Is Auto Affiliate Program a Scam? Steven Hall’s Unique Strategy Revealed

Is Auto Affiliate Program a Scam_ Steven Hall’s Unique Strategy Revealed

Can you really benefit from Steven Hall’s unique strategy for success with Affiliate Marketing, or is the Auto Affiliate Program a scam?  All is revealed in our full review.

With promises of creating a passive income stream in just 7 minutes, it seems too good to be true and, in all honesty, it is.

Unlimited passive income in 7 minutes?

We will reveal why we feel this product is not suitable for people just starting out and on that basis is a scam.

Product Overview & Rankings

Product Name: Auto Affiliate Program Is Auto Affiliate Program a Scam?

Owners: Steven Hall

Website URL:

Product Type: Done-For-You Affiliate Marketing Program

Price: $47/month

Best For:  More Experienced Marketer & The Owner Rating: 2/5

A Quick Auto Affiliate Program Summary

The Auto Affiliate Program is a rather unique affiliate marketing program.  It aims at making sales through giving out free eBooks.  But with the unrealistic claims and flaws, it makes it very difficult to make any money from it, especially if you are just starting out.

Recommended: No

Here is my top recommend program for beginners

What Exactly is Auto Affiliate Program?

The Auto Affiliate Program is a membership platform that claims to make you unlimited passive income by giving away free eBooks.  Created by a guy called Steven Hall, he makes some unfounded promises with his product.  Below is the sales video for Auto Affiliate Program:


To save you an hour of your life though, I will summarise how the Auto Affiliate Program works

How Does Auto Affiliate Program Work?

The concept of the Auto Affiliate Program comes from a statement Steven says in his sales video “Getting people to buy something is hard but giving something away for free is easy”.

Steven’s unique take on affiliate marketing is by giving away free eBooks with affiliate links included to your target audience.

If someone clicks on the link and makes a purchase, you earn a commission.

Now, on paper this looks like a good deal… But the biggest problem is how many of those people are going to actually read the eBook.  People have short attention spans and if you received a free 60-page eBook, are you really going to read it cover to cover.  In my experience, most will download it and it will sit in your downloads folder and never get opened.

eBooks have lost their appeal a little, as many internet marketers have abused it over the years.  When was the last time you took an eBook seriously?

The conversion rate is the biggest issue with the Auto Affiliate Program and is the thing that you need to make money from it.

eBooks are an old strategy, and not really current with how people work nowadays.

What You Get from Auto Affiliate Program

Once you sign up for the $47 monthly fee, you are granted access to their member’s area.  Where you also receive the following:

Done-for-You eBooks with professional cover designs

Done-for-You website, with eBook downloads links and affiliate links

Free Hosting for your website

Automatic Affiliate Links (these are embedded into your eBooks)

Done-for-You List Building Service

Website examples

All of the features within Auto Affiliate Program are focused on automation and done-for-you systems, the idea being you do not have to done much.  But in reality, you are given a free website with some free eBooks.

All you would need to go and do is promote your website and the eBook landing pages they provide you.

Steven tries his hardest to convince you that by investing in his program, you just sit back and watch the money roll in.  But I do not believe this is possible with this program, not in the slightest.  You will see why, when you see my pros and cons of this product in the next segments.

What is Good About Auto Affiliate Program (PROS)

Here is what we liked about it:

Done-For-You eBooks are Surprisingly Good

Not all done for you stuff is the quality you would like, but the Auto Affiliate Program has surprised us with making sure they are good quality.

They have a decent length to them, with an average of between 40-60 pages and the content has been well-written by professional writers.  The affiliate links are automatically incorporated and are in a natural way.

60-Day Money Back Guarantee

The Auto Affiliate Program is sold through ClickBank, so it is covered by ClickBank’s 60-Day Money Back guarantee.

Although, Steven does not mention any refund policy on his sales page, so it might be difficult or impossible to actually get a refund.

What Could Auto Affiliate Program Improve on? (CONS)

Here is what we didn’t like:

Duplicate Content

Whilst the done-for-you eBooks are fine, the done-for-you websites are not ok.  Steven’s done-for-you website is just a one-pager with all of the eBooks available for download.

Imagine if there are hundreds, or even thousands of Auto Affiliate Program members all using the exact same website.

This will lead to it not being unique and facing the duplicate content issues where search engines penalise websites with duplicate content on it.

It makes me wonder why Steve omitted this from his sales video, as beginners would not be aware of the duplicate content issue, until they have already paid and soon realise.

His only mention of getting traffic is through social media, which is not always effective.

Low Traffic & Conversion Rates

The main strategy that is to be used with Auto Affiliate Program is through sharing eBook links through social media… But unless you have a Facebook business page with a huge following, how do you expect to shift these eBooks.

Even if you have that huge following, you will find that sharing these eBook links will have a low conversion rate.

You will find yourself in a fortunate position if someone does go through and make a purchase.

You Are Tied into Using Their System

Once you start using their system, you are stuck paying them $47 a month.  Everything that is part of their platform is around making you totally reliant on this platform.

You will find that your website is hosted by them, your email list is by them, they help you insert affiliate links, etc.

What if this system was closed down, you would find you are left with nothing to show for it?

You will also have found you have not learned anything running an affiliate marketing business.

Is Limited to Only 12 Niches

There are only 12 niches covered with eBooks in Auto Affiliate Program.  So, if your chosen niche is not listed, you will find this will not be of any benefit to you.

12 niches only

Promises Steve Cannot Keep!

If you actually look at the Auto Affiliate Program’s sales page.  There are just unrealistic promises that Steve cannot keep:

Fully Automate Passive Income for Life?

Set Up the System in 7 Minutes, Money for the rest of your life?

Follow a simple step-by-step video and You don’t have to do anything ever?

There are just too many promises that I don’t believe anyone could believe or actually promise with a product online.

My Honest Opinion of Auto Affiliate Program?

From a beginners point of view, Auto Affiliate Program is a complete scam.  A beginner will lack the necessary knowledge to actually make any money from this platform.  You will find that you just end up paying $47 a month hoping it works.

Without knowing how to drive traffic to your sales pages, you will not earn anything.

It is a typically sales technique to convince you that you need this product and hand over the money.

If you are a more experience marketer, you might benefit from the quality eBooks on offer in this platform.  As you already have a traffic source, you could leverage these eBooks quite effectively.

There is also the factor around the eBooks, they are losing their effectiveness.  Most websites are offering a free eBook in exchange for an email address, this brings into question the sustainability of Steven’s strategy.

Auto Affiliate Program at a Glance

Product Name: Auto Affiliate Program

Owners: Steven Hall

Website URL:

Product Type: Done-For-You Affiliate Marketing Program

Price: $47/month

Best For: More Experienced Marketer & The Owner

Recommended: No Rating: 2/5

Verdict: Not Recommended for Beginners

If you are serious about starting an affiliate marketing business, then you need to right training and support to be successful and not a low-quality product like this one.  We recommend Wealthy Affiliate as our No.1 Recommended Products for those looking to earn money online through Affiliate Marketing.

With the quality training, help and support they can help anyone achieve their goals of making money online.  Check out my full Wealthy Affiliate review, to learn more.

If you have any questions or thoughts to add to my review, please write them in the comments below.  Thanks, John

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