Is Easy1Up a Scam? Find Out How It Works

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Easy 1 Up claims to empower online entrepreneurs and can allegedly earn you big money fast. Checking out their site it claims to become your personal ATM. But with these kinds of promises, it could quite easily fall into the scam category. But is it?

Thankfully you are doing some research and I will go through how Easy 1 Up works and whether it is actually worth your time or is it a scam?

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What Is Easy 1 UP Really About?

In essence, Easy 1 Up is a money-making opportunity that claims to enable you to get-rich-quick simply by leveraging aIs Easy 1 Up a Scam

‘revolutionary’ compensation plan that they call the Reverse 1 UP compensation plan.

Straightaway this is typically a red flag as a program that sounds too good to be true.  The thing is, you will typically lose more than you might make.

In reality, Easy 1 Up is just a typical cash-gifting Ponzi scheme.  It is all around promoting the product to recruit others into it.

They have a number of products that on the face of it add value, but they are really geared towards converting sales (commission) and not adding value to anything else.

This is evident when you see anyone who is promoting Easy 1 Up, they are solely focused on showing you how much they are making, rather than selling the products available.  It will come across more as a sales pitch than helping anyone.  They will be focusing on the emotional draw (earning loads of money) rather than a program that will help them in other ways than promoting Easy 1 Up.

The problem with their training is it is all focused-on marketing, but there are so many other factors to consider when starting out online.

How Does Easy 1 Up Work?

Their claims to provide entrepreneurs with ‘killer digital products’ that you can use to kick-start your online business and see success.  But after sign-up, you will find that everything is geared towards selling what you have just bought, not the products.

But to promote any of their products, you need to first buy one. Another red flag.

You can only earn commissions on the products you own, so if you start at the bottom with their $25 level, but one of your referrals buys in at the $1,000 level, you will only earn the commission on the $25 level.

This is a common tactic in Ponzi schemes you pressure you to buy into the higher levels.  You will also need to promote it online and be talked into Paid Ads to try and convert sales.  But in reality, you will end up spending more than you make.

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What Exactly is the Easy 1 Up Compensation Plan?

They have the direct recruitment scheme, but they also have a multi-level style compensation plan, called the Reverse 1 Up Comp Plan.  Their claim is it will enable you to “earn big and fast”.

Before we can understand the compensation plan, we need to understand the products on offer:

  • Elevation $25 – teaches network marketing basicsIs Easy 1 Up a Scam
  • Elevation Elite $100 – teaches free marketing methods
  • Vertex $250 – more advanced marketing methods/mindset training
  • Vertex Elite $500 – online money-making methods and more traffic methods
  • Vertex Pro “Connect” $1,000 – more marketing techniques

To promote any of these levels, you would need to buy each level. There is also a 10% admin fee on top, which goes to the company. The remainder goes to the referrer.  But again, this isn’t clear upfront.

They will heavily push the highest level, with the fact that all of the lower levels are included.

All of their tactics are towards getting you to hand over your money.

The multi-level compensation plan – this basically means that the second person you refer will be passed up to the person that referred you. So, you will not make anything on your second sale.  If you can make it work, you will benefit from any of your referrals getting a second sale – if they go onto making a second sale.

The problem with programs like this is it all sounds good, but do people actually make any money…

My Verdict – Is easy 1 up a Scam?

Whilst it isn’t a scam, due to the fact there is a potential of making money and having products on offer – it isn’t a product I

would recommend.  The website isn’t upfront about what it is really about.  These schemes only really help those who are already adept at marketing and doesn’t include enough training on the basics to help newbies.

There will be some who can make such a program work for them and that is why I won’t tag it as a scam but trying to convince people you can ‘Get-Rich-Quick” online is something that does annoy me.  There are genuine ways to earn money online, but they all require time and effort.

Therefore, I would not recommend Easy 1 Up – I believe it to be too risky and there is no need to join something this risky when there are programs out there like Wealthy Affiliate that have a proven record of helping people achieve success online (without any risk).

That is all I have to say about Easy 1 Up, but if you do have any questions or comments about it please leave them in the comments below and I will definitely get back to you.

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10 thoughts on “Is Easy1Up a Scam? Find Out How It Works”

  1. It’s sickening how many programs are out there that claim to have some sort of secrets to help you earn tons of money fast, charge you before they’ll actually give you any real information, then try to up sell you more “secrets” every step of the way. 

    I took a look at the website you recommend as your #1 product for earning money online, and I really like that they’ll let me take the first lesson free without even giving them a credit card. I’ll definitely be checking that out.

    • Hey Bobby,

      thanks for checking out my post and leaving some comments.  You are right, there are unfortunately too many of these programs.  There are no secrets to earning money online, it just requires time and effort like any other job.  All you need is the right training to ensure you know how to achieve it.

      My aim is to point out as many of these schemes as possible to warn people what they are really signing up for if they do.

      thanks again


  2. I have never heard of the reverse 1 up compensation.  But, after reading about Easy 1 UP this has ponzi scheme written all over it.

    I am always turned off by stuff online that shows you how much money you can make.  Rather than focussing on the value that the program has.

    I have seen this type of thing so many times in 10+ years.  More often than not they will do it for several years and then change their name once people start to catch on.

    • Hey Garen,

      thanks for checking out my post and leaving some comments.

      They do tend to go around in circles, changing their name and the name of the products, but they are really just the same program, but changed to avoid the focus of the FTC.

      The only people that really benefit are the people at the top.

      thanks again


  3. there are many programs out there. I do not know them all. I would be happy if they have a PayPal payment. I don’t live in America so payments are limited for me. I like a direct approach of making money online. Maybe something like giving some kind of services. Any recommendations?

    • Hi Kit,

      thanks for checking out my post and leaving some comments.  If you are into the direct approach of making money, there are plenty of better options out there.

      Affiliate Marketing is a great option where if you want to help people find products or services, you will find this to be a profitable enterprise.  But it still comes down to make money online, you will need to invest time and effort and the results will not be quick.  Whether you have a direct approach, or not getting your website ranked in the search engines takes time unless you can afford to pay for it to be at the top.  but then your content needs to be high quality and be able to convert regardless of the subject.

      I have been earning money from Affiliate Marketing for just over a year now and the biggest reason is I followed the steps set out in a quality training platform that was honest and gave frank advice about the timescales required.

      The biggest mistake any of us can do is just jumping into something because it promises us money.  Do your research about products and see if it fits you.  But don’t get fooled by any product that promises you will earn money on autopilot or quickly.  I didn’t make any sales for 6 months, but then it started growing.



  4. Hi John, I think that I would tend to agree with you in that I would stay well away from Easy 1 Up. After reading your post I would personally have to say that I don’t like their way of working or the fact that you would have to buy each level to promote it. That could work out rather expensive. 

    I will remember that name and stay away from them that’s for sure. 

    • Hey Cheryl,

      thanks for checking out my post and leaving some comments.  Many MLM or Ponzi schemes work in this way, and unless you are willing or are able to afford to pay the higher price, I don’t see how this could benefit anyone.  You will not earn enough from the lower levels to afford the higher one from the program.

      You are also expected to know a certain amount about online marketing to get people to join.  

      That is why it isn’t a great program to join.

      thanks again


  5. There are so many programs on the internet frustrating people that are innocently seeking a decent means of income. I am so happy hearing about ‘easy 1 up’ for the first time on your post. I never heard of them before now. Thanks for this information. I now know to stay away from easy 1 up! 

    • Hey Juliet,

      thanks for checking out my post and leaving some comments. Unfortunately, these types of program do make money for the people at the top, that is why there are so many.  Someone is willing to sign and up and spend money with them.  Often in the hope that it will lead to them giving up the day job or paying off debt.

      There are many genuine platforms out there for making money, without having to spend any money until you are ready – Check out Wealthy Affiliate, for example. I have been earning money from it for a while.

      thanks again



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