Niche Website Ideas – 50 Profitable Niche Ideas for Affiliate Marketing

When starting out in Affiliate Marketing, one of the key stumbling blocks is finding a niche, whilst you can start an online business in any given niche there are a few that are more geared towards an affiliate marketing business.

We will be exploring 50 profitable niche ideas around 4 categories but first let’s go through what a niche is and more importantly what you need to think about before picking one.

What is a Niche? & Why Do We Need to Start Out with One?

One of the key elements when starting out in affiliate marketing is understanding that it is a competitive market.  There are plenty of opportunities out there for you to carve your own success – but a big mistake a lot of people do is they start too broad.

A niche is a narrow segment of a market, the narrower you can search down in a category, the better chances you have of achieving success.

The broader you get, the more likely you will struggle to achieve authority in that niche due to the competition.  Think about Digital Cameras, if you started too broad you would be directly competing with the big brand websites out there and would struggle to get any traffic.  But if you focused on DSLR Cameras and then drilled down to DSLR Camera Flashes – You would have better opportunities to build up that authority.

Once of the best ways of searching for a niche in your chosen subject is using Amazon. Using the categories, you can drill down to the smallest category you can get, and this will be a niche.

Competing with the Authority Sites – When starting out in any niche you will need to build up your site with quality content that helps solve problems, has product reviews, how-to guides that will help you build up an authority site that will also help you towards your goals of affiliate marketing and monetising your website.

A proven strategy is to also choose a niche that you actually have an interest in, you will need to create a lot of content in that niche – but if you pick something just because it looks lucrative and know nothing about will make it very difficult. It will also come across in your content and mean you might not achieve your goals.

Here are 50 Profitable Niche Ideas

I have broken these down into 4 categories, remember it is key that you actually choose a niche you have an interest in, know a lot about and will enjoy writing about. The four categories are:

  • Health/Fitness Related
  • Technology/Gaming
  • Lifestyle/Home & Garden
  • Online Jobs/Make Money Online

Health & Fitness Related Niches

  1. Losing Belly FatHealth & Fitness Niche
  2. Low Carb Diet Plans
  3. Six Pack Exercise
  4. Getting Rid of Love Handles
  5. Dealing with Knee Problems
  6. Dealing with Joint Problems
  7. A website on Different Types of Cleanses (Health Related Website)
  8. Tips for Making Skin Look Younger
  9. How to Slow Down or Reverse Aging
  10. Ways to Increase Metabolism
  11. How to Stop Heart Disease
  12. How to Stop Type 1 Diabetes
  13. How to Stop Type 2 Diabetes
  14. How to Stop Smoking
  15. How to Stop Stress/Anxiety/Panic Attacks
  16. Hair Loss for Men
  17. Hair Loss for Women

If you have any experience with any of these, you can share your tips and experiences – you also have the opportunity where if you are in a position to, document your journey.  You are striving to achieve a six pack, share your story.

Also, be mindful, that you are careful with the health-related issues as some of them you may need to put a medical disclaimer, etc.

Technology & Gaming

  1. Tablets for Kids
  2. Gaming Laptops (really popular at present)Gaming Laptop Niche
  3. Gaming Laptop Accessories
  4. Computer Gaming Gear
  5. Vlogging Accessories
  6. Action Cameras
  7. Drones

This is the niches where you need to know what you are talking about to create an authority site in, but gaming laptops are a very popular product at the moment.

Lifestyle/Health & Garden

  1. Popular Hiking Treks (Promoting Preparation Clothes & Gear)
  2. Hiking Backpacks
  3. Hiking Boots
  4. Camping Accessories
  5. Survival Gear
  6. Survival Tips
  7. Preparing for a Cataclysm
  8. Storing up on supplies for Emergencies
  9. How to Fix Things Around the House (Leaky Pipes, Broken Objects, etc.)
  10. Dealing with Noisy Neighbours
  11. Hydroponic Gardening
  12. Making Your Own Garden Tips
  13. How to Get Rid of Termites
  14. How to Get Rid of Bedbugs
  15. How to Get Rid of Mould Yourself
  16. Wood Burning Tips
  17. Be Your Own Mechanic (Fixing Cars Yourself)Be Your Own Mechanic Niche
  18. Be Your Own Mechanic (Motorcycles)
  19. Get Back with Your Ex (Specific Man or Woman)
  20. How to Succeed at Dating
  21. How to Succeed at Online Dating
  22. Safety Razors

Survival is a lot more popular than you might think and people are always looking for ways to fix things – whether that be a car or things around the house.

Online Jobs & Making Money Online

  1. Make Money Online
  2. How to Get Rid of College/University Debt
  3. Jobs for Single Moms
  4. How to Become a Freelance Writer

These tend to be a popular choice when choosing a niche for your blog, and we all have something in common with them – earning money online and quitting the day job usually.

Final Tips on Picking Your Niche

I understand why people find it hard to pick a niche, they are worried whether it will actually be worth it but trust me any niche can work in Affiliate Marketing.

There are some key tips I can offer for when you are first starting out or even thinking about choosing your next niche

Tip 1 – Pick a Subject you know a lot about or something you are really interested in.  Part of building an online business is creating content – if you pick something you know nothing about or don’t really enjoy are you really still going to be interested in writing content in 6 months’ time?

Picking something you are passionate about will make it a lot easier to write content and engage in your niche’s community (audience).

Tip 2 – Start as narrow as you can, you can always expand later.  When starting out you want to cut out your own portion of that niche, so if you decide to choose Smart Devices (not on the list but is really big at the moment) start out focusing on a specific line like smart speakers to start with, then when you have built your foundation (website) and are getting traffic, then you are in prime location to start expanding into all sorts of smart devices (smart bulbs, smart devices like Alexa, Google, etc.)

Tip 3 – Help Your Audience, Do Not Sell!  Whenever you are choosing your niche, you need to be able to help them with it.  Understanding the products/services, how-to guides, solving problems that happen in that niche.  If you are able to do this in the niche, you are thinking about you will find it a great niche to pick and also you will find that this is the premise to successful Affiliate Marketing.

I hope that you have found this article useful in finding a niche for your website. Picking a niche is a key decision when starting out with a blog, website and affiliate marketing.  Make sure it follows the tips above and you will find that you will be set up to create a profitable online business.

If you are not quite sure what Affiliate Marketing is or how it really works, check out this useful post “How Affiliate Marketing Really Works”.

If you have any questions about picking your niche or Affiliate Marketing, please leave them in the comments below and I promise to get back to you as soon as I can.

6 thoughts on “Niche Website Ideas – 50 Profitable Niche Ideas for Affiliate Marketing”

  1. It’s one of the hardest things to do, finding a good niche. Most of the times we go to broad and end up competing against the big companies, which of course is a losing battle.

    You really did your homework and gave some very good ideas. I especially like your 2nd tip to start as narrow as you can.

    Keep up the good work!

  2. Hi John,

    I really liked this article, it was something that I really struggled with when I started my website.  The whole niche ideas for a website had me stumped for days!  I did think your advice to start as narrow as possible and then grow as needed, is excellent advise.  Many times we can actually do the opposite – start a general topic and then struggle to narrow it down to a particular audience.  Thanks for the tips.

    • Hey,

      thanks for checking out my post and leaving some comments.

      You are so right, the broader you start the harder it will be as you stay too broad and wonder why you are not getting as much traffic as is possible if you start narrower.

      Appreciate your comments, thanks


  3. A lot of people struggle choosing their niche. Although it can be quite difficult to choose the right niche for yourself when there are so many choices the key in my opinion is to choose something you are interested in and not just because it looks promising. 

    Especially if you’ve never done this before. Affiliate marketing takes time and if you don’t like your niche you will get bored pretty soon. Google trends is also a nice free tool where anyone can find out what’s trending right now. 

    • Hey Nikos,

      thanks for checking out my post and leaving some comments.  I love your suggestion, Google Trends is a great tool to help keep up to date with your niche or what is trending now.

      Picking something you will not get bored talking about is always a good way to go about picking a niche.

      thanks again



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