How to Start Affiliate Marketing with Facebook

How to Start Affiliate Marketing with Facebook

Affiliate Marketing is an awesome way of making money online promoting stuff you love and can allow you to really get involved in your chosen interest.  Some will tell you affiliate marketing is dead and will not go on that long.  Trust me, it is only growing as more and more merchants get on the affiliate marketing train.

Don’t get me wrong, it is highly competitive as more people do get started with it, but as long as you get the right training you can still benefit massively from affiliate marketing.

Facebook is a one of those platforms.  Pretty much everyone is on there and this can lead you being able to promote your affiliate links via Facebook to a huge audience.

Facebook already allows you to connect with like-minded people in the subject you want to choose for your affiliate marketing campaigns and combining the two is a way for you to hopefully make money.  Let’s get into how to start affiliate marketing with Facebook.

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