Tired of Working 9 to 5? Get Started on Your Escape Now!

There are many reasons why you might be trying to escape the rat race and finding something where you can work on your own terms, with much more freedom to pursue your own interests and work on something that gives you a real buzz and you feel is very much worthwhile…

For me, it was the realisation that in my day job I was leaving the house at 6 most mornings and getting back until after 6Tired of Working 9 to 5 - Commute every day. Just to do either a 9 to 5 job or maybe a retail role where the shifts were even worse.

Traffic is getting worse every time I got in the car to drive to work, meaning you leave earlier. Now this is often the reality, and I kind of accepted it until Will (my son) was born.  I was missing out on so much, like seeing him grow up.  I often got back in time just to take him to bed.

Then there are the people you sometimes have to work with, or your boss that is becoming the bigger reason why you want to leave.

Tired of Working 9 to 5 - BossSurveys have often shown that the main reason why people are looking to leave their current job is down to their boss.

There could be many reasons why you might be looking of a way of escaping your current job, and this can often be that you start looking for another job in a similar field – but this will mean that you will still be affected by the commute, having to answer to a boss and still miss out on a lot of family time or time to pursue your own interests.

This was the place I found myself in a couple of years ago…

I didn’t want to find another job that didn’t improve my situation with my commute, family time and answering to a boss.  I decided the look to see if there were any other ways of achieving my goals.

Now looking for a way to earn money online is easier said than done.  There are a high number of scams out there, products that promise the world and everything will be done on auto-pilot and it ends up being a load of crap.

But once you sift through all of it, you can find that there are some real opportunities to earn money online and with theAnything is Possible right mindset, you could easily be leaving the day job behind in a year or two.

You might think that is a long time… I want it sooner!  Wouldn’t we all, but the reality is any product that promises you a full-time wage straightaway is not genuine, and you will have lost your money.

If you are fully versed in the world of Internet Marketing, then you could easily achieve it sooner.  Otherwise, having realistic timescales and goals are really needed.

Ways to Work from Home

There are a number of genuine ways you could earn money online, earning a few extra quid completing surveys, etc. is fine if that is all you want.  But, being able to start your own online business where you can earn enough to achieve your goals of giving up the day job and spending more time doing what you like doing is a great feeling and was something, I was keen on working towards and wouldn’t have achieved it without the help and support I got.  But before I discuss that further, let’s explore a couple of ways you could work towards that goal…


There is an opportunity to earn good money by offering your services to online business owners and making some decentfreelancing opportunities money from it.  To start with, it is easily something you can offer in your spare time and there are many different services you could offer. For example, many website owners are looking for people to write articles for them.  Researching and writing an article can take a while, so people hire writers.  If you are any good at graphic design or photoshop, there are opportunities to earn money there too.

Here are some other ways you could earn through freelancing:

  • Graphic & Design
    • Logos, Illustrations, Flyers & Brochures, etc.
  • Digital Marketing
    • SEO, Social Media Marketing, Online Marketing, etc.
  • Writing & Translations
    • Website Content, Translations, Proofreading, Research, etc.
  • Video & Animation
    • Promo Videos, Music Videos, Short Video Ads, etc.
  • Music & Audio
    • Voice Overs, Mixing & Mastering, Jingles, etc.
  • Programming & Tech
    • WordPress, Website Builders, Ecommerce, etc.
  • Business
    • Virtual Assistant, Data Entry, Market Research, Business Plans, etc.
  • Fun & Lifestyle
    • A number of different topics

If you are so inclined to earn some extra money online, with a view of turning freelancing into a full-time income many people have actually chosen this path and have succeeded in it.  The only thing I will point out with this one is… you still have to answer to someone, most freelancing sites like Fiverr have a review process, so making sure your first few clients give you great feedback will mean you can get more gigs to continue earning money this way.  You will also have to work to deadlines and submit it work on time and ensure it is high quality and they are happy with it too.

Once you have established yourself into freelancing, you can easily get a lot of work, just remember not to take on too many gigs at once otherwise you will not be able to keep up with deadlines.

Selling Your Own Products

This is the one many people think about when we talk about being our own boss.  Selling your own products online is a very viable way of achieving your goals of working for yourself.

There are multiple ways of doing it too.  The example I always use my wife’s wedding stationary business – you can order Selling your own products - Amazonusing the website, Amazon, eBay, Etsy and we use social media to attract traffic to those places.

Now some of you will be thinking, I am crafty but not really sure where to get started – well, I will share with you the best ways shortly.

But, if you aren’t particularly creative and haven’t got your own products to sell, don’t worry I wasn’t either – I started an online business and sold other people’s products for them for commission.  I’ll go through Affiliate Marketing in the next section.

If you have your own products and have them on eBay or wanting to get your products to a bigger audience, the best way is to create your very own website.  The reason I say that is, it is yours. You will not be paying eBay every time you sell something, so you can earn more from the sale, which will lead to you being able to leave the day job behind and dedicate more time into your business and increases your sales and your profit.

You can get your very own website very easily and, in most cases, free (to start with) but what you need is a way of getting that website to the first page of Google.  If people are finding your website easily, they will be able to find your products and buy them and give you the income you need to say, “I don’t need the 9 to 5 job anymore”.  Learning marketing methods like Search Engine Optimisation, Social Media Marketing and Website Design all seem daunting but our No.1 Recommended Product helped me learn everything I needed to know to launch and improve my Wife’s Wedding Stationary business to the stage where she left her office job over a year ago to just focus on the orders that were coming through for the wedding stationary business.

But like I said not everyone has the inclination or ability to create and sell their own products and freelancing still means you have a boss.  So, I explored an option where I started selling other people’s products for a commission and I used that same training platform to learn everything I needed to know too.

Affiliate Marketing – Selling Other People’s Products!

If you haven’t heard about affiliate marketing, just know that it is one that is giving people the opportunity to leave the day job behind and is classed as ‘passive income’.

Passive income is where you can earn money without an action.  Every time Gemma (my wife) receives an order there are a number of different actions in the production process before they are shipped.  Affiliate Marketing doesn’t require an action, as you are only introducing a buyer to a seller via your website.

Amazon is actually one of the biggest marketplaces in the world that utilises Affiliate Marketing.  If you introduce someone to a product on Amazon and they buy that product you earn a commission.  This is typically a percentage of the purchase price. So, you could be earning money whilst you sleep.

Let’s say you have a real interest in technology and want to start a blog reviewing gaming laptops, which is a big growing market at the moment.  You would naturally write reviews about gaming laptops and accessories, etc.  Someone lands on your review of a gaming laptop they are interested in, they read your thorough review and decide that it is the laptop for them and follow your affiliate link to the retailer (in this cases Amazon) and they decide to buy it.  You will earn a % of the sale.  A typically gaming laptop is about $2,000. Amazon will reward you with 4-8% of the sale price – at 4% this is $80.  Doesn’t sound that much, but when you start introducing 10 people buying a $2k laptop – that is $800.  On just one review.  People are earning $5k a month using this model and others have scaled their business earning a lot more through multiple websites.  The opportunities are endless!

That is when you start to realise the potential in Affiliate Marketing.  That is why I have used it to improve Gemma’s business to one that uses 3 different types of business – Selling your own Products, Drop Shipping and Affiliate Marketing.

What Do I Need to Start an Online Business???

Whether you choose to start an Affiliate Marketing business or Sell Your Own Products – You need to understand there are a few factors you need to consider before jumping in both feet.  I mentioned all those programs that tell you that you can earn thousands overnight – yeah, they kind of give the general impression that is possible everywhere.  If you start today, you will be giving up your day job in a couple of weeks.  I wish!

The main reason why Online Businesses or Affiliate Marketers fail is, they give up before they reach their potential.

Let’s just give you a clear understanding of the timescales, so you know what to expect.  Most websites will not get a clear cut-through with the search engines until your third month.  So, if you follow all of the clear training I will share with you, and follow all of the steps that you are set to follow, you will not really get noticed by the search engines until you are into month 3.  Why is this important?? Let me ask you a question – when you search for something on google, how often do you go to page 2 of the searches???


You need your content ranking on page one of the search engines to benefit from people ordering your products or from your affiliate business.  This can typically happen by month 3.  But if you give up after 4 weeks, because you haven’t earned anything yet.  You have the wrong mindset to make this business work and leave that job you do not like behind…

This is an honest, genuine way of earning money online and will definitely get you to a place where you can leave your day job behind… BUT, if you are not prepared to put the time in and stay determined that it will work and that it requires effort, then this opportunity is not for you.

Where Do I Learn Everything, I Need to Know…? With Expert Support

I wouldn’t be in the position I am in today, if I didn’t find the platform, I started using a couple of years ago…

The knowledge I have learned has led me to be able to transform Gem’s dream of her own wedding stationary business – She is now getting regular orders across the world with her personalised wedding stationary a hit.

But it also allowed me to pursue my dreams of an online business, I love helping people and love the fact I am now in a position to help other people realise their dreams of giving up their day jobs, leaving the commute behind and spend more time with their families by building an affiliate marketing business.

Below, are the things that you need to bring to the business:

  • A Willingness to Learn!
  • Determination to Achieve Your Goals!
  • Understanding That This Will Take Time!! and I mean more than a month of hard graft.

What Will Wealthy Affiliate Bring to Your Business?

When I first started out, I knew I wanted to find something that could help but didn’t know where to look.  There are plenty of platforms that have great marketing campaigns but end up being full of false promises.  I even tried binary options to see if I could earn any money, but all I did was lost money – but it led me to a training program that changed my life!

There are 3 things that you will need to become successful online:

  • Education – You need to commit to the fact that you will need to learn what it takes to get started and be successful online.
  • You will need a website, you will get instant access to 2 free websites
  • Expert Help & Support – You will need someone there to help you every step of the way.  I offer that support, along with a community of Internet Entrepreneurs all there to help you as well.

The platform that I am talking about is Wealthy Affiliate.  Their training, websites, online tools and their community is the reason I can confidently state that anyone who follows their guidance properly will succeed with their goals.

Whilst at first glance, it seems like only potential affiliate marketers will benefit from their training – I can actually state that anyone with an online business will benefit, purely due to their emphasis on ensuring there is training on all aspects of internet marketing.  Many of their techniques have helped in Gem’s wedding stationary business, my affiliate marketing business – but there is a whole load of other training in there and it just keeps getting better.

The websites and web hosting focus on user experience, to ensure that your audience get the best experience.

Online tools like a content creator and keyword research tool are included inside the platform and are key to your success.

But by far the best thing about Wealthy Affiliate is all members get access to the owners of the platform, Kyle and Carson.  No other platform gives you direct access to the owners.  They are constantly involved in the live chat, answering questions from anyone.  They helped me decide on my first niche and offer regular blog updates on what is going on in the Internet Marketing world and Wealthy Affiliate.

You will also gain access to me as your personal coach – have a question, not sure which direction to go, need motivating whilst it is still new, you just get in touch and we can discuss the best course forward.

Joining WA was the best thing I did and has taught me so much about the fact that I can go and pursue my own online Wealthy Affiliate Starter Membershipbusiness and achieve my goals – it also allowed my wife to leave her day job to focus on something she wanted to do. No Commute and No Boss!

I will say again, it isn’t for everyone – You need to invest your time, effort and be dedicated to making it work for it to become a viable solution to leaving your 9 to 5 job behind.

But with Wealthy Affiliate’s support you can achieve it, and if you ever need a nudge just send me a Personal Message inside of WA.

If you would like to take a further look around what Wealthy Affiliate has to offer, here is the link to my Review.  Their starter membership is totally free, without any need for a credit card.  Just sign up, for 7 days you will gain access to their premium membership – this gives you a more complete idea of what Wealthy Affiliate has to offer.  There is no pressure to upgrade and you can stay a starter member (for free).  If you decide it isn’t for you, there will be no hard feelings and you can just log out.  I also wrote a blog post about the differences between the starter membership and premium membership you might find useful, check it out here.

Whichever direction you choose to go, I wish you look on your journey to leaving your 9 to 5 job behind.  But remember before I joined Wealthy AFfiliate, I did not have a clue about starting a website, writing content, anything to do with how search engines worked.  Not many of us did, but by the end of the online entrepreneur certification course you will!!

But for those select few who think they have what it takes to build a business where you will be your own boss, earning good money online – I look forward to meeting you inside Wealthy Affiliate.

If you have any further questions about any of the topics in this post, then please leave them in the comments below, I will come back to you ASAP with an answer.

Have you any experience with Wealthy Affiliate, you wish to share – I would love to hear about it.  How did they help you with your online business? What did you make of the training?  Please share your thoughts in the comments below.  thanks

28 thoughts on “Tired of Working 9 to 5? Get Started on Your Escape Now!”

  1. Thanks for these valuable tips. I’m really tired of my 9 to 5 job and more than ready to try something else.

    I’ve heard of affiliate marketing before but my friends always say this would be outdated and the competition is huge.

    What do you think, is starting a blog still a way to go? I’d have a good idea what to write about and there are good products too.

    • Hey Stefan,

      thanks for checking out my post and leaving some comments.

      There is no way affiliate marketing is going away.  Many retailers are choosing to go this way, as it is much cheaper than a normal marketing campaign.  For a % of the product price, they do not need to spend millions on advertising.

      In fact, more and more retailers are signing up with affiliate networks all the time.  People always worry about competition, but if I am honest I never worry about it.  Whenever I check out the posts I am ‘competing’ against I sometimes find I can write a much better article than that.

      That is because I learned how to write effectively at Wealthy Affiliate.  

      There are also so many keywords that are not fully utilised that there is always an opportunity for someone who can write effectively and it is typically because of Wealthy Affiliate authority sites are out there.

      Do not worry about what others are telling you, Affiliate Marketing is here to stay and you can benefit too.



  2. Dear John,

    Thanks a lot for the informative post. 

    To be honest few years before I want to be my own boss and wanted to quit my job badly. I was working in a call center for 6 years in a night shift cold calling people. You can imagine the sales pressure in an outbound call center.

    Although my earnings are great I felt the machine life I was living and need to come out of it. Since I was having enough money I tried different make money online programs and end up to scams.

    Finally on November 2016 I found a genuine company which you are recommending Wealthy Affiliate and it changed my life. Now I am a full-time blogger working from home since December 2017.

    Thanks for the Ways to Work from Home and I got great insights… My favorite pick is Affiliate Marketing and Wealthy Affiliate is the very best place to learn it.

    “Affiliate Marketing has made Businesses Millions & Ordinary People Millionaires.” ~ Bo Bennett

    Wishing you great success!


    • Hey Paul,

      thanks for sharing your experiences – 6 years cold calling… ouch.  I bet you are glad you left that behind?

      Wealthy Affiliate has helped many people leave those kinds of jobs behind and I love your quote.  Affiliate Marketing is growing really quickly and becoming such a great way of earning a living.

      Thanks again


  3. You are so right when you say that most people want to leave their jobs because of their bosses.

    Luckily this doesn’t ring true for me, as I am the boss. However I am also a member of Wealthy Affiliate and I am building up a healthy income on the side part time using their training and advice.

    I am a dance teacher, but know that as I get older, it is going to get increasingly difficult to do my job effectively, which is where Wealthy Affiliate comes in. I have a website all about my passion which is dance, and this in the future will be my retirement income.

    • Hey Michel,

      thanks for sharing your experience.  Being your own boss has many benefits.  Having an online business in something that you are really interested in makes it much easier to keep motivated too.  YOu are interested in dance, so will already be keeping up with the latest trends, the only difference is you are sharing it with your readers too.

      I like that you are also using it to plan a comfortable retirement.  Good luck to you Michel.



  4. Escaping the rat race is a dream a lot of people hope to one day achieve but that’s all they do. They think about it without actually taking the time to learn and act on what they learn. 

    Making money online is really easier said than done. A lot of the time it requires persistence and consistency. You need to be willing to work hard to achieve what you want.

    If you are to benefit from some of these methods you listed in making money one has to be ready to acquire the knowledge needed in that particular field. My favorite is affiliate marketing because you can reap the reward of your effort for a pretty long time.

    • Hey Jay,

      thanks for checking out my post and leaving some comments.  You are right, we all have some point dreamed of not having to do the job we have but don’t do anything about it.

      Often, because they think it is really difficult.  You need to know to how to build a website, that means coding right??

      Not so, you could have a website up and running in under a minute, and with the right training and support it will lead to great thinks.

      You do need to invest your time and be willing to learn, but that is much better than just going to work everyday not feeling any better for it???

      That is my view anyway,



  5. I am a single mother and my little boy is not old enough to go to school yet so I stay at home with him. But when he goes to school do I really want to go back to a 9 to 5 job where I am working to get someone else rich? Heck no! I can’t even imagine going back to that life. Right now I am working on my baby sleep niche site trying to get a lot of traffic so I can monetize it with… oh I dunno, adthrive? Honestly, right now I can’t focus on the monetization part because I am only getting like 2k people a month at my site and realistically that isn’t enough to make a decent income. I know that I am doing all my keywords right and applying the right SEO, its just waiting for google to notice me is the hardest part. I am not going to give up because I want that passive income dream sooo bad. My niche is hard to rank in also because I need a lot of E.A.T to get google to notice me, but I know in TIME that will happen, right ? Does TIME equate more authority on a site?

    • Hey Sophia,

      thanks for checking out my post and leaving some comments.  I wish you all the best with your niche, children grow up so quick and we would all love to spend more time with them. So I hope it works out for you.

      2k visitors a month is a good place to be, it shows you are creating quality content people are interested in.  But you are right, the more time you have a website the more of an authority you become.  Being an authority brings a lot of factors like trust, and visitors which are essential to earning a proper income.  Search engines start noticing you properly in month 3 and by month 12 (with regular content and engagement) will be a good authority site.

      Good Luck


  6. I myself is in pursuit of ways to make extra earnings online, and hoping that it’ll be successful so, there’ll be time when I can quit my day job.

    I tried to look into freelancing before, but the thing is– like what you have mentioned, there are still rules to follow and person to answer to. In addition to that, as a “freelancer” keeping your clients happy is your number one concern, otherwise if they give you negative ‘comments’ (?), then it’ll reflect in your performance. 

    That’s why I chose Affiliate Marketing. I’m still starting out and still long way to go. You are definitely right. You have to put time, effort and determination to success on not only Affiliate Marketing but on anything.

    By the way, I am planning to be an affiliate for Amazon. Could you tell me, what are the things that I need to consider before applying to be an Amazon Affiliate?

    • Hey Mina,

      thanks for checking out my post and leaving some comments.  Stick with the training and put in the time and you will soon find that you will be on the right path.

      Things to consider when applying for Amazon.  Getting accepted with Amazon is easy, they have no requirements like some other Amazon Partners.

      But I would consider where your target audience is – I am in the UK, so naturally you would assume I would apply with the UK side, but I get more traffic from the US – so it would be better to sign up with the global Amazon (as in Amazon.com). With the global sign up, just consider you need to have 2 qualifying sales in 6 months to stay in it.  It isn’t really a problem if they do kick you out, as you can just reapply straightaway.

      But this is where I would advise a new person to hold off signing up with any affiliate partner straightaway.  Write some content, get your website noticed and then sign up.  Gives you a better chance of not having to resign up.

      Hope that helps


  7. I escaped working for someone else back in 2003, it really is a good feeling when I don’t have to set my alarm for the  morning, well unless of course I am heading off on holiday then its exciting! I urge anyone looking to escape, start planning now and using a site such as Wealthy Affiliate enables you to take those first steps in the unknown. With their starter membership there’s absolutely no excuse. Full step by step training is given too, something I never had when first starting online. Make the decision today… get started!

    • Hey Martin,

      thanks for sharing your experiences.  Starting an online business would have been a lot different back then, I bet?

      Wealthy Affiliate brings a lot of Kyles & Carsons experiences from when they first started out, when you needed to know how to code websites and it was not an easy path.  WA’s primary goal is to support anyone to get started online – but the emphasis needs to be on someone who is willing to get their hands dirty and work for it.

      You are right the training is so easy to follow and gives anyone a great start.



  8. Dear Gemma and John!  John, Hi! I study your topic very carefully because I am learning recently. Your article can be considered as learning instruction and training. I want to discuss your topic. My thoughts are questions and additions to it.

    I want to try selling my own products. The examples from your article and today’s webinar magistudios: “Introduction to Selling Your Own Products Online” directs me to this.Video tutorial showed options for choosing physical or digital products for sale. How much and how fast you can earn. Shipping rates and payment methods. 

    I find this valuable in combination with your advice.

    Now I will say about what precedes the beginning of trading activity. Of course, this is the output of individual articles of the site to the first page of Google. In your topic, this is underlined. 

    For my part, I will pursue naturally interesting content. Which will attract the reader with its plot and clarity.

    Thank you, Gemma and John. I am one of those who appreciate and use your site. Mark

    • Hey Mark,

      thanks for checking out my post and leaving some comments.  The Webinars in Wealthy Affiliate are extremely useful and you are right Jay is doing a series on selling your own products at the moment which is great.

      To your point about what will attract the reader is – You need to keep in mind that you are there to help and not sell!

      If a website looks like all it is interested in is selling products, it can put people off.  You will be selling your own products on your website, so the key to your marketing will be why your products will benefit them.  find a problem and how your product will help the potential buyer with that problem.

      With our wedding stationary, helping people understand the themes that our stationary fit and that we can customise them to fit your wedding helps put people at ease and helps build trust.

      You as a product owner needs your reader to trust that you are there to help as well as have products to buy too.  That is how you pitch your items and this will typically lead to better conversions.

      By building out your website with really useful posts too will lead to people visiting your site and notcing that you also sell products too and you will want to incorporate email marketing, which again Jay did a great video series on recently within Wealthy Affiliate.

      Hope that helps, good luck to you!

      John & Gem

  9. You’re absolutely right about working with our bosses. thanks for the topic and sincerity, that nothing is achieved without hard work. Wealthy Affiliate is an amazing way to achieve success and thank you for the recommendation. 

    is there any good advice you will give to someone like me just starting? I’m a hard worker and i don’t give up easily, i love your post and soon or later we all can have success online. Thank you John

    • Hey Claudio, 

      thanks for checking out my post and leaving some comments.  My advice would be is ‘Stick With It’.  Nothing is earned without hard work and time.  Time is the one thing we always seems to count out.  “I have worked really hard for 2 weeks, why haven’t I got any results???”  It’s because 2 weeks isn’t very long.  Trust me, if you can stick with it for 12 months, you will have a great foundation and some good earnings, if you follow the training properly.



  10. Hi John, great words and motivating post! It is true that it isn’t for everyone, we need to invest time, effort and be dedicated to making it work. Wealthy affiliate is a great platform to learn from each other, supporting and helping one another, with great resources. While working 9 to 5 can be comfortable for some of us, compared to committed into something that is unknown, but through learning and building up our own online business is one of the achievement in life! All the best to your online business John, Cheers

    • Hey Emily,

      thanks for checking out my post and leaving some comments.  You are so right, it is often the unknown bit that stops us pursuing something that is awesome.

      There will always people who stick with what they know and that is perfectly fine.  But if that known is not fulfilling, surely there comes a point where we may need to take that leap of faith.

      That is the leap I took over 2 years ago, and do not regret it.



  11. I didn’t know how I was able to stick with affiliate marketing after the 6 month mark or the 1 year mark because I wasn’t making money at that point. It wasn’t until the 15 month that I saw my first affiliate sale. 

    Like you have said, this isn’t a get rich quick. In fact, it is quite a process. So I am glad I didn’t quit.

    One thing that I did learn through all of this is to not pressure yourself with timelines. A lot of people in my opinion fail because they pressure themselves too much to “get it” too soon. I realize a lot of the knowledge that I had so far had to be slowly absorbed over time. 

    • Hey Jessie,

      totally agree with you, if you are able to write 2 quality posts a day, then you may see success sooner than someone who is only able to publish once a week.  Quality will always triumph over quality. 

      I often see on the internet, posts that are only 500 words.  There is no real depth to the article and they do not really answer the question we are after.

      So, if you write a more detailed article that actually answers the readers answers, you will easily rank and see success.

      But I find people who are checking google analytics everyday and wondering why they are not making any money.  Time better spent writing another article.

      All the best


  12. John!

    Great post about internet business methods, the way of learning, and place to learn. Even, in the beginning, when I was searching the right place I landed up in a few wrong places and thereby lost my hard earned money. But, after joining Wealthy affiliate I became addicted to WA and at the moment posses two websites in 1 year time. At the moment I am doing affiliate marketing and my aim is to start an eCommerce business, with the same WA platform. Since I am a Civil Engineer I can do Freelancing also. Does any website have freelancing service related to Civil engineering?Thanks for your post.

  13. Thank you John, for presenting to all, the alternatives to work online. 

    I totally agree with you that working 9_5 is very boring and depressive. No time remains for other personal things. When arrive late from work there is nothing left to do, only sleep is assured. 

    As you say Wealthy Affiliate is the best choice. 

    • Hey Leo,

      thanks for checking out my post and leaving some comments.  

      There are many factors that make us look for alternatives, even shift work doesn’t give you the flexibility we all need at times.  That is why I do recommend that people research into other ways, where they can work from home.  

      Wealthy Affiliate is a great option for those that are willing to work hard to achieve a goal of working when you want to work, with freedom to decide.



  14. Hey, John!

    I absolutely get you, you’ve no idea. I too am stuck in this notion of leaving for job before my daughter wakes up and returning home essentially after she’s gone to bed, most of the time anyway. So, we only really see each other on weekends. But this will change very soon.

    Some mind blowing information I’ve come across recently. There was a study that claimed that 87% of people are either unhappy in or want to quit their current job. 87%. Imagine how much more as a species we could accomplish, if all of us contributed in ways that we truly, deeply, passionately enjoy! 

    What this really means is that it’s an epidemic, the mediocrity that happens due to people being unhappy with their jobs. It’s even sadder to recognize that by far most of the people do their jobs just because of the need to be able to pay their bills.

    The opportunity you offer is a great one, I really hope people take it, if that is what they would like to be doing.

    “It takes no more effort of being great in a job you love than doing the job you hate everyday.” – sadly I can’t remember, who said that.

    Cheers and have a Great One!


    • Hey Matiss,

      thanks for checking out my post and leaving some great thoughts on the topic.  It is a staggering statistic, and we all do it to pay the bills.

      Your quote talks a lot about the mindset, and having the inclination to do something different to change the circumstances.  

      Getting up everyday and working on my site that helps people, gets me pumped every day and I rarely feel like it wasn’t worth it.

      Thanks again Matiss!!



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