Stay at Home Computer Jobs – Earn Money from Home!

Stay at Home Computer Jobs

There are many reasons why people are looking for jobs where they can stay at home – works around the children, hate the commute, hate your job, earn additional income or give up the day job all together.

I want to help in any way I can, and I have come up with a number of ways to earn money from a stay at home computerStay at home computer jobs

job including the way I am earning money from home too.

I will also be going through ways to spot the many scams out there that entice you into believing you will be a millionaire overnight earning money by the swimming pool doing nothing – and then you find you actually end up with no money and your personal data is all over the net.

Gem & I are constantly looking out for these scams to point them out and we are dedicated to finding genuine opportunities for people.

Let’s start with how to spot the online scams first.

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Be Mindful of Work from Home Scams

The first thing to say is that most people looking for ways to work from home are going to come across plenty of these – Be Mindful of Online Scams

the scammers prey on those looking to earn money, especially when they are looking for quick ways to earn money online.

There is no system out there that will make you money online overnight, these scams play on your emotional heartstrings and show you a lovely video with people earning a lot of money whilst sitting by a swimming pool.  That is your first clue that it isn’t genuine.

Anything that looks too good to be true is likely to be a scam.

Signs to look out for:

  • Unrealistic Promises – We do all of the work for you?
  • It is unclear what you are signing up for – they give you a lot of promises, expect you to hand over money but you don’t know what you are going to do
  • Fake Testimonials – This tend to be poor quality videos of people stating they made money from this system, and yet when you do a bit of research they have hired an actor to do the testimonials.

Before signing up for anything, make sure you do your research. If it looks too good to be true, and it is unclear what you are signing up for, don’t get your credit card out.

At Home Customer Service Jobs

If you are really comfortable on the phone or via messenger, you could try a customer service role.  Companies find this a beneficial model as it reduces the costs of housing a call centre, you log on and are available for calls from home.  Many will require you to have some experience and you will need to be able to learn the company and their products and services to be able to help people with their questions or problems.  You will also need to great on the phone and at email.

At Home Customer Service Jobs

The advantage to the company is the customer wouldn’t be able to tell the difference.  There are a couple of watch-outs for you, whilst you are working from home – customer service often entails unhappy customers and it can take its toll after a while.  Being able to look after the kids is great, but the customers will complain if they can hear them in the background – meaning you might not be able to take calls whilst they are there (which takes away the advantage of working from home, as I know the cost of childcare).

If it is right for you and your circumstances, then there are plenty of opportunities out there.

At Home Sales Person Jobs

Rather than customer service, you might prefer to take the sales route.  Again, this would require phone work and email.  There will be some key aspects that employers will be looking for before they hire a sales person –

  • such as the ability to understand the products, services and the market for that company.At Home Sales
  • The ability to find clients and converting leads to sales
  • The ability to develop relationships with clients
  • As it is a home-based position, you will need to be able to use email, spreadsheets and be great at keeping records

The biggest problem I find with this is, finding clients will no doubt include cold-calling.  But this is where this kind of job is not for everyone, can you handle having the phone put down on you all the time?  I have found there is a trait to a great salesperson, the ability to engage the (potential) customer.

Whilst there are plenty of these opportunities, you need to decide whether sales is for you.

At Home Accounting Jobs

At Home Accounting Job

If you really good at accounting and have some experience with Sage or QuickBooks, or take the time to learn these, you will find there is a lot of demand for people to help with their accounts.  Small business owners struggle to find the time to do everything, let alone their accounts.  You will find this can be a great source of earning money and can be done from home.

This becomes an opportunity not just for on the computer, if you are mobile you could utilise a local company too.

Freelancing Opportunities

The thing with the 3 opportunities above is there is a long-term tie to it but if you want to earn some extra money online without a long-term commitment, the you might consider freelancing.

You will also find that you will already have something to offer within freelancing. This is where you offer your services for people to hire you, but they hire you for one job.

For example, writing articles.  At some point, website owners are looking for help in creating content and look to a freelancing website to hire a writer.  They hire a freelancer to write an article on a specific subject, and they will review the profiles and experience of the writer and decide to hire them to write one article.

There is potential with this of course, as some website owners may decide that the articles they are getting from this writer are great and will decide to build a relationship up and you end up writing content regularly for this website owner.

It doesn’t have to be just writing articles, there are plenty of opportunities:

  • Creating Content – written, video, etc.
  • Graphic Design – creating logos, illustrations, etc.
  • Digital Marketing – SEO, Social Media Marketing, Video Marketing, etc.
  • Programming & Tech – WordPress, Websites, Ecommerce
  • Business – Virtual Assistant, Market Research, etc.

There are plenty of opportunities for freelancing, and it can work around you.  You set the timescales, busier freelancers will typically have longer timescales to complete the ‘gig’ but if the quality is great, people won’t mind.

The higher end of the Freelancer world, UpWork will require some experience and be able to prove your experience to sign up.  But starting out with Fiverr, is well worth a look.  As the name suggests, the gigs start from $5 but once you have built up a portfolio, this can be stretched out.  If you are interested in freelancing, but want to get a feel for it, sign up for a free account and Fiverr and just review what others are offering and see where you can fit in.

The Big Problem with the Four Examples Above…

I want to take a moment to just point out one thing about the examples above, you are still working for someone else.  They will have expectations of you, and if you do not showcase these, you will not continue in the role.

The whole idea of having a stay at home computer job is giving you freedom… Losing the commute, and for many of us losing the boss.

I want to share with you the opportunity to have your own Online Business, where with some work and dedication you will soon be your OWN BOSS!

Start an Online Business with Affiliate Marketing

Why do I suggest this option, well there are 2 reasons?

  1. You will be your own boss
  2. It will be in something you actually have an interest in

You will also find that you can get a lot of help and support in this.

Let’s first look at what Affiliate Marketing is

Many people believe when they start a business online, they need their own products or services to start.  That is not the case, many websites out there will be utilising the affiliate marketing model where they are promoting someone else’s products.

You promote a product on your website, someone checks out your website and sees a product review for that product and decides to buy it based on your recommendation. They actually purchase the product and you get rewarded for the introduction with a commission.

How Does Affiliate Marketing Really Work

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You might be thinking what is in it for the company, well it is much cheaper way of marketing their products than having to pay for expensive advertising that doesn’t guarantee a sale.  Affiliate Marketing allows them to only pay when someone actually buys something.

If you are still unsure about how widescale Affiliate Marketing is, Amazon use it.  Amazon launched the idea and now the majority of products and services available online are typically working with an affiliate program.

The great thing about Affiliate Marketing is it can be any niche, that means it can be around something you enjoy or have an interest in.

The Worries You Might Have & Why You Shouldn’t Worry

You might be thinking at this point, it sounds good, but I haven’t got a clue how to build a website, write content or run an online business…

Well, I didn’t either – 2 years ago I was looking for ways to earn money online and had the same worries when I say Affiliate Marketing.  2 years later, I have a couple of websites, using Affiliate Marketing, earning money from it and helping others get started in it too.

There are 3 things you need to get started, and I want to share them with you (these are the 3 steps I took):

  1. Education – Like I said, before I started I didn’t know how to build a website, get it ranked in the search engines, get traffic, etc.  But you do not need to know this. I offer a step-by-step training guide that will take you from being a novice to knowing exactly what you are doing in all things Affiliate Marketing and Websites, etc.
  2. Website – Do not believe people who state you can do AM on social media alone, you need a foundation for your business, allowing you to utilise all social media platforms.  You will get a free website this way.
  3. Expert Help & Support – We all need help at times, and I offer not only myself as your guide but a community of Internet Entrepreneurs all with the same goal.  They offer their help and support all the way to building your online business up.

About 2 years ago, Wealthy Affiliate Changed My Mind

Let’s go back about 3 years ago, I was looking for ways to earn money online, Gemma wasn’t enjoying her day job or the hour commute, we both weren’t seeing each other, and Gemma was upset that she was getting home and Will (our son) was already in bed).  I was looking for a way of earning money online to free Gem up to do something she wanted to do – Wedding Stationary.

I was victim, to one of those scams I spoke about earlier in the post. It was to do with Binary Options, it was a system that would do it on autopilot.  As I know now, I lost the money I invested and lost a lot of confidence with opportunities online, believing a lot of them were scams.

Then I found a post about Wealthy Affiliate – I had never heard of Affiliate Marketing before then and wanted to learn a little more, so I read a review on it.

Those 3 things that I said you needed are all available at Wealthy Affiliate.  They offer the training and tools needed to start an affiliate marketing business from home and scale it to the point where you can leave your day job.  Gemma now has her own online wedding stationary business from home.  We are now working on doing the same for me.  But 3 years ago, if anyone had said I would be running a profitable online business alongside Gem’s wedding stationary business using affiliate marketing, I would have said you were kidding – but that is the reality.

As I advocate you do your research, here is my “Wealthy Affiliate Review”.  But starting with a free starter membership, you will see what they have to offer you to get a stay at home computer job that works around you.  I will not say it will be easy, everything requires effort.  But if you stay focused on the end result, you too can earn money online and build the foundations for the lifestyle you are after.

My Support to You

I am here to help anyone who wants to get started in Affiliate Marketing.  It is a great business model and done right, leads to a very profitable one too.  But one of the key things you need is support.  If you do decide to join Wealthy Affiliate, then I will be on hand to help you every step of the way.  Picking a niche, anything to do with your website, ideas for creating content, affiliate marketing tools.  You will have direct access to me.

If you have any questions about Affiliate Marketing or Starting an Online Business, please write them in the comments below, I promise I will get back to you.

Do you have any experience with Affiliate Marketing or Wealthy Affiliate, please share them in the comments below – I would love to hear your story about how you got started too.

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