Swagbucks Review – Easy Money Completing Surveys?

Swagbucks Review – Easy Money Completing Surveys_

If you are looking into whether completing surveys and watching videos is a good way to earn money online and wondering if Swagbucks is any good, then you have come to the right place.

First of all, I love the fact that you are doing your research as this is a great way to avoid scams and find genuine ways to earn money online.

Swagbucks offers a number of ways to earn money online, and it is a really popular site.  But is it really a good return for the time spent doing them??

That is what we will cover off in this Swagbucks Review.

Swagbucks Overview & Rankings

Product Name: Swagbucks Swagbucks Review - Easy Money Completing Surveys?

Owners: Prodege LLC

Website URL: Swagbucks.com

Price: Free

Best For: People looking for Casual Earnings

BestAffiliateMarketingTools.org Rating:  3/5

A Quick Product Summary

First off, Swagbucks is not a scam and offers a great choice of ways to earn some money online. From completing surveys to earning cash back, there are plenty of ways to earn some pocket money from the platform.  But that is the key point, you will spend a lot of time doing these tasks and not necessarily earning a lot of money from it.  But if you are looking for a casual way of earning small amounts of money, it is worthwhile.

Recommended: Yes

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What Exactly is Swagbucks?

Swagbucks is a very popular choice online, with the ability to earn gift cards for completing tasks like:

  • Completing Surveys
  • Watching Videos
  • Earning Cashback
  • Purchasing Products & Earning Points
  • Searching the Internet

By completing these actions, you earn SB points which you can cash out for gift cards.  Their options have expanded, and you can choose the option that is best for you.  With special offers available at times.  It might be that you have an amazon gift card one month, and then a PayPal gift card another.

Whilst the amount of Points needed to redeem is harder to achieve than you think, if you already shop online then I would join just to benefit from the cash back opportunities.

Who Does Swagbucks Benefit?

Swagbucks is for those looking for some casual money, it will not lead to a full-time income from using this service.  I personally see it as a way of earning some money ready for Christmas.

If you are looking for a way of earning a more realistic wage for your time spent, then I suggest you check out my guide on Affiliate Marketing.

How Does Swagbucks Work?

Swagbucks offers a number of different ways for you to earn SB points.  These are points that are rewarded for completing these actions and you have to earn a certain amount of these SB points to cash them in for a selection of gift card options.

They do not offer a way of getting it straight into PayPal or a bank transfer option.

They do offer a wide selection of these gift cards, though so you can choose them to depend on your preference.

But to be clear, an SB point is worth roughly £0.68.  that is working it out against a £3 Amazon gift card needing 480 points to redeem.

Personally, I do not see this as a great return for your time.

Swagbucks - Redeemable Gift Cards

Sign up is completely free and trouble free, and then you are presented with your dashboard and can choose how you want to earn your SB points.

Ways to Earn SB Points with Swagbucks

Completing Surveys – this is predominantly what Swagbucks is known for with the offer of completing surveys for SB points.  The amount you receive depends, and sometimes it can be a good offer where you can receive 500 SB points for a 20-minute survey, and the others where you are lucky to get 50 points for another survey also taking you 20 minutes.

Another thing I noticed though, was the fact that I didn’t seem to be eligible for that many.  This may be to do with me being in the UK, and the surveys seeming to want to understand trends in the US.  So, you might have more luck, if you are across the pond and live in the US or Canada.

Watching Videos –This sounds like it might be a good deal, if you spend a lot of time on YouTube then you might think watching videos for points is a great deal.  But in this instance, it is not, and the videos will not be anything you want to spend too much time on at all.  See the screenshot below:

Swagbucks - Watching Videos

Watch 15 videos, lasting 17 minutes for 2 SB point.  Not worth your time (unless you let it run in the background).

There is also an option to use Swagbucks Watch, this opens in a separate window and you have to watch the video, as you will be asked to answer questions at the end.  But the return is not that great again. Swagbucks - Watch

Paying Games – If you like playing online games, then this is a option.  Although a very limited one, as they only have 3 games for you to choose from…

Swagbucks - Playing Games

Earning Cashback when shopping – This is probably the one that I would use more than any of the others.  If you shop online, they getting cashback is one of the benefits of using services like Swagbucks or Top Cash Back for.  Redeem points for shopping to get gift cards for your favourite retailers.

Swagbucks - Cash Back Offers

I would advise you check out the list of retailers when you are thinking of making a purchase as you have to go through Swagbucks to make the purchase for it to register.

Making Sponsored Purchases and earning SB Points – Again, worth a look if you are thinking of making an online purchase.

Swagbucks - Featured ways to earn

It would depend on the retailers and the offers on.  I have also seen some where you can sign up with services such as the lottery club and you gain points for joining.

There are also other ways to earn SB points such as referring friends and family, completing daily tasks and participating in sweepstakes with your points in the hopes of earning more money.

I think there are definitely benefits to an online service like Swagbucks, particularly if you shop online.

But I see the cash back side more of a benefit than making money online with the services.  Getting cashback on stuff you are already buying is a definite benefit.  But if you are looking to make serious online money, this is not the best route.  You would do much better with something like affiliate marketing then Swagbucks.

What is Good About Swagbucks (PROS)

  • Free to Join
  • A variety of ways to earn
  • Simple website making it easy to get your way around

What Could Swagbucks Improve on? (CONS)

Let’s look at what Swagbucks could improve on.

Earning SB Points is Time Consuming

If you are only after some pocket money, you might forgive this one.  But it can take a lot of time to earning enough points to cash out at a level that seems worth it.  You will see surveys on there, they are only five minutes, but you will only earn 25 SB points.  Others where they are 23 minutes and you will only earn 60 SB Points.

You will do better if you are purchasing from their offers with cash back or earning SB points for a purchase, but that depends on whether the products are what you want to buy.

Survey Eligibility

This will depend on your initial survey questions, but I found that I was not actually able to do many surveys, they kept telling me I wasn’t able to complete this survey.  So, how can you earn points form surveys, if you cannot complete them.

How Much Does Swagbucks Cost?

Whilst It is totally free to sign up with Swagbucks, the time you will need to invest to get a good return is really high.

Surveys are quite time consuming and are not always a great return of SB points, whilst watching videos is easy but again you do not get a lot of points for watching them.  You could watch 10 videos in a row, and only receive a handful of points for the trouble.

My Honest Opinion of Swagbucks – Is it Worthwhile?

If you are looking for some pocket money, or shop online a lot then I can definitely recommend Swagbucks.  Whilst completing surveys and watching videos is not a great return on the time needed, you could definitely benefit from the cash back offers to earn some money ready for Christmas.

If you are looking for a serious way of earning money online, then this would be not be a great choice and here is why.

It is down to amount of time you would need to invest to earn anything.  30 minutes of video to earn 2 SB points is not worthwhile.  30 minutes of survey to earn 75 SB points again is not a great return on your time invest.

If you are looking for some serious ways to earn money online, we can recommend affiliate marketing or blogging as a better way to earn money online.

But if you are just after some casual cash, or love shopping then it is definitely worth a try.

Swagbucks at a Glance

Product Name: Swagbucks Swagbucks Review - Easy Money Completing Surveys?

Owners: Prodege LLC

Website URL: Swagbucks.com

Price: Free

Best For: People looking for Casual Earnings

Recommended: Yes

BestAffiliateMarketingTools.org Rating:  3/5

Verdict: Recommended, for the Casual Earner

If you have any questions or comments to add about my Swagbucks review, then please write them in the comments below and I will come back to you as soon as I can.

Are You After a Way to Make Some Real Money Online?

If you have been looking for a genuine way of earning more serious money than completing surveys will ever get you, then I highly recommend you read up on the method that I use to earn money online.  Affiliate Marketing is an awesome way of earning real money online through a passion you already have.  Check out my guide on How Affiliate Marketing Really Works? Or you can check out the training platform I used to learn it all with my Wealthy Affiliate Review.


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