What is Funnel X ROI? Is it a Scam or a Simple $300/day System…?

What is Funnel X ROI_ Is it a Scam or a Simple $300_day System…_

Funnel X ROI states that it is an automated system that can bring in $300 a day.  This sounds like a system anyone would want if they were looking for ways to make money online.  But is it really a system you can trust?  Is it a system you can use and just what is Funnel X ROI? The main question, most will be asking is “Is the Funnel X ROI System a Scam…?”  As is the way with most of these products, the information is quite misleading, and we want to ensure you get the full picture of this product and whether it is worth your while.

You need to be mindful of any sort of funnel, as they tend to start free but end up leading you into high-ticket products that are the real bait behind the funnel.  Let’s see if Funnel X ROI is any different.

Funnel X ROI Overview & Rankings

Product Name: Funnel X ROI What is Funnel X ROI?

Owners: David Dekel

Website URL: https://funnelxroi.com/

Product Type: Sales Funnel

Price: Free + Upsells

Best For: Experienced Marketers with experience in Sales Funnels

BestAffiliateMarketingTools.org Rating: 2/5

A Quick Funnel X ROI Summary

This “free” system is designed to get you to buy into some MLM products including Easy 1 Up and Now Lifestyle.  I think his claims of earnings are unrealistic and beginners could be drawn into these sales funnels without the knowledge or experience to make it work.  If you are looking for genuine ways of earning money online, would benefit from staying away from this product.

Recommended: No

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What Exactly is Funnel X ROI?

Funnel X ROI is a funnel system, that was put together by David Dekel. His claims are around this system generating $300 a day.  Whilst stating that it could earn more than this. David also claims that you could use this system and have the potential to make your “first $100” quickly… Even today!

He goes onto mention the fact you do not need any experience and can get started for free.

This is all sounds great at this point (to the unsuspecting eye) and the funnel is done for you, all you have to do is “plug” it in.  He provides step-by-step guides to get you going and double your income without doing any extra work.

He states you are getting all of his hard work for free, and you can make a ton of money with this system.  Which he claims he will be charging $1997 for, when he gets enough testimonials.

To be honest, reading all of the above does make me feel really nervous about this product, and I would wonder what it really involved as I have not found an easy way to make money quickly online yet.  But let’s see how this Funnel X ROI works…

How Does Funnel X ROI Work?

Now at this point, you are expecting a free system that can generate you $300/ day with little or no work and no investment, right?

But this is a sales funnel, and it has one sole purpose – to get you to sign up to the following 4 MLM schemes.  This are where you are focusing on recruiting new members to these same 4 MLM schemes and that is how you will be earning your money.  Let’s go through the 4 Upsells:

1.Easy 1 Up – this is a high-ticket recruitment scheme.  You earn commission by recruiting new people to sign up with Easy 1 Up. You are provided with premade sales funnels, market material and training to facilitate this. Prices range from $25 to $1000.

2. Now Lifestyle Account – This is a health and fitness MLM company, again focusing on recruitment. So, whilst the niche is health and fitness, you will be focusing on recruiting people.

3. ClickMagick – You are pushed into buying this analytics program to help you analyse your traffic and conversions.  You could find better products to do this, but this sales funnel is more about you earning commission by getting people to buy ClickMagick.

4. Funnel X Advance – The last pushed product will be another product by David Dekel called Funnel X Advance. This is a pay per lead high-ticket item and looks like the real focus of the sales funnel you are told is free.

The main point is the system that you signed up for that states it is free, and you can earn $300 a day from is actually a front to get you to buy into these 4 products and that is how you can really make the money.  By promoting this funnel to others.

You will not make any money with this funnel, unless you buy into these 4 products.  That is something I consider to be underhand.  By claiming you can earn money, with a free product and yet you have to buy into other products.  All, which have an emphasis on recruitment and does not work for everyone.  I find that a key reason why I would not recommend this to someone just starting out.

Affiliate Marketing within a niche you want to start out in, is a much better way to earn money online and at least you will know what you are getting into.

Similarities with Funnel X Project

Products that are not entirely honest, tend to get found out and reinvent themselves.  Anyone who has noticed a similarity to Funnel X Project will notice that the funnel is pretty much the same, with the only difference being the products being MCA, Moneyline, Aweber and ClickMagick.  This being a program all about email marketing funnels.

Will You Make Money with Funnel X ROI?

Personally, I feel David is very misleading in his sales video.  He states he was making $18,000 by the fourth month.  Whilst I think it is possible to earn some money from these programs, he overstates the money you can earn and understates the amount of work needed to make these sales funnels work.

MLM schemes are all about the guys at the top making the money.  They have climbed the ladder, hence are in a better position to earn money.  But many MLM schemes penalise their affiliates if they are on lower rungs.  By this, I mean that you have a number of different level products in them.  If someone buys into a product that is the same level as you, you will earn the referral commission.  But if someone buys into a higher-level product than you, typically you will not earn the referral commission.

So, unless you are willing to buy into the highest-level product within each of these programs you will be missing out on sales.

Being at the top is key to actually making these types of program work and typically beginners will not be able to get to the top easily.

I think you could make money from this, but it will not be as quick as David states and you will need to invest some money too.

My Honest Opinion of Funnel X ROI – Is Funnel X ROI a Scam?

Whilst I do not think it is a scam, I do think it is a front to push you into these other high-ticket MLM schemes where you will be focused on one thing.  Recruiting new members.  Now, that isn’t necessarily the problem with this system, but most that would fall into this funnel are complete beginners without the experience or knowledge to actually make the funnels work.

If you know how to promote these funnels, you could have a lot more success with your own affiliate marketing business and you can promote what you want to promote and not be stuck with MLM schemes that get a lot of bad press.

I also question whether this has a future?  The reason I say this is, there must be a reason why they stopped promoting MCA to change it up and move over to Easy 1 Up.  I also, see Easy 1 Up needing to be careful, as it is a very similar recruitment scheme to MOBE and Digital Altitude.  Both of which have been closed down by the FTC recently, as they have both been classed as scams. If you compare Digital Altitude to Funnel X ROI, DA was closed down due to the owner stating that you could earn thousands in 90 days.  This was found to be totally unrealistic.  Funnel X ROI, states that you could be earning $100 a day from day one… again, totally unrealistic.

However, they could just change the product they promote in their funnel quite easily

Funnel X ROI at a Glance

Product Name: Funnel X ROI What is Funnel X ROI?

Owners: David Dekel

Website URL: https://funnelxroi.com/

Product Type: Sales Funnel

Price: Free + Upsells

Best For: Experienced Marketers with experience in Sales Funnels

Recommended: No

BestAffiliateMarketingTools.org Rating:2/5

Verdict: Not Recommended

I would not recommend this if you are looking for a genuine way to start making money online, there are better alternatives.

A Better Recommendation for Making Money Online

If you are looking for a way to earn money online and are a beginner, I would not recommend this type of sales funnel to you.  Whilst the right marketer could make money form this system, it is something of a risk for you to take.  The reason I say this is it is quite a deceptive product, starting out free only to start telling you to invest in other products. Also, “done for you” systems are never really a good idea.

You never learn enough from them to be able to expand into your own online business and as you are totally reliant on them, as soon as they are gone you have nothing to show for it.  These types of funnel system do not hang around that long, as they are promoting scam products or products that the FTC have an eye on.

But, if you are looking for a genuine way of earning money online, without having to promote products like these you can start your own online business choosing a niche that you want to promote.

Our preferred method is Affiliate Marketing, it is a great way to earn money online and means you get to start out with something you love.  Check out my guide on How Does Affiliate Marketing work to understand how you can build your own profitable online business.

If you have any questions or comments, please write them in the comments below and I will respond to you as soon as I can.  All the best, John


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