How to Make Money by Helping Others – 3 Ideas to Get You Started!

We love helping people, and it naturally leads to people searching for how to make money by helping others.  Everyone who logs and writes a search into the search engines is typically looking for help with something and that is where the opportunity arise to help others.

We take a huge pleasure in helping people achieve their goals, and no matter how you want to offer your help there is a way of doing it online.

There are over 4 billion people online these days, and most of them are looking for help… and what do you have to offer that can get you started helping and making money online?  Your knowledge, your guidance and wililngness to help!

Gem and I have compiled 3 great ways on how you can make money by helping others. We have started with our favourite way – Blogging.

Start Blogging – Our Favourite Idea

It seems an odd choice, but the opportunity to help people and make money is huge.  It also means you can specify what you are going to offer help in.  No matter the subject you are offering help in, there is an audience out there looking for help with it, there is also an opportunity to earn money from it too.

On our site, we offer help and advice in Affiliate Marketing, you could start a blog in any niche that you want to and thereStart a Blog - How to Make Money by Helping Others will be an audience just as interested in learning about that subject, or interested in purchasing products or services in that niche too.

Think about the niche you are wanting to offer help and advice in, think about what you could write about in that niche and that is the starting points for a blog.

Blogging is all about helping people, so whatever niche you choose there is people who are looking for help.  Whether that be, how to get started in that niche, a product review in that niche, helping making the right purchasing decision.

People are searching the web, because they want help.  The beauty of blogging is that by picking a niche or subject you already know a lot about, the help you provide will come across very genuine.  That is a key factor!

If the reader does not trust you, or think you are not offering genuine help or advice – they will leave your website/blog and you have lost the chance to make money from blogging.

If you are ready to get started with your blog, then Wealthy Affiliate offers great training in getting started, you can also benefit from 2 free websites.  Get Started Here.

There are two ways you can monetise your blog once you have got going, which we will go through now.

Affiliate Marketing

You may not have heard of the term affiliate marketing, but it is a great way of helping others and promoting products and services within that niche using affiliate programs.

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Affiliate Marketing allows you to promote products and services on your blog, with the reward of a commission if someone goes from your blog and purchases said product.

How Does Affiliate Marketing Work?

Imagine if you have wrote a really helpful guide on wedding photography for example.  That audience that is looking for guidance on how to get started in wedding photography will also be interested in the best cameras, accessories, courses, whilst taking in all of your help within that niche.

All of these products and services can allow you to earn money from Affiliate Marketing.

It has been proven time and again, Affiliate Marketing only works if you start from the point of helping people.  People do not want to be sold to, but if you can gain their trust through helping them – they will be more inclined to follow your advice around purchases too.

Think about Amazon, they started out as a small bookstore.  Didn’t have a huge marketing budget, so they launched an affiliate program, and they still use it today.  There are huge benefits to both the company and the affiliate marketer.

Does it take hard work to earn money from it – Yes!  But nothing was earnt in this life without a bit of hard work.

I won’t lie to you, it will take hard work to get to the level it is earning you good money.  But the amount you learn whilst on the journey and the point where it does start earning you money – it makes all the hard work worth it.

The reason I say it is worth it, is because it is so rewarding to know you are helping people.  When it starts earning you money, that is the icing on the cake.  Both helping people and earning money online.  A win-win situation.

There are four stages to reach the point where you are earning money:

Four Stages to Affiliate Marketing SuccessNow, if you are looking at helping people online, you will hopefully know what Step One is, Choosing an interest!

Step One – Choose an Interest

This is an important step, and many get it wrong because they choose something they think will be profitable, rather than something they know something about.

Whatever interests, hobbies, skills you have – there will be others looking for help and that is where Affiliate Marketing is awesome, because you are helping people who share a common interest with you.  It also means you will not get bored with the concept in the early stages when you are not receiving enough visitors to your blog to earn you revenue.

Step Two – Build a Website

You need a foundation for your online blog to help people.  Your goal is to become an authority in your niche.  That way people will know that if they want help or to learn and engage in that niche, you are the authority to go to.

You can get a free website, with the tool below.  See if your chosen domain name is free:

Step Three – Attract Visitors

Once you have your website, you are going to want to start your mission on gaining traffic.  Regardless of good your content is, know that the reason why most affiliate marketers fail is because they give up too soon.  I am not going to say that affiliate marketing is a quick way to earn money, because it isn’t.

This is all about building a business with the long game in mind.  I did not start getting “organic traffic” on this blog until the 5th month.  It also happened to be the point where I made my first sale.

Honestly, this is not an option for people looking for a quick way to earn money – and I must say, there is no quick way to earn money online, unless you are wiling to invest heavily.

Now, there are examples where it can be done naturally quicker, but they will depend on the niche you chose.  If you find a diamond niche, without much competition you can achieve it much sooner.

But once you have constant traffic coming to your blog via the search engines, that is what organic traffic is, then you will soon start to see us achieving step four.

Step Four – Earn Revenue

If you have created a blog that is full of interesting and helpful guides all around your blog, have included some relevant product reviews with your affiliate links included and the traffic is coming in nicely – that is when you can start to see affiliate marketing having unlimited opportunities.  If you have one blog that is converting well, that same blog could earn you money for years.

You also achieved it all from something you were interested in and from HELPING PEOPLE.  Which is a great feeling, trust me on that.

If you feel that Affiliate Marketing is the way you want to help people and you want to create your own blog, then I highly recommend that you get the correct training to ensure that you are following the right direction and get the same support that Gem and I did.  We followed the training at Wealthy Affiliate and it has led us to having businesses that are there to help people, just like you want to.

Read our review for more information, or if you would like to see what they have to offer with a free starter membership (no credit card required), then check them out here.Free Wealthy Affiliate Starter Membership
Creating your own blog is awesome, and once you start getting that traffic we mentioned in step three, you can also start benefiting from other ways to monetise your website, like Paids Ads.

Paid Ads

Selling advertising space on your blog is another great way of earning money from your blog.  But again, this will require traffic to your blog to be able to earn money.  This is because you earn money based on impressions as well as clicks.

Impressions are from when someone sees the ad, but doesn’t necessarily take any action from it.  Clicks are from when someone clicks the ad.

Most new bloggers will try out Google AdSense, which is easy to get started with.  But when you start seeing a high number of visitors to your blog, that is when you can start explore better paying options like MediaVine.

Write an eBook

Another tactic to help people and make money online is by creating an eBook and selling it.  If you are a subject matter expert, and can write a downloadable book for people to buy, it is a great idea on two fronts.

The one is, that you could offer it on platforms such as the Kindle Marketplace, or another option is something you offerWrite an eBook people who join your mailing list on your blog.

Email Marketing is still a very effective way to earn money online, and offering them an eBook is a great way of getting them to join your mailing list.  Once they have joined, you have the trust factor and the fact that you can keep sending them useful information.

Many self-published authors are supplementing their earnings from their blogs with eBooks.  It will again take time to earn money with this route, although that depends on how much you can sell your eBook for.

You need to ensure the subject is of interest, will be something that they will want to pay for and you need to ensure you design a captivating cover and title to get them hooked and wanting to buy it.

Teach – Create a Course

The other option is to create an online course with a site like Udemy. Online Courses are really popular at the moment, but that doesn’t mean you cannot do in-person courses too.  People are looking for help in a multitude of different ways and you could definitely find an opportunity.

The options could be:

  • Online Courses
  • Presenting at Conferences
  • Teaching Seminars
  • Holding Workshops

All of these are great options to share your experiences, help people and make a difference to them and earn money from helping them too.

Which Direction is the Best One for You?

Honestly that is decision you need to make, but before you do I would suggest that you do not only pick one.  The reasons I say that are, blogging is a great idea and having a website is also a great foundation.  But not just a foundation for a blog, it is a foundation for an online business – it could be a blog, a chance to create and use eBooks to create value, even use a course to again explore another avenue to monetising and helping people.

Using any of these options to create an email marketing campaign, using social media to share your knowledge and build your authority.

The options are endless when it comes to an online business. Gem and I loved starting an online business that helps people get started with an online business and affiliate marketing.  It isn’t for everyone, but that is where your unique knowledge will help you create your own direction.

If you truly want to create your own online business, and get out and help people, plus earning some money. Wealthy Affiliate offers great training, help and support with 2 free websites with a free starter membership. The training is not all about affiliate marketing, like the name suggests.  The training covers all aspects of an online business and is how we got started.Free Starter Membership - Wealthy Affiliate

Whatever you decide to do, you need to get out there and get busy.  Get learning, get creating!  Share your knowledge and go earn yourself money too!

Thanks for reading this guide, please tell me which option do you think you might take or is there any others that you are considering.  We would love to hear from you, just add a comment below and we will definitely get back to you!

22 thoughts on “How to Make Money by Helping Others – 3 Ideas to Get You Started!”

  1. Great post and good info. 

    I started with affiliate marketing quite a while ago, and what I have to say is that it is the best what happened to me. 

    I help people by reviewing products, and to let them show if it is scam or not, of course you can do a lot of things, but it is nice to make money while you’re helping people. 

    Now anyway, you give great tips, and using a platform like wealthy affiliate is the best help you can get. 

    Thanks for sharing it! 

    • Hey Emmanuel, 

      thanks for checking out my blog.  Affiliate Marketing is a great direction to take when looking to help others.  Helping people is a wonderful feeling, it also builds up trust that helps when people are making purchasing decisions.  Reviewing Products is a great way of doing this!



  2. This is a very interesting topic. A lot of us including me, needs to learn a lot more about how to improve our life by making money at home especially through blogging.

    I need guidance from an SEO expert in order to make more money.

    My love for affiliate marketing is great and i am hopeful i will be one of the best in my niche anytime soon

    • Hey Abioye,

      thanks for checking out my blog.  The key to making money from blogging is by sharing help and experiences, once you are helping people and getting traffic you will succeed.

      If you are looking for an SEO Expert to help, I suggest you check out Wealthy Affiliate, you will gain a lot of help and experience with SEO and other topics.

      Good Luck to you and your endeavours


  3. Hi John, thanks for the great article about helping others at the same time make money online. Personally, I love blogging. When I first started, I only blog about things that happen in my life without promoting any affiliate products. But when I found one program that teaches about niche blogging, it literally opens up another business opportunity for me. Now, I finally able to quit my job and become full time affiliate marketer. And it’s the same program that I saw in your site too!!!

    • Hey Florence,

      Thanks for checking out my blog – Blogging is such a great way of connecting with people and sharing your experiences, etc.  I am really glad it ended up being something that you have been able to do full time.  That is the aspiration of many bloggers, Affiliate Marketing is a great way of making that possible!

      Well Done, John

  4. Wow, you have explained well about how to make money by helping others. I love the part where you have described how to blog our favorite idea. I thought we need to have technical knowledge in order to do the blogging business. But, it looks like I can easily start my own blogging business without having any technical knowledge, just by joining Wealthy Affiliate. Am I right?

    • Hey Deraj,

      thanks for checking out my blog.  Years ago, you would have need to understand computer science and code to be able to build a website.  Now it can be achieved through a click of a button.  You are totally right, you bring the knowledge of the niche you want to start with and the training at Wealthy Affiliate, will take you through all the steps needed to build that site, get the traffic and ultimately monetise it.

      All through helping people in that niche you love.  It is a great relationship.

      Hope it works out for you!


  5. Totally expository article! I just learnt that the beauty of blogging is that if I started a blog today, all I need to do is pick a topic content that would spread across something I am familiar with already as it would make all my ideas very genuine and unique. Also important is to know that effective monetisation of my blog would be achieved through affiliate marketing. Best regards. 

    • Hiya,

      Affiliate Marketing is a great way of making money by helping people.  Picking a niche you are interested in a great move as it allows you to help people who have similar interests to you and means you can stay motivated through the early stages too.

      Hope it works out for you


  6. Hi John.

    Affiliate Marketing has helped become self sustainable and has offered me hope for a future that I’d like to create. Wealthy Affiliate is definitely one of the best schools to learn this from!

    I have considered writing an e-book, to promote the wonderful way of making money online. Do you have any resources on how to achieve that; a go to guide?

    • Hey Ian,

      Wealthy Affiliate is a great training platform for all things online business, creating an eBook is something we are in the throws of doing to be able to create a blog post about.  

      But, this is a great guide I found and am following to create our eBook.  Check it out.

      Creating an Ebook Guide


  7. Hi John,

    Great info.

    I’m aware of making money via affiliate marketing but not the eBook.

    I’ve learned some different ways of attracting visitors. In my online business so far, I’ve attracted many of my visitors via Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook. I’m still trying to find other ways to get more traffic. Though I just started my business, I’ve earned a few pounds so far.

    Here is a question, is it alright if you publish some of the posts on your site on eBook?. I mean rewriting the posts as eBook for sale.

    Thanks for sharing this.

    • Hiya,

      thanks for checking out my blog.  There are plenty of different ways of attracting traffic and it will all come together eventually for you.

      To answer your question, why not?  eBooks are about sharing information and knowledge much like your blog is.

      I have a guide on here called “How Does Affiliate Marketing Work?”.  I am in the process of writing an eBook on that topic, but will probably go really in-depth in the book.  As long as the book will be useful to people in your niche, rewriting content and doing the same to get them to visit your blog is an effective strategy.

      In much the same way doing a YouTube video can.  You could do a video that achieves the same as an eBook too.

      Hope that helps?


  8. Hello John & Gemma, Great website you guys put together. I have just started a blog using WA so I’m new to the blog world. I’m happy to know that I can tap into your knowledge base to improve my website and my blogging. The information you have presented is awesome. Keep up the good work.

    • Thanks Jeff,

      Gem and I try our hardest to help people, we love doing it and is an effective strategy for blogging.  If you are happy helping people, regardless of whether it earns you money (in the early days) you are onto a winner of a business down the line.

      Thanks again

      John & Gem

  9. Great post, it spells out the simplicity of creating an income online, while also being real about it taking some time before organic traffic can happen as well as making those early sales. It’s still a very real way to work on your own niche and focus on something that’s interesting to you so it can be a long term goal. Plus you don’t want to be working on a blog that you’re not really interested in. Your post is also very informative around what’s involved in making money online. You’re so right, there are people having all sorts of issues so they go online to search for solutions to these problems. Definitely makes sense to me to develop a website to include blogging, courses and ebooks as viable ways to make money online. Thanks for sharing.

    • Hey Kat,

      thanks for checking out my blog.  You are so right, if you pick a niche that doesn’t interest you – How can you come across genuine and more importantly want to still do it in a years time?  Choosing something that inspires you will always lead to more content, which means more traffic – more people are helped by you, and then they will trust you enough to follow your advice on purchases.

      Combining all of the ideas is a great way to follow different ways of helping and monetising your website!



  10. The journey in affiliate marketing is not an easy one but is worth the stress when success is achieved at last. A lot of people give up along the line but that’s not the way forward. Every online business or every success is accompanied with hard work and success does not come on a platter of gold without hard work. I love doing it with wealthy affiliates. 

    • Hey Kenechi,

      thanks for checking out my blog and sharing your thoughts.  I think many fail due to picking a niche they cannot stay motivated about and they give up before it takes off as they want it to be quick earnings.  But that isn’t the case with affiliate marketing.



  11. These are definitely some good ways to make money while helping others by teaching them or providing them with knowledge. I have started writing a blog recently and learning affiliate marketing. Being able to talk about something I’m passionate about to help others and being able to earn some money from it at the same time is great.  

    • Hey Mary Li,

      thanks for checking out my blog.  It definitely helps when it is a topic you are passionate about. It is a great springboard for building up an authority in that niche!

      I wish you all the best with it



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