Is Cash Siphon System a Scam? Definitely!

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Welcome to my Cash Siphon Review!

Ewen Chia has come up with another money-making platform called Cash Siphon System, if you have come across any of his other products you will tend to know where the outcome of this review will end up.

First of all, I am glad that you are doing your own research into products like this. That is an awesome way of avoiding online scams.

We are not associated with the Cash Siphon System and will be revealing to you why I think this is a scam and should be avoided at all costs.

Cash Siphon System Overview & Rankings

Product Name: Cash Siphon System Is the Cash Siphon System a Scam?

Owners: Ewen Chia

Product Type: Affiliate Marketing Training Course

Price: $17 + Upsells

Best For: No One… Rating:  0.25/5

A Quick Cash Siphon System Summary

Ewen Chia’s Cash Siphon System is a platform I would avoid.  The way it uses a bait and switch system to draw you in to sell you other products is a typically scam strategy. I would not recommend this program to anyone. It shows wrong information about affiliate marketing techniques, includes questionable products in its sales funnels and is preying on people with little or no knowledge buying this

Recommended: No

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What Exactly is Cash Siphon System?

Before I describe what, the Cash Siphon System is, I want to just make you aware there are 2 products that have a very similar name.  the Cash Siphon System is the one we are reviewing here and is owned by Ewen Chia.  But there is also another product called Daily Cash Siphon. The Daily Cash Siphon system has been developed by Chris Parker.  It is an affiliate marketing training course with a focus on building WordPress websites.

Back to the Cash Siphon System review.

According to the landing page, the Cash Siphon System is a system where you will make a lot of money guaranteed… but  like most with these unrealistic claims they are very vague about how or what this system is.Make Money Without Selling Anything?

In reality, it is access to 14 videos on how affiliate marketing works.  That’s it, and these videos are not even that great or current.

But the problem is before you hit the members area where you can actually watch these videos, you are taken through a barrage of sales funnels trying to get you to buy into other stuff.  If you try to leave these sales pages you are hit with another sales page offering you a last chance to get the Cash Siphon System for only $7… But, let’s just clarify at this point you have already paid for the Cash Siphon System.  So, why would you want to buy it again.

Is Cash Siphon System a Scam

This just tells me the owners are only after your money and are not particularly bothered if you make any money or not.

Ewen Chia has a bit of a reputation out there, and that is not a good reputation.  His other products such as AutoPilot Profits and Copy Paste Income get a similar reaction.

Who Does Cash Siphon System Benefit?

I highly recommend you keep clear of this product, I cannot honestly condone this product or its tactics.  I wouldn’t even venture towards their landing page.

There are much better, and genuine products out there to learn affiliate marketing.

If you are looking for a genuine platform to setup your own affiliate marketing business, with support I would recommend Wealthy Affiliate.

How Does Cash Siphon System Work?

The way this system works is by drawing you into the system with the bait of a guaranteed income earning potential and hoping to sell you the upsells that are included in all the sales pages you get to go through prior to accessing the 14 low-quality videos that are actually all you get.

It is a classic Bait and Switch technique, they want you to fall for the upsells including the one where you get to pay $7 for the exact same product you have just purchased.  I know, they do have a cheek.

Let’s go through the Upsells and why it just smells of a scam.

Up-Sell One – Cash Sites

The first up-sell is where you are introduced to one of Ewen Chia’s other products called Cash Sites.  This is sold as a ‘Done for You” Affiliate Marketing website, pitched as you can earn money from it straightaway.

Automatic Commissions?

This is not included in the original price, which means you will need to pay for it.  It also leads us to another problem.

One of the key metrics the search engines are looking for has bought the same website will have the same content, etc.  Duplicate Content is a big no if you want to get ranked in the search engines and that is the only way people will find your website, unless you explore expensive PPC marketing methods.

Up-Sell Two – My Top Tier Business

This second product is presented as a way of earning more commissions. This product introduces you to a friend of Ewens called Matt Lloyd. You may recognise the name, Matt Lloyd owns MOBE (My Own Business Education). Which happened to have been closed down by the FTC, due to being identified as a Pyramid Scheme.  This is where only the people at the top really made the money.


The My Top Tier Business is actually a high level MLM (Multi-Layer-Marketing) and costs $49 to join, but with expected upsells included too.

My Top Tier Business

Most MLM schemes are tough to really earn money with, and you can only normally sell a level if you already have bought that level.  Hence the upsells are normally quite expensive.

What is Good About Cash Siphon System (PROS)

Honestly, I cannot truthfully say there is anything positive about this platform. This is mainly due to the way it is pitched and sold.  It makes Ewen out to be a fraudster, whereas if he had sold it as you receive 14 affiliate marketing videos for $17, then I could understand it. But it isn’t pitched this way and with the number of Upsells and false trails that lead you to those videos, there are too many negatives to put any kind of positive spin on the Cash Siphon System.

What Could Cash Siphon System Improve on? (CONS)

Let’s look at the Cons of this Cash Siphon System.

Bait & Switch System

The first thing that I dislike about this product is the fact that it is a classic Bait and Switch scheme.  The sales page for Ewen Chia’s Cash Siphon System is bragging about a system that will make you money without selling anything.  But when people buy the product, they soon realise that this system doesn’t exist.  It is a bunch of training videos and loads of sales pages to other products.

Someone has paid $17 to be sold to and gets access to some videos that they could find better information on YouTube for.

It Isn’t Affiliate Marketing

The other thing you notice when looking in a finer detail into this product is some of the claims about affiliate marketing.  The statements he makes doesn’t make sense compared to how affiliate marketing really works.

He talks about not needing to sell any products, but still earn money.  But that is what Affiliate Marketing is all about.  Promoting other people’s products to earn commission.

The way he makes it sound is there are magic systems and loopholes within this product meaning you don’t need to do any of the normal stuff associated with Affiliate Marketing.

But there is no magic button system out there (I know, I have looked).

The only way to succeed is with hard work and creating high-quality content and remaining consistent.

Ewen Chia’s claims that you don’t need to do any of this is just another reason why this product is not worth your time.

A Bunch of Bad Products in the Sales Funnel

Upsells can sometimes be a valuable investment when presented with products that are genuine and useful to your online business, but when you compare that statement to the ones on offer here – One using duplicate content and one closed by the FTC, it just shows that this is a poor overall product and is just there to take your money with nothing useful coming out from it.

These show they are hoping to get people who haven’t got a clue about affiliate marketing to buy them thinking it is the product to buy.

How Much Does Cash Siphon System Cost?

They are hoping the low $17 price will draw you into buying it.  On the face of it, a system where you don’t have to do any work and earn money from it for $17 looks great.  But that is because these guys are good at marketing to make them money, not to help you.

There are also the upsells that we mentioned earlier that could easily rack up the money.

But it would be a waste of money, you are much better off investing your time and effort into a training platform that will help you earn money with affiliate marketing.

My Honest Opinion of Cash Siphon System – Is Cash Siphon System a Scam?

In the sense that it is not what you are told it is, yes, it is a scam.  They promise you a system where you can earn money and it is guaranteed, but all you get is some video tutorials.  Video tutorials that are probably similar to those on YouTube.

This is simply a sales funnel to get you to the Upsells.

The claims around Affiliate Marketing also prove to be wrong.  You need to put a lot of effort into Affiliate Marketing and it cannot be achieved by doing nothing.

The Sales Funnels to the questionable products with duplicate content and a scheme closed down by the FTC just shows Ewen Chia to be someone out for himself and not to help others get a start.

That would be my closing statement, any product from Ewen Chia is to be avoided.  His reputation is tarnished and is worth checking up on.

If you are truly looking for a way to get started with affiliate marketing the right way, there are much better ways than this Cash Siphon System.  Check out our No.1 Recommended Training Platform for Affiliate Marketing.

Cash Siphon System at a Glance

Product Name: Cash Siphon System Is Cash Siphon System a scam?

Owners: Ewen Chia

Product Type: Affiliate Marketing Training Course

Price: $17 + Upsells

Best For: No One… Rating:  0.25/5

Recommended: No

Verdict: Not Recommended, Totally a Scam!

There you have it, unfortunately this cash siphon system will not guarantee you anything other than losing money, rather than gaining it.  But if you want to follow a tried and tested method to learning affiliate marketing and actually seeing your time and effort turn into a profitable online business, then I suggest you check out the review of our No.1 Recommended Product – Wealthy Affiliate.  With the latest training, tools to help you succeed and a support network unlike any you will have seen, it is how Gem and I learned how to build our online businesses.  Good luck to you whichever direction you choose to go.

If you have any questions or comments to add to our review, then please put them in the comments below and we will definitely respond to you as soon as we can.


Cash Siphon System








Overall Rating



  • None


  • Bait & Switch Techniques to Confuse You
  • It isn't Affiliate Marketing
  • Questionable Upsells

12 thoughts on “Is Cash Siphon System a Scam? Definitely!”

  1. The name Cash Siphon sounds dubious all by itself. And that first picture that you show would make me worry about viruses. It looks like one of those pop-ups I get that are trying to get me viruses. It doesn’t look like he even knows what best practices are for affiliate marketing. I learned through WA that black on white at a normal font is best. He went a little crazy with the purple and different sizes. Headings aren’t bad, but there needs to be a reasonable flow which just isn’t in this ad.

    Such a great review! Thanks for looking out for people.

    • Hey Nicole,

      thanks for checking out my review.  These schemes all work by enticing you into thinking this is the ultimate platform you need.  With stats and guarantees that are all fake, but a newbie not researching might fall into the trap.  I agree the look of it would put most off, but not all unless they do their research.  That is why Gem and I check out this products to ensure no one falls into the traps.



  2. Hi John – great review of the Cash Siphon System.  Thanks for clarifying that this is different than the Daily Cash Siphon System, that could be a bit confusing.  I really don’t like systems that try and benefit through by leading you in and then trying to up sell you.  Just not a good practice in my opinion.

    Thanks for taking the time to look into this one and providing this information.


    • Hey Michelle,

      thanks for checking out my review.  It can definitely lead to confusion between the two.  I also found a product called the Easy Cash Siphon System.  They all try to use the play on words of cash siphon.

      I agree, it is trying to lull you in to just show you specific ads for more products that are not great in the first place.

      Glad we could help with sharing the information.


  3. Ok when I first starting reading this review, I thought this was going to be about Daily Cash Siphon, which I’ve run across in the past. (Or have I? They’re all named the pretty much the same, so it’s hard to tell!) Now I see this is another scam to watch out for. UGH. How many of these are out there?

    I really appreciate this Cash Siphon System review because I am sometimes tempted to purchase these types of systems that are cheap. Even just out of curiosity. 

    But now I see that $17 wouldn’t even be worth it. I like how you put it. You have to pay $17 to be sold to. Ridiculous! 

    I hope everyone who is looking at this garbage sees this review and takes a closer look before buying into it. 

    • Hey Christina,

      thanks for checking out my review.  There are quite a few using this name,  I noticed one called Easy Cash Siphon too (and that is a scam also).

      If it had some genuine useful information about affiliate marketing it might be worth it, but the techniques they talk about are wrong and promoting an MLM scheme that has been closed by the FTC just takes the biscuit.

      Stay Safe!


  4. I seem to have heard the name Ewen Chia numerous times over the last few years…and nothing that positive ever seems to follow the name! 

    Personally, I can’t see why he decided to name the product the ‘Cash Siphon System’, as it seems like he’s trying to tell the world that he’s doing that exact thing to your wallet (siphoning cash). 

    Thanks once again for this warning/review. 

    As an afterthought – has this guy ever released a product that is worthwhile?

    • Hey Chris,

      If he has released a genuine one, I have yet to find it…  He has a reputation that is fully tarnished, but must still be making money from it.  Otherwise he would have started using a pen-name.

      Either way, hopefully no one gets caught out from him in future.



  5. Hi

    There is never and there will never be a shortcut to success.Some internet genius like Ewen Chia will continue to take advantage of the gullible ones who love shortcut and fast money. Affiliated Marketing is a process driven market that requires effort and dedication. The saddest part is Newbies from Affiliated Marketing will continue to fall for this scam like Cash Siphon System.

    Please how can Newbie like me detect scam in Affiliated Marketing website such as Cash Siphon System?

    • Hey Kehinde,

      thanks for checking out my review.  People will always look for shortcuts, too many false claims about quick money are out there so people think it is possible.  But the best advice i can give to Avoid Affiliate Marketing Scams is thorough research.  If it looks too good to be true or is too vague, don’t touch it.



  6. Thanks for this informative post I recently heard about cash siphon system a while ago I honestly thought it was legit until I read your article that proved the site to be a scam site, they end up misleading people trying to make money online by promising newbies what they can’t fulfil. Highly not recommended by me 

    • Hey Seun,

      thanks for checking out my review.  We work hard to ensure people have the right information against these products.




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