Course Content for AffiliateTuber

Researching Niches & Keywords

Setting up Your YouTube Channel

Building Authority to Your Channel

Optimising & Uploading Videos

SEO & Ranking Videos in Google & YouTube

Once you have signed into your account, you can access to:

The training videos Additional Content for AffiliateTuber

Live Case Studies

How to Find Profitable Affiliate Products to Promote

Bank Big with Launch Jacking

Discounted Pricing on YouTube Ranking Services

Access to Chris’s Keyword Tool

Access to Monthly Bonuses (examples include keyword lists, local videos, etc.)

Access to a VIP Facebook Group

There does seem a lot of value to be had from this product, but again I am a little concerned about a beginner starting out with these methods without fully understanding the concepts. Also, if you have watched all the videos within the first month – you find that you are paying the monthly fee to gain access to the Keyword tool and his RSS Submitter tool which you could find better alternatives which include more value too.

What is Good About AffiliateTuber (PROS)

Here is what we liked about it:

Step-by-Step Quality Training Videos

Watching the steps, you need to take with Chris’s over-the-shoulder type videos does make it much easier to follow and implement the steps.  We also found that the videos were full of quality content and really goes into the detail.

I have seen many training videos that were low-quality and were hard to follow, so it was a refreshing change.

60-Day Money Back Guarantee

Whilst I personally feel this product isn’t for beginners, you can always make your own assessment with the 60-day money back guarantee offered.

Sharing Chris’s Experience

These videos and tools are where you gain all of Chris’s experience and that is not to be sniffed at, Chris always ranks really well on YouTube and he shares it willing and also engages with the members of the VIP Facebook Page.

What Could AffiliateTuber Improve on? (CONS)

Here is what we didn’t like:

Hidden Costs

Whilst this product is genuine and offers some great value training for getting started with YouTube, the $37 a month is only a starting point.  There are upsells towards other products that Chris uses such as Content Samurai and TubeBuddy.  I am not saying these products are not worth the price, they are both genuine and come recommended.  But, just expect these to be introduced to you at some point.

Training is Only Available in Video Format

Most may not find this an issue, but everyone is different and the fact it comes with no written training to go alongside the videos may be an issue for some.

No Free Trial

It does have the 60-day money back guarantee with it, however proving you haven’t found it of value is sometimes hard to prove.  The only way you can test the product out is by paying the initial $37 for the first month.

How Much Does AffiliateTuber Cost?

At first glance the price comes in at $37 a month, but if you factor in the upsells that are pushed your way, Content Samurai comes in $47 a month or £397 a year.

Content Samurai is a tool to create videos for your YouTube channel.  Looking at it, it looks like a great tool for a YouTuber and definitely something that you may consider in the future, but it does add to the monthly cost of your business.

TubeBuddy starts out free as a chrome extension, but it does cost as you reach a certain stage of your YouTube channel.

My Honest Opinion of AffiliateTuber – Can you Benefit from AffiliateTuber?

First off, let’s clarify that AffiliateTuber is not a scam.  It is a detailed video marketing training platform that would benefit you if you are looking into creating your own YouTube Channel.  Video Marketing is a big thing and will continue to be the way forward for those looking for ways to make money online.

The step-by-step training is easy to follow and so, yes it can definitely benefit you.  Having said that, I wonder what value the keyword research tool is to stay a member past the month stage.

You could easily watch all the training videos and follow the steps, but what value are you going to get for your monthly fee?  I cannot answer that; it makes me wonder if it is.

One other thing that has affected my overall score is the fact it only really touches on affiliate marketing and doesn’t go into the detail like Wealthy Affiliate does.  WA training includes all aspects of creating an affiliate marketing business including Video Marketing, with the added value of offering website hosting, keyword tools, website engagement tools as well as weekly live Webinars, etc.

Learning video marketing is important, but I believe this training only provides part of the puzzle and a beginner would benefit more from Wealthy Affiliate, than they would from this product yet.

If you are an already established Affiliate Marketer, my advice would be different, and I would say this training could help you out with your Video Marketing.

Affiliate Marketing works, but I would recommend you have multiple branches to your business, in case one falls down.  If you put all of your eggs into a YouTube channel and cannot break into the market well enough, you are stuck.  If YouTube is only part of your brand and you find Instagram is a better introduction to your affiliate links, then you know which one to focus on.

That is why we recommend Wealthy Affiliate to beginners – training that will expertly teach you everything you need to know to progress with an affiliate marketing business.

AffiliateTuber at a Glance

Product Name: AffiliateTuber AffiliateTuber Review

Owners: Chris Derenberger

Website URL:

Product Type: YouTube & Affiliate Marketing Training Platform

Price: $37/month + Upsells

Best For: Mid to Experienced Affiliate Marketers

Recommended: Yes, for those with some experience Rating: 4/5

Verdict: Recommended, to the Right Affiliate Marketer

Affiliate Marketing is a great way of making money online, but there are certain elements that I would never have been able to grasp without the training I received from Wealthy Affiliate.

Writing blog posts, like this one can easily generate affiliate commissions without the need of creating YouTube videos until you are ready.  There is much more than just recording a video that goes into it.

If you are willing to work hard and stay determined, you will soon be earning your financial goals.  Wealthy Affiliate offers great training on all aspects of an online business, and you can learn more in my full review.  Check it out by pressing the button below:

Free WA Starter Membership

Thanks for taking the time to read my review.  I would love to hear your opinion on this product; have you got any experience with it, what did you think?  Let me know in the comments and I will get back to you as soon as I can.  thanks


$37 + Upsells





Overall Rating



  • Step-by-Step Training
  • 60-day Money Back Guarantee
  • Sharing Chris's Experiences


  • Hidden Costs
  • Training is Only in Video
  • No Free Trial

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