Niche Profit Classroom Review – Is Niche Profit Classroom a Scam?

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With some of the marketing tactics used to promote Niche Profit Classroom, I can totally understand if you are asking is Niche Profit Classroom a scam? But, in this review I will show you what it has to offer, explain why it isn’t a scam and why I would not recommend this to beginners looking for a start in internet marketing.  Adam Short has a decent product here, but his marketing and “only limited” places has me wondering why…?

This is an objective review, and I am not a member of NPC, so will be you an unbiased view of whether it is worth joining the waiting list…

Niche Profit Classroom Overview & Rankings

Product Name: Niche Profit Classroom Niche Profit Classroom Review

Owners: Adam Shortt

Website URL:

Product Type: Affiliate Marketing Training Course

Price: $67/month with a 14-day trial for $1 + Upsells

Best For: People who want to understand affiliate marketing and get the tools available with the platform Rating:


A Quick Niche Profit Classroom Summary

Niche Profit Classroom is a training course in affiliate marketing, developed by Adam Short. Adam Short is well known in the affiliate marketing industry, and this shows in his marketing for this product. However, he uses underhand techniques like “limited places” before relaunching what looks like the same training from his previous versions.  He also makes some bold claims that mark this product as a worry.  I also feel the use of PLR products and the upsells are just trying to get people to buy-in to this product, when in reality it will fail to work as well as people hope.  I personally wouldn’t recommend this to a beginner, there are better options

Recommended: Not Really

Here is my top recommended program

What is Niche Profit Classroom?

Adam Short’s Niche Profit Classroom is an internet marketing training program, and it has gone through a number of versions since 2003.  We currently sit with version 5.0.

It includes a training course covering topics such as:

  • Finding profitable niches
  • Setting up websites
  • Writing content
  • Creating products
  • Email marketing campaigns

It may seem like many of the training programs that are out there, but this does teach some good stuff including creating simple products to sell through your website.  This is where the main focus of the training comes to light.

Creating your own products, such as eBooks and ranking your website high in the search engine results.

The training does cover a lot of information on Search Engine Optimisation and Product Creation, which are both great things to have under your belt.

Who Does Niche Profit Classroom Benefit?

The Niche Profit Classroom is a good training platform and is designed for anyone wanting to learn the basic of internet marketing and wants to set up their own internet marketing business.

But there are a few things that make me wary of fully recommending the Niche Profit Classroom which I will cover in the rest of my review.

How Does Niche Profit Classroom Work?

The Niche Profit Classroom is split between the training and the tools to build your websites, do the keyword research and your email marketing campaigns.

Niche Profit Classroom Training

There are 4 modules:

Niche Profit Shortcut: This covers how to create website monetised by Google AdSense

Niche Profit Affiliate Mastery for a Single Product: This covers how to create websites that only sell one affiliate product

Niche Profit Affiliate Mastery for Multiple Products: This one covers how to create websites that cover multiple affiliate products

Niche Profit Vendor Mastery: This is about selling your products through a website.

The tutorials are there to help you build up a business from scratch – from finding your niche to getting traffic.

Niche Profit Classroom Tools

The tools that are provide are as follows:

Market Profiler – Market Research Tool

Keyword Tool – Their proprietary keyword research tool

Niche Profit Press – Auto Email Writer Software with templates

Sales Letter Wizard – Sales Letter Creation Tool

Opt-in Page Wizard – Opt-in Pages Creation Tool

Ready Made Business & Niche Packs

You also gain access to what they call “Niche Packs”. This are kind of like a shortcut to a niche website, with everything done for you.  It is designed to cut out the initial stages of building your own niche.

The packs include:

  • Niche Research Materials
  • An eBook
  • Sales Letter Templates
  • Graphic Packs
  • SEO Articles
  • Sales letters
  • Keyword Research
  • 10-Day Mini Course

Now, you might be thinking this is great, but there are a couple of things to note.  Google and the other search engines does not like duplicate content, and I bet you would need to rewrite any of the articles that are provided, as they will be the same packs anyone else gains access to.  So, whilst there will be benefits to these niche packs, do not expect them to be ready to use out of the box, you will still need to put some effort in to be able to benefit from them.

What is Good About Niche Profit Classroom? (PROS)

Let’s explore what we liked about the Niche Profit Classroom:

Training Shows How to Do Affiliate Marketing Right

For anyone who is looking at getting started in affiliate marketing it is a decent starting point. I mean this from the point of the training does show you the right techniques to get started.

Content Creation, Research and SEO are all essential to Affiliate Marketing, and they are all covered in the Niche Profit Classroom.

However, for the price you would be paying it is expensive and there are actually better training platforms out there, such as Wealthy Affiliate.

Once you have gone through the training provided on NPC, which will not take you long you (about 6 hours) will just be paying the $67/month for having the account.  Wealthy Affiliate is much better value for money.

What Could Niche Profit Classroom Improve on? (CONS)

Now, lets look at what we didn’t like about Niche Profit Classroom:

Scarcity Tactics

At the time of writing this, NPC 5.0 is currently full, and you need to joining a waiting list?  Now, that just tells me that there will be a version 6.0 coming soon, with the same content.

Now, this seems to be a recurring theme with this product, they only have select numbers, get your place before it ends and this worries me when you have someone who is well respected in the affiliate marketing industry using tactics which would normally be associated with a scam?  You have to join a waiting list, which for all you know could be until next year when he brings out a new version… Or you could get started for free with a training program where you can get started today…

The Price of Niche Profit Classroom

Don’t get me wrong, there is a lot of value in the training but for $67 a month, there isn’t actually that much training, so really you are paying for the tools which isn’t necessarily a problem if you get a lot of use out of them.  But this leads me onto the Upsells.


They have 3 upsells, that will be advertised at some point, but they are giving you duplicate content.  PLR stands for Private Labels Rights, and these niche packs that are sold for $247 a time mean that everyone who buys one, gets the same content.  So if you publish one of the SEO articles that are included in the pack and someone else has already published it before you (and they will have done this) your website will not rank within Google.

The Search Engines are actively looking for duplicate content and it will totally destroy your campaigns if you use it.

This leaves you two options, pay someone to rewrite it or rewrite it yourself.  All this takes time, and in the time,  it takes you could have written your own article just as easily.

It is classes as a shortcut, but in reality, it leaves you with more work to do.

Adams Shorts Bold Claims

Adam makes some bold claims with his product, and these kind of claims would normally put this type of product in the scam category for me.  One of his claims is that you will make 5 figures within 50 to 90 days.

I’ll emphasise the fact he says you will earn 5-figures within this time.  So this leads people to believe this, but it could also leave Adam in a bit of bother.

Whilst it is a different type of product, Digital Altitude was closed down by the FTC for claiming people could make that sort of money within 90 days as a scam.  Read more here.

These are all reasons, why I would question joining the waiting list or even signing up when it does become available.

How Much Does Niche Profit Classroom Cost?

NPC offers a 14-day trial for $1, which is quite appealing as you can give it a try.  But once this trial ends, you are going to be paying $67 a month which puts it at the expensive range for a complete beginner.

But they do offer a 30-day money back guarantee.

Then, once you are in you are given three upsells:

  • 10 PLR Niche Packs ($247 one-time free)
  • Link Tracks Package ($67 one-time fee)
  • Outsourcing Training ($67 one-time fee)

The niche packs are PLR (Private Label Rights), and everyone who buys this will receive the same stuff – templates, articles, eBooks, themes, etc.

I cannot stress how important it is, that you do not use PLR in your affiliate marketing business.  Duplicate content is a one-way ticket to the bottom of the search engine rankings.  You would need to rewrite it to ensure it is completely different and it is probably best just to write your own articles.

My Honest Opinion of Niche Profit Classroom – Is it a Scam?

Niche Profit Classroom has some questionable promotional and marketing tactics, such as the scarcity model and promises that Adam Shortt cannot clearly uphold that make many consider it to be a scam.  But I cannot agree that it is a scam.

The training on offer is decent, and can help you learn affiliate marketing – but that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t advise caution.  His tactics and claims are underhand, and there are much better training platforms out there that can help you achieve your targets without the high price tag and duplicated content. I would not advise anyone to use PLR products, they are just not useful enough for a genuine affiliate marketing business.

Once you have completed the training, which is about 6 hours’ worth of content, you are only paying your membership to access the tools and your website.  But again, this is available elsewhere for less a month too.

I wouldn’t particular knock NPC too much, as their training does work for some.  But it worries me when they keep launching a platform, with a limited number available. Then they take it off the market, only to relaunch again with a new version.  But in my research, it looks like it has been a very similar model since it launched in 2003, and they just relaunch it every so often.

There are too many red flags for me to say it is recommended, but it can teach you affiliate marketing.

Product Name: Niche Profit Classroom Is Niche Profit Classroom a Scam?

Owners: Adam Shortt

Website URL:

Product Type: Affiliate Marketing Training Course

Price: $67/month with a 14-day trial for $1 + Upsells

Best For: People who want to understand affiliate marketing and get the tools available with the platform

Recommended: Not Really Rating:


Verdict:  Not Recommended, Beginners Would Do Better with Wealthy Affiliate

If you are just starting out on the online world or haven’t got a clue how to get started with affiliate marketing, let me tell you the most important factor is picking the right training platform.  There are that many scams out there, and temptations that will lead you down the wrong path and end up costing you money – money you haven’t got but feel like you need to spend it to make your dream of working from home a reality.

I know, I have been there.  But if it wasn’t for a scam, I would not have found Wealthy Affiliate, and ever since that point I haven’t looked back.  I am not making millions, or 6-figures like Adam Shortt promises.  But that is only because I haven’t been doing it long enough yet.  I started learning whilst having a full-time job with limited time available – but the training is so easy to follow and I am planning for the day I can do it full-time too.

If you truly want to learn how to master affiliate marketing like a pro and build up a business where you can earn real money using affiliate marketing, then I highly recommend you read my Wealthy Affiliate review.  You will soon learn how to make money with Wealthy Affiliate, with a great supportive community behind you.

Without their training, Gem and I would not be earning money whilst working from home.   If you want a genuine training platform that gives you education, tools and tons of support for a price lower than Niche Profit Classroom without any upsells – then you need to check out Wealthy Affiliate.  You also get to fully check them out with a free starter membership.

Read my review and see what you will be benefiting from.

Thanks for reading my Niche Profit Classroom review, if you have any questions or maybe you have some experience with NPC – get in touch via the comments below.  I promise to get back to you as soon as I can.  All the best, John

Niche Profit Classroom

$1 Trial, then $67/month



Research Tools




Overall Rating



  • Training shows how to do affiliate marketing right


  • Scarcity Tactics
  • The Price
  • Upsells
  • Adams Shortt's Bold Claims

16 thoughts on “Niche Profit Classroom Review – Is Niche Profit Classroom a Scam?”

  1. Definitely not the best platform to put your hard earned money in,  the platform is way to overpriced and the return it’s claiming to give back are not bold enough to be proven. The researching features offered on the platform are not worth the price I think the program deserved  the rating it has been awarded. Adam shortt should review it’s method if he wants people to fall for this overpriced platform. The Admin who brought this post to the viewers attention is magnificent wonderful write up couldn’t have been better. Nice post

    • Thanks Dammy,

      you have covered some great points there.  Surprising that this program has been rolling since 2003, and still gets away with his marketing.

      All we can do is point out the facts and let people decide.



  2. Hi John, I really think that this review will help a lot of people to understand that not everything that shines is good. From what I have read I can conclude that this program is not giving quality training on affiliate marketing but it is expensive. I think that folks can invest money in something much more quality.

    • Hey Daniel,

      thanks for checking out my review.  Too expensive and not enough content.  It is good, but not great and the price doesn’t warrant it really.

      Wealthy Affiliate is more cost effective, has real success stories and offers the tools – but with excellent support from the community and the owners.  That is why we recommend it.  It is an awesome platform.



  3. Great post and good info.

    It is expensive for what it brings, I checked a bit deeper as well and honestly, even when you’re a marketer with some experience, stay away from it. 

    It looks like a program that only wants to make money, for the owner not to you. 

    Instead, you have better and cheaper options such as wealthy affiliate. 

    Anyway, thanks for sharing it, I will not join this platform. 

  4. Hi John, Thanks for the review, You cant understand how happy i am for it because i’m a newbie in affiliate marketing and i have heard of the niche profit classroom. 

    A lot of people i have seen has been recommending it and i actually have been saving up to it but your review shines more light on the classroom and i realise I’m still a beginner and shouldn’t go for it yet. 

    I guess I’ll stick with wealthy affiliate. Thanks

    • Hey Aweda,

      I am glad I could help.  there are many reviews out there, that are there because they want to make money promoting a product rather than promoting a product they believe in.

      I promote WA, because I fully believe they are the right product and people are making money.

      A review where it is all positive is normally a sign, they are in it to make a sale.

      hope that helps


  5. Thank you for this great post, You have really explained what the niche profit classroom is all about Your explanations were straight forward and easy to comprehend. Am a newbie blogger and I have this feeling after reading your review that the niche profit classroom trainings are too complicated for a beginner .

    • Hi Clement,

      i think there is benefits to the training, but I also believe they will take you down the wrong path – because they want to you to buy their PLR products, which is a big no-no.



  6. Thanks for this great review, after checking out both programs I don’t think Niche Profits gives you as much as what Wealthy Affiliate does for your money. It seems the training at Wealthy Affiliate never stops and the price is much better then Niche Profits. I’m going to check out Wealthy Affiliate, thanks for this information.

  7. Anything done in a dubious manner is questionable. From the overall reviews I have read so far, Adam Short is given out a good product but with a wrong instinct. How could such amount be charged on a training program supposed to elapse a month but rather in few hours. Its really suspicious and to me, its no different from scamming people by luring them with fake presentation. Nothing works so easy in just passing through the pages of ebooks, when given out a training with such price tag, it should be worth the prize.

    • Thanks Peter,

      it is a surprising marketing tactic, but it seems to work for him.  But i guess, he only needs a few to buy into it for him to be making money.



  8. There are so many training programs out there including Niche Profit Classroom, some are good some are not. The Niche Profit Classroom has a little advantage because it teaches some good stuff including creating simple products to sell through your website. Which simply means earning while learning.

    Adam Short the founder of NPC is a well known figure in the affiliate marketing industry and his product should be far from being a scam. But with high cost of $67/month many people may not be able to afford it compare to other good  programs that are better of but cheaper. I still prefer Wealthy Affiliate as a better choice any time.

    • thanks for sharing your thoughts about NPC.

      I feel it is a little high for beginners, and Adam sells himself short with the product too.




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