An Insta Minator Review – $333 By Tomorrow or Just Another Scam

With claims of you being able to earn $333 daily by tomorrow, who wouldn’t be interested in looking into what Insta Minator has to offer.  But experience tells me that it is not as simple as that.  In our An Insta Minator Review, we will give you all the information you need on this supposed method and whether it is worth a real look or not…

Jason Fulton & Mosh Bari have launched a number of programs, they launch them at an alarming rate.  They claim every single one of them will change your life, like Freedom Profits but in reality, it shows something when a high number of people try to get their money back and find it isn’t as easy to do as it seems.

Product Review Summary

Product Name: Insta-Minator

Owner: Jason Fulton & Mosh Bari

Product Type: Affiliate Marketing Training

Price: $12.95 + Upsells ($455)

Best For: No One

Insta Minitor review

Summary: Insta-Minator bring bold claims of earning money quickly and easily, but they do not really tell you what you will be doing.  Whilst the premise of affiliate marketing is genuine, their claims just do not cut it and this is just another low-quality product from Jason & Mosh.

Their training is confusing and not really going to end up being beneficial for anyone.  The low price is just to introduce you to the real sales funnel which could cost you close to $500.

Like many of their products, this is not worth your time or money.

Rating: 20/100

Recommended? No

What Exactly is Insta Minator?

Insta-Minator is a system that was developed by Jason Fulton & Mosh Bari.  They both have experience in making money online, and like we have already said they have launched a high number of these programs that are supposed to help you earn money too.

They all have claims like the one below, Insta Minator claims that you can earn $333.54 per day, starting tomorrow.  That is a very bold claim:

Insta Minator Claims

But what exactly does Insta-Minator do…?

Unfortunately, it follows a similar path as to many of these programs.  They do not give you any idea of what you are signing up for throughout the sales page.

Insta-Minator explains itself as a system that will teach you how to make money online in just 3 steps:


Jason & Mosh follow a similar theme.  They claim that someone with no skill or experience can follow in their footsteps.  But at this point, I am going to pour water on that flame.

No way can someone start earning that kind of money from tomorrow.  No matter how good the training is, I am sorry, but it is just not possible.  If it was, many bloggers would have snapped this up and done the same…  This is just about creating some hype to this product and making you feel like you need to buy this now.

When you get into the training you will find you get access to videos.  These videos are supposed to help you set everything up in just 35 minutes.

They then show you how you can copy their “proven” traffic methods to get visitors.  Then you use their system to keep sending messages to your visitors to make more sales.

At this point, it still doesn’t seem like we still know what method we will be using to make money.  But when you cut all the BS, it comes down to the fact they are using affiliate marketing.

Affiliate Marketing is definitely legit and is a great way to make money online, we use it ourselves.  But I am not aware of anyone being able to make money with this model overnight.  This is what makes me concerned about beginners seeing these bold claims, Insta Minator makes.

How Does Insta Minator Work?

Let’s get into what the training is all about:

Module #1: Case Study

This video is from Mosh and he is sharing with you how his autoresponder account got shut down (bit concerning) for multiple violations against their terms and conditions.  But he goes on to state that it didn’t bother him, as he had push notifications and he shares his subscriber numbers too.

Module #2: How Insta-Minator Works

This module is 11 videos:

  1. What Happened to Me Should Never Happen to You…
  2. How it All Began
  3. The System
  4. Prepare to Make Money
  5. Make Money with Powerful Messaging System
  6. Non-IM Niche – Success Story (Case Study)
  7. No Website Method – Facebook Chatbot
  8. Introducing “Team Traffic”
  9. Team Traffic – Step by Step
  10. A Profitable, Evergreen Niche
  11. Build a Complete Website in 30 Seconds

Now, that the main concept they are trying to get you to use throughout is push notifications, but most of the training actually is nothing to do with that and would really confuse a newbie.

Module #3: Buyer Traffic in Easy Steps (Surprise Bonus)

This is billed as a bonus and gives you an additional 8 videos.  But these will probably confuse you more than the other videos.

  1. What’s Buyer Traffic
  2. Winning Mindset
  3. Understanding Problems
  4. Buyer Traffic Method-1
  5. Buyer Traffic Method-2
  6. Buyer Traffic Method-3
  7. Buyer Traffic Method-4
  8. Buyer Traffic Method-5

Again, after seeing this I don’t get the real purpose of Insta-Minator.  At the end of the day it is about using push notifications, but again these bonus videos lead you away from this.

Like a lot of these products, they give you some value for that initial low fee of $12.95 but their main goal is to get you to buy the upsells.  They are five with this product and this is really the main goal of a product like this, so the owners can earn more money.


There are 5 upsells to navigate through as part of this product:

OTO #1: $37 with a downsell to $17

This is a Done for You package that allows you to have the Insta-Minator method done for you.

OTO #2: $197, no downsell

They call these the Insta-Minator Money Machine.  You will receive 20 of these “machines” to promote.

OTO #3: $47 with a downsell to $27

This includes additional training on a unique approach to writing emails that get opened.  It is called the Advanced Tactics package.

OTO #4: $77 with a downsell to $47

This is claimed as putting it on autopilot, by learning how to outsource. (hire people)

OTO #5: $97 with a downsell to $47

This gives you the option to sell Insta-Minator as your own product and claim 100% of the profit.

Who Would Benefit from Insta Minator?

That is a puzzling question, this seems to be a combination of training that aims to show you affiliate marketing, whilst using chatbots and push notifications to increase sales.  But these things take time to learn and time to embed the training into a successful business model.

From the sales page, I can see why newbies would get drawn in but I cannot endorse this kind of program when it is so misleading.

It takes more than just 35 minutes to achieve what you need to and only putting in 15 minutes a day is laughable.

My recommendation is that no one would benefit from Insta-Minator.

What is Good About Insta Minator (PROS)

Here is what we liked about it:

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Although I am putting this in the pros column, know that there does seem to be some noise out there about it not being as easy to get your money back as it might seem.  But it is technically an offer.

It Promotes Affiliate Marketing­­­­­

Whilst I do not believe this product is worth anyone’s time.  When you get into it, they are promoting affiliate marketing which is a genuine business model and one we use ourselves.

What Could Insta Minator Improve on? (CONS)

Here is what we didn’t like:

Unrealistic Bold Claims

I have a big problem with products that make bold claims that are totally unrealistic.  I have reviewed plenty of products and I have still to find a program that can help you make money by tomorrow with so little work.  Don’t get me wrong, you could complete some surveys and earn a bit of pocket money by tomorrow.  But I mean a substantial figure like $333 by tomorrow is totally unrealistic.  It might be possible for someone of Jason or Mosh’s experience.  But not for a complete beginner hoping to follow in their footsteps.

Affiliate Marketing is a genuine and realistic option online, but do not expect to earn money straightaway from it in the same way.

Claims it is their First Money-Making System…

In the sales video of Insta-Minator, Mosh and Jason claim they have been doing this for years but Insta-Minator is their first system they have created to help others make money online.

But that is a downright lie.  They offer a high number of programs out there all designed to help you make money online, and this is clearly not their first.

Just be honest with people, that is my problem with these people.

See the screenshot of other programs that Mosh has to offer on his Warrior Plus page.


They are obviously trying to get people to buy their product, and by stating they have developed a system like this, to make it sound special.

But the rate at which they bring products out is surprising.

My point is that if just one of their products worked as it was supposed to, they wouldn’t need to create anything else.  They would also be able to charge a reasonable price for it, as it works. 

But there are concerns when these guys keep launching programs (that do not work, in my opinion) and get away with bringing out more of these low-quality products.

Fast-Money Claims…

It might seem like I am repeating myself, but it is a big one.  Their claim is that by tomorrow you can be earning an easy $333.54 a day!

Insta Minator Claims

With affiliate marketing, it is totally realistic to earn that kind of money.  BUT, not by tomorrow and not anytime soon.

Do not think that you can give up your day job by next week.  It is simply not possible.

One of the biggest problems online is peoples perceptions.  It is products like this that make people believe that making money online is quick and easy.  When it doesn’t work, people start questioning everything online.

You can definitely earn money from affiliate marketing, but it will take realistic timescales, realistic workloads and proper training.

Otherwise, you start chasing program after program to get rich quickly and it will never come.

But if you put in the time and effort, you will have spent the time more effectively on a proper online business.  Any program that promises you can make money online quickly or on auto-pilot it is one to be very careful.

The Free Traffic Claims

Look, to be successful online you will definitely need traffic.  If you do not get any traffic, then you have not chance of making any sales.

Insta-Minator’s system just states, “turn on their free traffic system” and then the sales will immediately start.

Yeah, I wish it was that simple.  I have been working with online marketing and free traffic for a while now.  It is just not as simple as they are making out.

Don’t get me wrong, you can get free fast traffic, but do not expect it to be quality traffic and you need quality traffic.

Quality traffic means people who would be interested in what you are promoting, not just random people who are not really interested in them.

You could pay for traffic and it will flood your website with traffic.  But do not expect any sales, it is typically just bots that are on your site and no real person.

Building up enough free quality traffic to earn that $333 a day will take a lot of work and the time that goes with that work.

One day you could reach that point, but not from day one.  Unless you have a huge budget to attempt with PPC marketing.

Their claims that you can get free quality traffic just by switching on this system, is just not how internet marketing works.

The Upsells

Look, it looks like a great deal when they are stating it is only $12.95.  But this is a typical sales funnel designed to get you hooked and then they can start selling you the stuff they really want you to buy.

They are designed to convince you that you will not succeed unless you hand over the money for the upsells.  But those upsells could cost you up to $455 with no guarantees…


That is $455 on top of the $12.95 that is supposed to make you money.

If the system was an awesome product that was worth the money, then it would have a realistic price, be open and honest from the start, it would also not use this underhand technique to draw you in.

But sadly, Insta-Minator is not one of those products.  It is a low-quality product that hopes to get you to open your wallet and quite honestly the owners don’t really care if you make any money or not.

Can You Trust All of the Positive Reviews...?

If you have been researching this product, you will not that a number of the reviews will have a completely different outlook on this product compared to us.

What you have to understand is that because this product is available to be promoted via affiliate marketing, all of these positive reviews will typically be making a commission from anyone who does go and buy it.

There are a number of affiliate marketers who are more interested in making money, than being honest and keeping their integrity.  We are not like these marketers.  We do not affiliate ourselves with products we do not recommend. These positive reviews will typically give a product 10 out of 10 and state you must buy it because it has earned them money.

The money they are earning is off the poor people who buy into their claims and end up no closer to making any money.

I have seen many of these low-quality products get a raving review and if you actually dig a little deeper you will see that many of these positive reviews are written and posted prior to the product going out on sale.  How can they review a product that they haven’t seen in action…?  They just rewrite the sales page and draw you in with the bonuses they state you will only get with them.  But guess what, they are already included with the product.

My advice would be to be careful when a review is overly positive without doing some research.

We are very positive about our top recommended program, Wealthy Affiliate.  But that is different, because you can fully see what they offer before joining and it is free to join.  Don’t like it, there is no refund to worry about.  With programs like this, you would need to buy it and then, let’s be honest not get your money back.

My Honest Opinion of Insta Minator - Is Insta Minator a Scam?

Insta-Minator offers you some training for your money, so we cannot say it is a scam.  But with the methods they employ and the fact they do not really tell you what you will be doing until you pay up puts it firmly in our NOT RECOMMENDED pile.

There is no way they can state you could be earning $333 a day by tomorrow.  There are just too many red flags with this product to say that I could recommend it to anyone.

I do not think they are going to be able to offer enough value in their training to even put you on the right road to earning any money from affiliate marketing.

It is totally possible to earn money from affiliate marketing, but the strategy you need will take you much longer than the 35 minutes of set up they promise.  You will also need to put in a lot more than just 15 minutes a day.

Unfortunately, Jason & Mosh are following a trend of just offering these types of product to make money, rather to try and help people.  They have the right knowledge as they are making money online, so why do they not help people do it properly.  Because they cannot be bothered, is how it looks.

Sick of Seeing Scams...? Want The Real Deal?

If you are anything like me, you are sick of seeing these types of program that claim the world and then you hit a review that states it’s a big waste of time.

I think the biggest thing we need to change is our expectations of earning money online.

It is totally possible to make money online, but if you keep trying to chase for that magic get-rich-quick scheme you will find that you will still be there in a couple of years’ time still looking.  You will have probably wasted quite a bit of money too.

I cannot honestly offer you a quick way of earning money. Believe me, if there was, I would have done it and showed others how to do it. But if you are willing to invest your time into learning an effective genuine route to making money then you can benefit from the same training platform that led me to be earning money online.

Let us just clarify who affiliate marketing is not for:

  • Those Looking to Get Rich Quick
  • Minimal Time & Effort Needed
  • It is Done on Auto-pilot

Let’s face it, we would all love a system like that.  But a genuine one does not exist.  Maybe after a few years of working, you can find you will be hiring people to do the work and then you will be earning money easily.  But for us mere mortals, it needs the foundations building first.

Affiliate Marketing requires time and effort but is a genuine route to earning money.  But you need the right training, tools and support and that is why we highly recommend Wealthy Affiliate.

Know there are four stages to making money with affiliate marketing.

  • Step 1 – Choose an Interest
  • Step 2 – Build a Website
  • Step 3 – Attract Visitors
  • Step 4 – Make Money

Without the first three steps you will find it extremely hard to make money online.  But the training within Wealthy Affiliate will totally lead you to where you are earning money.  It has a free starter membership you can sign up with and see what they are all about.

You can also see a full walkthrough of their training with our guide to Wealthy Affiliate.

You have 3 choices at this point:

  1. Walk away knowing you are not going to make money online
  2. Keep chasing for those shiny objects that are not going to earn you any money and cost you money
  3. Try Wealthy Affiliate for free and start on an exciting path to making money online.

It is up to you…

Thanks for checking out our Insta-Minator review.  If you have any questions or want to share any experiences, please write them in the comments below.  We would love to hear from you and guarantee a response just as soon as we can. 🙂

Insta Minator

$12.95 + Upsells



Overall Quality



  • Promotes Affiliate Marketing
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee


  • Unrealistic Claims
  • Their First System?
  • Fast Money Claims
  • Free Traffic?
  • Upsells

12 thoughts on “An Insta Minator Review – $333 By Tomorrow or Just Another Scam”

  1. I am always reserved when a sales page claims that anyone can make money with it and no skills are required. I think it is just a speech to make sales and that in reality you will need to have skills just to understand the process on how to make money with it.

    And for Insta Minator, it is very clear that the tips and tactics they are using can only be understood by someone who is already in make money online business. 

    But I do not think that without the upsells one can make a profit from this product. The affiliate part is very interesting but the getting visitors part is not really good or acceptable practices.

    Thanks for the great review.

    • Hey Adyns68,

      thanks for checking out our blog and for writing some comments.  It is all about creating hype and making you believe the crap they come out with.  People who are new to it are drawn in and that is why programs like this are constantly popping up.

      We try and help people avoid these schemes, because they will not help people and their methods are flawed.



  2. This Mosh Bari guy seems to be the only real person benefiting from Insta Minator, why does he have so many different products? Are they all the same low quality training on affiliate marketing?

    Although affiliate marketing is legit, Mosh Bari dresses it up with a lot of hype. I’m not a fan of people who market their products like this. I’ve been in the affiliate marketing game for almost 3 years now and it’s anything but instant results. Any program that claims you can make $333 by tomorrow is questionable.

    • Hey Son,

      thanks for checking out our blog and for writing some comments.

      Yes, all of the products related to Mosh are low-quality products that offer no real value.  It is all about hype so you pay them money.

      With their knowledge and experience they could offer some real value, but that would take some hard work and they cannot be bothered.



  3. Hi John thanks for this very detailed review of Insta Minator. There are just so many of these get rich quick scams that give credible products a bad name. They prey on unsuspecting vulnerable people who do not know much about the internet and are just trying to make a living, such a pity. Love your comment: “Best for: No one”.  Classic, keep up the great work

    • Hey Abbas,

      thanks for checking out our blog and for writing some comments.  You are so right, people walk away believing there are no genuine products out there.  All because people like these con people out of their money.



  4. Thanks for this review of the Insta Minator product. I was thinking of buying it but wanted to get some opinions and reviews prior to spending any money or time on it. These days it is so easy to do your due diligence with these type of products and there is a lot that simply fails to bring expected results that that are claimed in their sales pages.

    Especially when it is not clearly spelled out in the sales page, I am suspicious, as often what you find when you do but is that the information or training is something you could get for free with a little searching on the internet. In the case with this product, you can get that training elsewhere for free.

    The upsells also are costly it appears and I agree with you that the front end is priced attractively to get people to buy the upsells. This is normal and I see that often, but that is okay only if the upsells add to the value of the front end product. In this case, I am not so sure that is true.

    Affiliate marketing requires a lot of steps and more than just email services or push notifications. That seems to be lacking and if a newbie gets this, they will likely not have much success. I agree with your final evaluation that this product is not one to recommend or buy for to use.

    • Hey Dave,

      thanks for checking out our blog and for writing some comments.  I am so glad you are doing your research, it is the only way to avoid crappy products like this.

      I don’t think there is any value in this regardless of whether the upsells were already included or not.  A beginner will completely be lost after doing this training and there are too many issues with this.

      It just doesn’t include enough to help a beginner get into affiliate marketing the right way.



  5. Hi John

    Great review of Insta Minator, whenever I see big claims from make money online programs the hairs on the back my neck instantly stand up and I just know that there’s a 90% chance that it’s a scam that is not going to make anybody money but the developers.

    The fact that you list as one of the Pro’s of this program is that they have a 30-day money back guarantee says it all

    I really appreciate you doing this review and saving me/us from wasting our time with this program and I’m imagining all the other programs that Jason Fulton and Mosh Bari have to offer.

    • Hey Dominic,

      thanks for checking out our blog and for writing some comments.  They do seem to have a high number of programs out there that all have the same promises.  But if only one of them worked, they wouldn’t need any of the others.

      They are just out there to make money and don’t really care if you become another victim.  They offer a little value to ensure it cannot be deemed a scam.  But the lack of information is worrying.



  6. Hello John. Thanks for the Insta Minator review. Another program that talks big and doesn’t deliver. And the worst part is that the owners know how to make money but they just don’t feel like telling the whole story.

    But these shiny objects will always exist because they have an audience. The best way to prevent people from falling to such traps is to have people in this niche write a review as soon as possible so that it can be ranked fast and wake people up before they eat the cheese in the trap.

    Of course social media can help but with search engines it has broader reach (as the social media contacts are way fewer than those who will google the product).

    I was happy to read about this review. Keep up the good work and have a nice day.

    • Hey George,

      thanks for checking out our blog and for writing some comments.

      It is a sorry affair, when the owners just want to line their own pockets and not help other people.  It is true, people chase the shiny get-rich-quick objects and keep chasing them.  But they will only spend money and not make any money. 

      you are right about writing quick reviews, but unfortunately these people beat you to it with an overly positive review before it has even come out.

      A lot of research is needed before investing anything, that is the only way to protect yourself.

      All the best George,



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