Where Can I get Free SSL Certificates for my Website?

If you haven’t realised the need for an SSL Certificate on your website, then now is the time to learn why you need one and more importantly how you can get SSL Certificates for your website without breaking the bank.

Typically, you will find it an expensive option with most web hosting services, but we have a recommendation that will not only give you SSL certificates for your websites – but also a lot of other features that will also benefit your website/business included.

What is an SSL Certificate?

SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer; it establishes an encrypted (safe) link between an internet browser and a web server.What is an SSL Certificate  Anyone who is searching the internet through a browser and see the padlock in the address bar knows that the website they are on is safe and secure. It also means that your personal data is safe.

An SSL Certificate is key to the security of a website and with the importance of protecting personal information nowadays, it is something that a lot of website owners are researching and deciding whether it is time to install it.  An SSL Certificate can be quite expensive if you are a small business owner who wants to take payments through their website, but in this article, I will be going through what an SSL certificate is, why your website might need it and more importantly how you can genuinely get it for free.

Any data that passes between the two is safe and secure.  You will notice that we have the padlock too.  We want to ensure we are all safe when browsing the internet.

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Why Does It Matter?

Think about the number of times that you are out and about on your smartphone and using a free Wi-Fi hotspot?  If no website had an SSL certificate, it could mean that you are more vulnerable to hackers getting your personal data.

As most of our web use is done via our phones nowadays, it makes it even more important that your website has an SSL Certificate

Why Does Your Website Need it?

As a business or website owner, there are some reasons why it is essential to have an SSL certificate.


Any website that handles products or services to be bought from a visitor will need an SSL certificate to be able to handle payments.  If the person loves your products, but sees that you haven’t got a padlock, then they will probably not buy it.  You will also soon realise some payment handlers require SSL.

2.Capturing any Data

Building an email list, or even the comments section on your website captures personal data.  With the recent GDPR laws introduced in Europe, it is essential we comply with all the legalities of having an online business.  including the handling personal data.

3.Better Search Engine Results

Google owns two thirds of the overall search traffic and they have stated they are going to give website with an SSL certificates higher ranking than websites without one.  That could make a big difference to a business.  If you cannot get to page one of the search results, you will find it so much harder to have a profitable business.

4.Builds Trust

One of the key vibes of anything I learn about online business is that anything that builds your trust with the customer will lead to a better conversion rate.  An SSL certificate goes a long way to building trust online.Building Trust

Whether you are blogging, selling your own products or looking to build an online business – being able to get an SSL certificate is paramount.

But there are plenty of options out there, but many do not include an SSL certificate in their hosting.  Some are actually charging $100 per website, per year.  As you are searching for a free SSL certificate, the likelihood you will be able to afford that much are remote.

You have to pay for web hosting, we all know that.  Free Websites do not tend to allow you actually hard to do anything with it. But most web hosting does not include the SSL certificates as standard.  Our recommendation does.

Web Hosting with a Difference

Most web hosting service providers charge you based on how many visitors you get to your website, the more visitors you get the more you pay.  Not, with my web host.  I pay the same now as I did when I first launched my website.  I could get up to 500k visitors a month and not pay anything else.

Free websites do not have the ability or tools to actually make any money with it.  For example, a free website cannot have ads on them.  So, if you are just starting out, you will soon realise that you need a paid website.

If you are an established business, you will find that your web hosting is a key decision to moving forward and scaling your business.

I highly recommend WordPress to anyone, it is so versatile, and it accounts for over 50% of all websites online.  That says how popular it is.  I have can have up to 50 WordPress websites hosted at SiteRubix, all with an SSL certificate and they also benefit from the things below:

Security Features – Several layers of security to protect your website.  With over 27,000 hacking attempts thwarted last year

Safe & Secure Hosting

Daily Back-ups – Every 24 hours your website will be backed up, so you never have to worry about your website.  this is typically a premium option with most web hosts

Daily Backups

Double Hosting – Never worry about your website being down to your customers. If there is ever a problem, the second copy that runs all the time is swapped in within seconds to ensure your customer will never notice.  Again, this is something that few offers.

Double Hosting

Site Speed – Site speed is an important factor to your online business, if your customers have a slow experience on it, they will likely more on to another business.  Not great.  But SiteRubix offer a fantastic site speed, with fast hosting.


Mobile Friendly – More and more people are surfing online on their phones.  Is your current hosting keeping up and offering mobile friendly websites?  SiteRubix ensure that all of their sites are good to go.

Like I said, your web hosting is an important decision, but you will only benefit from the best options out there.  You will also find that most hosting does not offer as much as SiteRubix does.

SiteRubix Hosting

I will also state that whilst you will be paying for web hosting, like you would for any decent hosting you will also get a Free SSL certificate for any website you host on their servers.

SiteRubix is from web hosting available from Wealthy Affiliate.

You might be asking why would I need to sign up with Wealthy Affiliate?  That’s only to do with Affiliate Marketing…  But that isn’t so not true.

Wealthy Affiliate offers its premium members 25 WordPress Hosted websites with SSL and all of the features above.  Which would benefit anyone online.

They specialise in training for online business:

  • Everything to do with WordPress
  • Getting Your Website Ranked
  • Getting Traffic
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Creating Engaging Content
  • Webinar Series (just a sample list)
    • Selling Your Own Products
    • Drop Shipping
    • How to Promote Your Ecommerce Business
    • Advancing Your Authority in Any Niche
  • Web Design

Along with training on affiliate marketing.  I know that at first glance it may seem like it is only for people who are looking for a way to earn from affiliate marketing.  But their web hosting is a fantastic feature for any business.  And can any business owner really say they don’t need to know how to get the best out of website ranking, WordPress, Social Media Marketing?  I found that even though Gem’s wedding stationary business isn’t affiliate marketing.  I used many of the things I learned from Wealthy Affiliate to great benefit.

There is More…

There are also some more benefits to a website owner with Wealthy Affiliate and SiteRubix.

A keyword research tool is essential to website rankings and creating content, included in a premium membership is Jaaxy.  A premium keyword research tool with some fantastic tools to help you with your business.

If you are looking to give your audience the best experience ever, that will also include an SSL Certificate, with a website that will never let you down – You can definitely benefit from Wealthy Affiliate.

  • Awesome Website Hosting
  • Awesome Business Training
  • Awesome Business Tools

You will also gain access to a community of other Internet Entrepreneurs for help and support at any point with your online business.  This is a great feature for beginners, but if consider yourself experienced.  What is your current hosting like?

Do you get all the features that are listed above?  Can you get help if you need ideas or advice?

If you would like to learn more about the website hosting at SiteRubix & Wealthy Affiliate, then I suggest you read my post What is the Best Web Hosting for WordPress.

If you would like to learn more about the whole Wealthy Affiliate platform, I recommend you read my Wealthy Affiliate Review.

I would say any small business owner would really benefit from the partnership of both and you would also learn how much you would gain from the platform.

How Much Does It All Cost?

This is the bit that you will really be interested in… Whilst the SSL Certificate is free for Premium Members, there is a need to invest in your business to get the best out of it going forward.  Free websites will not let you scale your business the way you need.  You will find that most will not even have an SSL Certificate.

Wealthy Affiliate combines training, website tools, website hosting, a keyword research tool and expert help and support.

All of these great features are included in their premium membership – which is $49/month or $359/year.

Not per website, but in total!  You can have up to 50 websites with SSL included for $49/month.  I have seen this be a $100 investment for each website – that would be $5k to just have an SSL certificate on them.

Many business owners start to scale their business, and some bloggers have 3 or 4 websites.  To have this many would mean most website owners couldn’t afford it.  But the benefits from Wealthy Affiliate will easily outweigh the initial investment.

But my ethos has always been around researching a product, before making a decision.  That is why I love the free starter membership.  You will gain access to the premium features for 7 days to take Wealthy Affiliate on a test drive.  You can have 2 free websites on the starter membership, which gives you ample time to test their hosting out.  See if it lives up to your expectations.

Can I Get Free SSL Certificates for my Website?

Free SSL with Wealthy Affiliate

You will find that any free website will not typically be able to get free ssl certificates.  But most paid web hosting services will offer it for a price.

SiteRubix from Wealthy Affiliate offers it freely with their Premium Membership.  25 full domains with an SSL certificate.  25 subdomains with an SSL certificate.  Awesome Training and Tools that can help you scale your business to the next level.

I personally feel that makes SiteRubix a number one choice for small website owners and bloggers.

If you have any further questions or comments about SSL certificates, Web Hosting or SiteRubix, then please write them in the comments.  I will respond as soon as I can. I would love to also hear about any experiences you may have had with Web Hosting and SSL certificates.  Are they now common place, or elsewhere too high a price?

22 thoughts on “Where Can I get Free SSL Certificates for my Website?”

  1. Hey there! Luckily I do not need to worry about the SSL certificate as Wealthy Affiliate provides that. This is a must have feature on your website. If people visit your website and don’t find it secured enough, they will leave and might never come back. This is something which is mandatory. 

    Thanks a lot for taking your time in writing this post. This is very helpful!!!

    • Hey,

      thanks for checking out my post.  It is one of the features you can easily forget about.  It is included in your membership and forget how much it can cost elsewhere…  Then you check out the prices and realise you are onto a winner.



  2. Hello John,

    Thank you so much for your post! This is such an important topic! I launched my blog a few weeks ago and had totally forgotten to get that SSL certificate until someone from the Wealthy Affiliate community noticed it and told me. Once I knew it, the process to get it was so easy and totally free (I was already a premium member)! I loved it!

    Thanks for writing about this topic!


    • Hey Nathalie,

      thanks for checking out our guide.  It is easily done, we get so involved we don’t take a step back sometimes.  Glad you are back on track.


  3. It seems that Wealthy Affiliate provides all you need to start your business. I heard excellent things about Wealthy Affiliate. I forgot to set the SSL for a website which I worked on the past, and it was a complete disaster from the traffic point of view.

    Now I understand the importance of SSL, and I might give it a try with Wealthy Affiliate.

    • Good Luck Dany,

      There are a number of factors that can affect traffic, great hosting is one of them.  Hopefully you will see better results with your new endeavour.



  4. Great post and good info.

    I’m using Wealthy Affiliate for a while already and what I can say is that it is the best platform.

    The SSL Certificate is included, which is wonderful to me, combined with my membership which includes the hosting of my 2 sites, this is the king of all platforms.

    Thanks for sharing it, I totally agree with what you said!

    • Thanks Emmanuel,

      There are many benefits to hosting your WordPress websites at SiteRubix and gaining support from Wealthy Affiliate is the cream on the top.



  5. I understand the need for building trust with your website and your visitors. I will naturally feel safe that my personal information is safe and secure, and not prone to hackers, when i am on your website if your SSL is activated. The level of unruly cyber activities are on the rise every second and it is advisable to keep your personal data safe, so as website owners, it is your responsibility to provide this to your esteemed visitors. I am a Wealthy Affiliate Premium member so i enjoy this feature on my website and i encourage everyone to do same. Cheers

    • Hey Samson,

      thanks for checking out our guide.  We definitely need to take data protection seriously.  Trust is the foundation of any relationship and to build one with your readers starts there.



  6. Great article guys, this is so important these days and you have cover the reasons why so well in this article. I have just started using Siterubix and have also started to move my other domains across too just to get the free SSL as my hosting charges more for this. Quick question does the 30GB cover each website or your whole account?  Thanks again for the info top draw!

    • Hey Martin,

      thanks for checking our guide out.  WordPress hosting is awesome on SiteRubix and the 30GB is per website.  All of the features are included per website.



  7. So, where can I get free SSL certificates? I already have a website that I want to add a SSL certificate. Because I run specialized scripts on non-WordPress pages, I am not looking for WordPress hosting. Are there other alternatives to your recommended hosting services? Just curious as I was looking for free SSL certificate information this morning when I ran across your site.

    • Hey Glen,

      thanks for checking out my post.  I appreciate you do not need WordPress hosting, WordPress isn’t right for everyone.  

      I wouldn’t call it a recommendation ( I would need to do some more research).  But I found a web hosting with reasonable prices for an SSL certificate on a non-WP website.  You may want to check out the information.  But to be honest, Most hosting sites charge for SSL.


      Check it out anyway, it seems quite reasonable and might be right for your business.  



  8. Thank you for sharing with us this informative article on SSL certificate. It is obvious that this certificate is very expensive but it is very important to protect our website.

    Fortunately with Wealthy Affiliate,SSL certificate is given for free and that is the strong point of having a hosted website by Wealthy Affiliate.

    Anyone who want to grow online business ,come to WA.

    • Hey Julienne,

      Thanks for checking out our guide.  it can be really expensive elsewhere and there is no need to spend that amount.  

      There is so much to offer and the price is reasonable and isn’t affecting by you getting loads of traffic like most too.

      I have seen web hosting offering $145 per website for an SSL certificate and then if you started getting higher levels of traffic – guess what, it will go up too.

      Wealthy Affiliate & SiteRubix combine the best of web hosting, with the best training needed for an online business.



  9. Thanks for the informative post about getting free SSL certificates for a website! Kudos for making it known that an SSL certificate is meant for the safety and security of web users and that of their personal data! Truly, getting SSL certificates for a business could be very expensive on most web hosting platforms but anyone can genuinely get it free.

    It’s very crucial for websites to guard against hackers who always want to get unauthorized access to other people’s personal data. Among other reasons, building trust as well as getting higher search engine rankings in Google would be more than enough reasons to get an SSL certificate. Thanks for the great work!

    Israel Olatunji

    • Hey Israel,

      thanks for checking out our guide and offering some great information.  Hackers are always looking for entry points to websites and personal data.  We need to work hard to ensure everything is safe.  But at WA, we don’t have to worry ever.  Their web hosting protects us totally and the SSL protects our readers.

      You are right, it is the best solution for WordPress hosting



  10. Great to hear you can host a website at such an affordable price. I recently created my first ever website my hosting platform was charging $100/month without SSL certificate and $145 with SSL certificate, so I had to pay $145 every month. It was too much to me as I am not yet earning a penny from my website.

    Thank you so much for mentioning Wealthy Affiliate, $49.00, everything included is awesome for me.

    I have signed up with the program, but I have a question. is is it possible to transfer my website to Wealthy Affiliate platform? 

    • Hey Ngonidzashe,

      thanks for checking out our guide.  That is a ridiculous price for one website… It is amazing how much people can charge for it.

      Especially, if you are not turning a profit yet.  Wealthy Affiliate is a great place to be and great price.  It is also really easy to transfer your domains to your hosting.  So you would save yourself $100/month just by transferring your current website to Wealthy Affiliate…  That is an amazing saving.



  11. Website hosting and Secured Socket Layer is important topic and it is very important for web site security. However many people really don’t know how to get this and implement this in his website.

    Thanks for this informative post about getting free SSL. I have recently joined in wealthy affiliate and I hope I will get one soon.

    • Hey,

      thanks for checking out our guide.  Implementing it on a WA website is as easy as pushing a button.  Literally.  You are led through how to activate it, but you will see that you just flick the switch from off to on.  and you are good to go…

      It might seem like a complicated process, but it is the easiest way ever.




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