Best Part Time Jobs for Retired People

Averages show that we are living longer, so naturally many of people reaching retirement age are ready to leave the job, but not necessarily hang up their boots.

Whether you are looking for a part time job to supplement your pension or something that is going to ensure you stay active – both physically and mentally, or even just to pay for holidays.  We have a number of suggestions for the best part time jobs for retired people.

There are the more obvious choices, which you might expect.  But then this is one that you might have never thought of and will allow you a lot more freedom than the others. But let’s start with the obvious choices:

Retail/Seasonal Jobs

When we think of part time jobs, we can often just think about the retail sector.  Offering shift work, which is quite flexibleRetail Work and can often be close to home. This makes it an obvious choice, as we all have experience with customer service and their expectations are typically – Flexible and Offer Great Customer Service.

Will this be suitable for all retirees, not quite?  Some of you will find that this is a great option, it will keep the mind active and will mean we aren’t sitting around, which again is a great thing.  Active Body & Active Mind is always something my Grandad used to say.

However, this will not be an option for everyone. So, let’s explore some real opportunities where your experience and knowledge will be a key element.

Consultancy Jobs

Whatever industry you worked in, you will have a whole lot of experience that people are interested in gaining from you.  This is where a consultancy job could be an ideal choice for you.  A consultant is defined as “Someone who is an expert in a particular subject, who provides that knowledge”.Consultancy Jobs

Businesses are always actively seeking consultants and understand the need for such roles.  US businesses spent about $12 billion on them last year!

All industries won’t lend themselves to this option, but you will know from your industry if it is something that you could pursue.

There are a few things you need to consider prior to going with a Consultancy Role:

  • 1.Do you need any certifications/qualifications or a special licence?  Some industries will require you to have at least a BA in that subject before being signed onto a consultancy agency
  • 2.Are you an organised person? Organisation is a key attribute to successful consultants.
  • 3.Do you like to Network?  You will need to be able to build up a good contacts list to be effect in that given industry
  • 4.Set Long-term & Short-term goals. Any business model requires this, it also allows you to track successes against the amount of work you are putting in.

Here is a list of the top industries seeking Consultants.

  • Accounting
  • Advertising
  • Auditing
  • Business
  • Business Writing
  • Career Counselling
  • Communications
  • Computer Programmer
  • Editorial Services
  • Executive Search (Head Hunting)
  • Gardening
  • Grantsmanship
  • Human Resources
  • Insurance
  • Marketing
  • Payroll Management
  • Public Relations
  • Publishing
  • Taxes
  • Writing Services

If you have experience in any of these given industries and feel you still have something to offer in it, then becoming a consultant is a great direction to go with.

Offering your services out via freelancing or starting your own consultancy firm could be the next step for you.

Subject Matter Experts – Tutoring and Content Development

On a similar vein to the Consultancy roles, you could offer your services out just as a subject matter expert.  Becoming a freelance tutor, rather than committing to what would end up becoming quite a lot of work – consulting could take a lot of time up.  Whereas tutoring would be and could be based on your time available.

The pay looks reasonable and you only offer it when you are available.  The industries listed above would also be relevant to this topic.

Or an Option Where You Work from Home

Both options above are fine choices, you could easily earn some decent money and not have to work as much as you usedWork from Home to.  But do you really want to still work from someone else?  Work to a rota system. There are many benefits to a retirement, including some well-deserved time to yourself.  So, my final option is one where you could work from pretty much anywhere.  You can also use your knowledge and experience, like the other options.  But the only boss is yourself.  Work when you want to, wherever you want to, and you will also benefit from meeting a lot of other like-minded people online doing it to.

The third option is a combination of blogging and affiliate marketing.

I know, this might sound like something that isn’t for you.  But hold that thought, let me describe it to you first.

We have talked about your experience and your knowledge being a prime ingredient in consulting or tutoring – Well that is exactly how you are going to earn money from home.  There are plenty of people out there online, looking for help with something.  Whether it is help with a product purchase. Help with a problem they have.  How-to guides. You name it someone is looking for help with it.

So, the third idea is you starting a blog in any niche that you are already experience in.  It doesn’t even have to be with something from your old job.  If you would consider yourself enthusiastic and knowledgeable around caravanning or the outdoors – that is an ideal choice for starting your own online business.

How does that lead to earning money, John?

This is where affiliate marketing comes into play.  Affiliate Marketing is where you earn a commission for introducing a buyer to a product. A prime example is Amazon.  The world’s biggest marketplace offers you a reward for referring someone to their site to buy an item.

To use an example, I am going to use an example I could use.  I am an enthusiastic photographer, I am doing wedding photography for Gem’s wedding business and I know a lot about digital cameras, photography and photoshop.

I could start a blog on this subject.  By incorporating a number of different guides, I could build trust with anyone visiting the website to show that I am someone they can trust.

As part of this blog, I also write a post about the ‘best digital cameras for beginners.  If someone came to my blog post about the best cameras for someone getting started and decided to follow my advice and clicked on my link, they would be taken to Amazon to purchase that camera.  My reward from Amazon is a percentage of the purchase price. So, if it is a $100 camera, I could earn $6, every time that someone follows my advice.

Just to expand on the opportunity, there are over 4 billion people with access to high-speed internet all searching online for help with pretty much anything and are often helped by bloggers and Affiliate Marketers.

Can I Get Help & Support?

First off, I want to say it might seem really complicated and difficult and this could put many people off.  But that is the one thing I want to dispel.  People of all ages are achieving success from affiliate marketing.  Regardless of their abilities, they all succeed because they have one thing in common.  Great Help & Support available at every step of the way.

Whether you feel you are not great at the computer, or I can’t write articles.  How do I research a niche?  These are all obstacles we can do together.

There is a training platform that I want to recommend that will offer you everything you need to get started and to continually grow your business until it is something where you would never have to consider a real job again.

Wealthy Affiliate offer great training, that is ideal for anyone of any skill level.  They offer websites and tools to get you started.  You will also gain access to a community of like-minded individuals all striving for the same goal. I often talk to members who at first stated they felt too old to learn again.  Then they come back to me, saying you were right.  I could do it.

The only barrier anyone has is themselves.  Doing it alone, it is easy to get lost.  But having access to people anytime of the day for help does make a massive difference.

Regardless of what niche you choose, there are ample opportunities from affiliate marketing.

If you want to learn more about what Wealthy Affiliate has to offer, then I highly recommend you read my review.

Or you could try out their platform with a free starter membership account. You will not need to enter any credit card details, unlike others.  Get a free starter membership account here.

Final Word

Enjoying your retirement should be your main focus.  If you need to get a part time job, then there are the usual opportunities out there.  But for the few, that really want to enjoy their retirement and not feel like they are working – I hope you explore Affiliate Marketing and blogging. You will find it really rewarding and not feeling too much like work.
If you have any further questions or want help with anything, please leave it in the comments.  I will come back to you as soon as.

14 thoughts on “Best Part Time Jobs for Retired People”

  1. What a great review for Wealthy Affiliate, Some people have heard about this community and some believed some don’t. But one good advice I have for anyone doubting is join the platform for free to discover what it offer.

    For those that are reading my comment and looking for a home business I can tell you to use your instinct that most comment here are real people testifying to Wealthy Affiliate again. I advise you try the platform for free from there you will see how it goes.

    • Hey Olamyde,

      thanks for checking out my post and leaving some comments.  Wealthy Affiliate is a great option for people wanting to earn money from home.  But it is the help and support, with awesome training that makes it stand out against competitors.

      thanks for adding your thoughts


  2. Hi this a very detailed article on how you can still be earning money while semi retired or fully retired. Especially as the cost of living only goes up and pensions don’t always guarantee financial stability. I like that you lay out so many options and explain each. I also really like the way that you can make money online too. Something anyone can do if they have the right tools. Thanks, Kenny 

    • Hey Kenny,

      thanks for checking out my post and adding some comments.  You are so right, my dad is approaching retirement age and he will still need to work after that point.  That is why I pointed him in the direction of working from home.  Setting it up now so it is ready for when he retires.

      thanks again


  3. Great Site!  This provides great information for those looking to retire early or simply just wanting to make a supplemental income.  I find this site to be very interesting as this is exactly what I am trying to do.  I have tried so many home based business platforms.  WA is by far the most legit and it is great to see that you have incorporated this into your site.  Very creative way to market WA and tie all your doing into this site.  Nice Work!

    • Hey Garry,

      thanks for checking out my post and adding some comments.  Thanks for the feedback, I try to help as many as I can find genuine opportunities to work from home.  Affiliate Marketing is a great way of earning in something that you actually enjoy.  But it works better with help and support – WA is a great place for this.



  4. Not only is affiliate marketing a great idea for staying active, it is definitely great as a source of supplemental income on top of social security, a pension, as well as a traditional retirement plan. Best of all, I like how it can be used as an “insurance” in the event that one of them possibly fails which can happen from time to time. 

    I’m really surprised that more senior citizens don’t consider this option as a viable way of making money considering the fact that they have plenty of life experiences to offer to others.

    • Hey Jessie,

      it could be as simple as they are unaware of it, or because they feel they lack the technical skills.  But this is not a problem, with easy to follow training it can be a great move for anyone.



  5. Personally, I would recommend that if you are retired get a job that you can do 2-3 hours a day.  Then, put in 2-3 hours a day at Wealthy Affiliate.  It’s going to take awhile to go through all the training.  Then, you can easily develop a website work on it everyday for 2-3 hours after the training is completed.

    Then, within 6-8 months you should be able to earn some money and can focus more and more of your time on your website.  However, it’s important to get a niche that you like.  For instance, if you are interested in weaving you can easily develop a niche site around it.  It won’t feel like work and you’ll probably have fun doing it, too.

  6. Hi John Crossly. I am not retired yet, but I will be leaving employment soon and so your article is timely to me as I am open to ideas on what I can do to occupy my time and make money as well. Having had a career in the agricultural field, I know I have lots of experience and knowledge to be able to work as a gardening consultant.

    I am just glad that Wealthy affiliate can help me learn and be able to earn money from it. I am going to join the platform.

    Many thanks and best regards

    • Hey Victor,

      thanks for checking out my post and leaving some comments.  Sounds like a great direction to go into.  With your experience, it would be a great move.

      Good luck with it


  7. Your article is a proof that there is enough options out there for people to earn extra income or full time income in retirement and so there is no need to stay hopeless and rely on well wishers for assistance. 

    Every person whether senior or young feels great when able to earn their own money instead of being given. I like the those part time jobs you have shared but more importantly the opportunity to start a more promising online business within Wealthy Affiliate. 

    I really like this platform because it has transformed me completely within just a period of 3 years. When I joined I had 0 knowledge on affiliate marketing but now I am earning my own money online. I’m almost quiting my formal job to concentrate on my own business so this review is a proof that WA is the best platform.


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