Digital Experts Academy Review – Is Digital Experts Academy a Scam?

Is Digital Experts Academy a Scam?  Is it full of training material and will make you an instant success?  We will be answering all of your questions within this Digital Experts Academy review.

Is it really worth the high price tag, or are there better alternatives out there…?

First off, I must congratulate you on doing your research, as that is the best way of avoiding scams and finding genuine ways to make money online.  I am not affiliated with Digital Experts Academy in any way, I just want to help people with my review.

Let’s crack on with the review so you can learn more about the Digital Experts Academy.

Digital Experts Academy Overview & Rankings

Product Name: Digital Experts Academy Digital Experts Academy Review

Owners: Jay Kubassek & Stuart Ross

Website URL:

Product Type: Affiliate Marketing Training Membership Website

Price: From $2,500 to $20,000

Best For: The Owners & The Top 2% Members Rating:


A Quick Digital Experts Academy Summary

Digital Experts Academy (DEA) is an affiliate marketing training platform with a lot of useful resources and training. However, the system is designed in such a way that you are forced to keep paying them money and buying upsells up to the cost of $20,000 to get the access you need to progress.  This is an astounding amount of money, and is it worth it?

Recommended: No

Here's My Top Recommended Program

What Exactly is Digital Experts Academy?

Digital Experts Academy Review

Digital Experts Academy is a membership site, with training and resources relate to teaching you how to make money online with Affiliate Marketing.

DEA is also the parent company of another site I have recently reviewed call The Six Figure Mentors.

Jay & Stuart are owners of both Digital Experts Academy and the Six Figures mentors.   They are linked, and ironically you have to sign up with the SFM program to actually become a member of DEA.  Before we get into why I think there is a form of irony with this partnership, let’s check out an introduction video by Jay Kubassek, the co-founder of Digital Experts Academy and the Six Figure Mentors.

Who Does Digital Experts Academy Benefit?

This is a question I ask myself with any product or service I review, who is going to benefit from this DEA membership and being honest, the only people I can see that benefit from this would be the owners and the guys at the top of the pile within DEA.

I found the two products being related ironic, as you cannot join DEA unless you pay to join the Six Figure Mentors and this is where both the SFM & DEA platforms work more like an MLM scheme, than actually being about Affiliate Marketing.  Let’s get to how the Digital Experts Academy works…

How Does Digital Experts Academy Work?

Before you even get to access or benefit from DEA, you need to join up with the Six Figure mentor platform.  This has 4 membership levels, and you need to upgrade to the top membership level to gain access to the Digital Experts Academy platform, which again has a number of membership levels.

Six Figure Mentors

There are four membership levels within SFM:

  1. Affiliate Access (Free)
  2. Student Access ($29.95 +$25/month optional)
  3. Essential Membership ($297 +$97/month)
  4. Elite Membership ($2,500/year + $97/month)

You can learn more about SFM at my Six Figure Mentors Review.  But know this, even if you want to join DEA straightaway, they will point you towards joining SFM first and you will still need to pay the SFM fees.  You will also need to have the Essential or Elite Membership to qualify for the DEA membership.

Digital Experts Academy

This leads us to the four membership levels within DEA:

  1. DEA Silver ($2,500): Is an e-learning program
  2. DEA Gold ($8,000): 12-months Digital Marketing Coaching Program + 3-day Bootcamp
  3. DEA Platinum ($11,000): a 3-Day Workshop + a website with social media profiles.  It also includes branded training.
  4. DEA Black ($20,000): Ticket to the annual Mastermind Retreat, which includes a meeting with Jay & Stuart.

I wouldn’t say that this program is not worth the money, but the reason I state it looks more like an MLM scheme than affiliate marketing is the pure purpose of the training.

All they teach you throughout both programs is how to promote SFM & DEA.  They offer no real value when it comes to promoting anything other than these programs.

Another thing about the way they work is the fact, it is a clear ladder.  You need to pay more to advance further through the training.

That is personally why I think it is more about making the people at the top earn money, and unless you can get yourself up to the top, then you are going to find this program difficult to recoup your invested money.

What is Good About Digital Experts Academy (PROS)

  • There is a lot of useful and genuine training and resources for you to learn from
  • The help and support provided from their consultants is good
  • There are elements of training that focuses on other key attributes needed, other than internet marketing.  This include lessons on Leadership, Personal Development and Entrepreneur Mindset.
  • If you have a huge sum of money to invest, you can get some real good mentorship, help and support from their team.

What Could Digital Experts Academy Improve on? (CONS)

  • It is more like an MLM scheme.  The main premise of both platforms is promoting only their membership
  • You have to join the Six Figure Mentors program and pay its fees, just to be able to join DEA.  That is a big red flag for me
  • The way the membership works is the fact you will hit a roadblock every time and need to upgrade to the next level to get past it and progress.
  • Too many upsells, 8 levels across the 2 and a need to upgrade to progress and the high price make it only worthwhile for a select few.
  • They use videos and sales pages that are typically associated with scams – posing in front of a sports car or a luxury mansion.  Making you instantly think this product will help you achieve it.

How Much Does Digital Experts Academy Cost?

When you think about the people who are achieving success from the Digital Experts Academy, it is those people who have paid the $20,000 and have a DEA Black membership, plus paying the SFM fees and they showcase what they are earning.

If I was able to invest $20,000 into something, I would expect a return on that investment.

But an everyday blogger just starting out, hasn’t not got that money and they would struggle in the lower levels of SFM getting nowhere with it and either feeling a need to upgrade or giving up.

If you can avoid the membership fees and want to promote DEA, then this might be a product for you.

If you cannot afford it, there are much better options without the high price tag.

What Is the Digital Experts Academy Support Like?

This is actually really good within the Digital Experts Academy; their consultants are really helpful and know their stuff.

My Honest Opinion of Digital Experts Academy – Is DEA a Scam?

Digital Experts Academy is not a scam and it does have some great training and valuable information. But I would not recommend it purely down to the high price tag.  There are no promises and guarantees, and yet they expect you to hand over a lot of money?

The way the membership levels work to make you progress further up and hand over more money, which could be over $20,000 in the end is why I cannot recommend this program.

Their training might be the best out there, but can you really risk that kind of money with no guarantees?

Especially when you can start learning and building your own affiliate marketing business for Free.  Why pay that kind of money for the same thing.  All you end up doing is paying for their lifestyle?

Digital Experts Academy at a Glance

Product Name: Digital Experts Academy Digital Experts Academy Review

Owners: Jay Kubassek & Stuart Ross

Website URL:

Product Type: Affiliate Marketing Training Membership Website

Price: From $2,500 to $20,000

Best For: The Owners and the Top 2% Members

Recommended: No Rating:


Verdict: Not Recommended, there are Better Options without the High Price Tag

Like I said, there are much better alternatives out there, where you can get started with your own affiliate marketing business for free.  Non MLM schemes, just great training and awesome support.  Follow the training that I have used to build an income online.  Learn more with my Wealthy Affiliate Review.  It is our No.1 Recommended Training Platform!

Thanks for reading my Digital Experts Academy Review, if you have any questions or have any experience with DEA I would love to hear from you.  Write them in the comments below and I will definitely come back to you as soon as I can.  Thanks, John.

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